Disciple of the Creed achievement in Assassin's Creed

Disciple of the Creed

Assassinate all your targets with a full DNA bar.

Disciple of the Creed0
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This achievement may unlock before the requirements are met.

How to unlock the Disciple of the Creed achievement

  • TohirTTohirT109,724
    02 Jul 2009 03 Jul 2009
    124 5 17
    The idea of this achievement is simple:
    You must do every possible quest (saving citizens, pickpoketing, evesdropping and etc.) plus you must synchronize on every High Point.
    You can check the status for them in pause menu-memory log. It will be looking like a DNA section.
    Every mission is complete when only 2 bars are black out in DNA (one for completing the preparation the other for successful assassination).
    Only then you can assassinate your target.

    if you will act this way through all memory blocks, in the end, you will get the achievement. Because your DNA bar will be complete for sure :)

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    Lockerdown3definitely glitchy, I missed a couple of the investigation missions in block 3, still got it at the end of my first run
    Posted by Lockerdown3 on 05 Nov 12 at 02:02
    darkavenger786I killed my 3rd target with the long sword whilst he was running away. Will this void the achievement for me forcing me to start over again?
    Posted by darkavenger786 on 24 Nov 12 at 14:01
    LaiizanNow that is an easy achievement with this guide. Thanks mate
    Posted by Laiizan on 13 Jun 13 at 16:58
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  • iPixelPixieiPixelPixie42,574
    23 Jul 2010 23 Jul 2010
    74 4 1
    Since there are conflicting messages on this I would like to make it totally clear: The health bar has nothing to do with this achievement. As long as you do ALL the missions before killing your targets, you'll get this even if you kill them with minimum health left (once you take down Robert de Sable).
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    Seeker74I got it after killing Robert, but I did not do three of the Informer assassination missions. Perhaps, they do not count? The last few are really hard to do in the time required.
    Posted by Seeker74 on 17 Jan 14 at 17:59
  • xFallenCastielxxFallenCastielx9,400
    24 Jul 2010
    54 8 2
    There seems to be ALOT of disinformation about this Achievement, or it's just glitchy, I'm not sure. I did ABSOLUTELY nothing special to get this achievement. I played through the game, did the minimum of exploration AND of investigation, and it popped once I killed Sable. Again I honestly don't know whats with this achievement. Note I also didn't do a very good job at being sneaky with my assassinations, and probably only one hit killed less then half of them(of the 9).

    Here's a thread talking about the glitchy nature of this achievement.

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    olde fortran 77This is the most accurate post regarding this achievement. Read the link. Personally, I saved all the citizens, and climbed all the high points, but after a while I got disgusted with the tedium and did only the minimum of 3 research missions. I certainly didn't complete all of the assassinations with a full sync bar, and Sibrand? I was on the verge of de-synchronization when I finally killed him with my sword (NOT the hidden blade).
    Posted by olde fortran 77 on 30 Aug 10 at 12:35
    RepairedSpace06Thanks for posting this, I thought I was going crazy! Turns out it popped back in my first playthrough and I never noticed!
    Posted by RepairedSpace06 on 19 Nov 15 at 23:34
  • martijnvemartijnve48,363
    12 Oct 2011 13 Oct 2011
    41 5 4
    It's quite easy actually.
    Just obtain a full DNA bar by doing side missions, so your other objective bar wil increase to 15/15 objectives. After that kill your main target, and the cheevo will pop.
  • Maniac ThanatosManiac Thanatos218,747
    17 Mar 2010 17 Mar 2010 23 Dec 2010
    40 8 0
    For this achievement you need to have the highest possible DNA bar during each kill. which means you have to do all the strands for each mission or at least enough to get Absolute Symbiosis.(Thats the achievement for getting a complete health bar/synchronization) I also go this when I killed Robert de Sable and I had done every single save the people, and assassination research for ever kill before I went to do them.
  • WoodenCoasterWoodenCoaster134,590
    05 Aug 2011 06 Aug 2011
    32 9 0
    -I only killed 1 target stealthly throughout the game, all others were in a giant royal rumble (they were NOT one-hit-kills)...
    -I left several Civilian Saves and View Points unfound...
    -I did the bare minimum in terms of investigating prior to an assassination...
    -And I killed Robert with very low health remaining.

    Yet, this ach. still popped when I killed him. So really, who knows what this ach. means. Just play the game, you may or may not get it.
  • Tecstar70Tecstar70199,946
    11 Apr 2016 12 Apr 2016 06 Jul 2016
    21 1 1
    Having just got this achievement I thought I would post up a solution with screenshots to show exactly what needs to be done.

    There are nine main assassinations that you need to carry out. One in each of the Rich, Middle and Poor districts of Damascus, Acre and Jerusalem. You MUST NOT perform the main assassination in a district until you have completed all the side mission within each one - saving citizens, pick-pocketing, eavesdropping and informer missions - as well as synchronizing all the high points (which you should do anyway to make it easier to locate all the side missions). Only then should you assassinate the main target. Do this for every district as you play through and you will be fine. This achievement has NOTHING to do with your synchronisation health bar that is displayed in your HUD and you do not need to collect all the flags (except for the ones featured in the Informer side missions, obviously!)

    Here's what you should see when you have completed everything you need to and before you have visited the Assassins Bureau prior to the main assassination to collect your feather. The left set of ten strands is a sequence/assassination already completed and the right set of strands is the current sequence/assassination. You can see there are two black unfilled strands.
    External image

    Once you have got to the stage shown above, visiting the Assassins Bureau and collecting your feather will fill one of the two remaining strands. Performing the assassination will fill the last strand as shown here:
    External image

    For the very last assassination in the game there will be an extra black strand remaining at this point. Don't worry as it's story related. Provided you have done them all up to this point in the game the achievement will pop for you once the final target is killed. I did not perform all the assassinations stealthily, in fact most of them were pretty messy fights. What you need to do to get this achievement is exactly what I have described and nothing more.

    This video shows what you should see when you have completed everything you need to and once you have collected your feather from the Assassins Bureau but before carrying out the main assassination. The filled strands are the side missions already complete and performing the main assassination will fill the last strand.

  • McKeith360McKeith36076,973
    16 May 2010 12 May 2010
    39 25 2
    A statement from Microsoft regarding how to unlock this achievement says

    ''Again, this achievement really only requires awareness and patience. You need to assassinate every target with a full DNA (health) bar, not just kill them in open combat. Make sure every assassination is a one-hit kill with your hidden blade. This doesn't mean that every assassination must be a low-profile hidden-blade attack though. Holding down for a hidden-blade strike for a high-profile assassination will still score this achievement''


    I hope this helps.

    They do say its glitchy but in there mind this is how to do it.
  • Zale9342Zale934264,863
    13 Dec 2008 13 Dec 2008 13 Dec 2008
    41 43 8
    I got this as soon as I killed Robert de Sable, and after I completed the game I noticed I had missed one viewpoint in Memory Block 4. I don't know if it's glitched or something, but if it did it for me, it should for you...
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