The Blood of a Teutonic Leader achievement in Assassin's Creed

The Blood of a Teutonic Leader

You've slain Sibrand, the Teutonic Leader of Acre.

The Blood of a Teutonic Leader0
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How to unlock the The Blood of a Teutonic Leader achievement

  • Ebon DarkmoonEbon Darkmoon71,452
    11 Feb 2009 12 Feb 2009
    64 1 2
    Bring a full compliment of throwing daggers. This will make your job much easier.

    To kill Sibrand, refer to the information you should have obtained via information gathering. The northern docks are devoid of guards. Make your way along the docks, ignoring the drunks and dockworkers until you spy a platform with a guard. Toss a dagger at the guard and hop across the poles leading to the lighthouse.

    Once at the lighthouse kill the three or four guards and toss another dagger at the archer on the platform nearby. Make your way across the poles until you get to Sibrand's ship. Dispose of Sibrand in whatever manner you deem worthy, and return to the Assassin's Bureau to get your achievement.

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    Solario32Run forrest run.
    Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 01:28
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  • WayensWayens125,800
    25 Sep 2009 14 Oct 2009 29 Jun 2012
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    I agree with Ebon in bringing throwing daggers. Those are a big help. But I may suggest keeping to the many floating boats and poles instead of touching ground. Time your movement so that the drunks don't knock you off. Or if you're up to it, grab and throw them. ;) Take out the platform guards with your throwing daggers if you can. Head for the back of the ship aka the quarterdeck area.

    (Go to for a ship diagram)

    You should see a pole right under the quarterdeck. Jump from it to the ship's side and wait.

    Sibrand is a paranoid maniac at this stage. He rants and raves, threatening you from afar (without knowing where you are ;p) and loosing arrows off into nowhere in particular. But he always does it at the quarterdeck where no guards are posted (when I did it anyway).

    Keep hanging on the side of the boat until Sibrand looses his volley of arrows and starts heading back down to the main deck. Quickly climb up onto the ship and rush at him from behind with your assassin's blade and take him down!

    Escape the guards and return to the Assassin's bureau (as usual) and claim your achievement!

    NOTE: this is also the perfect way to score a full health kill for your Disciple of the Creed achievement :)

    Good luck!

    UPDATE: please double check for me to see if throwing drunks in the drink desynchs you at all. There may be a concern of drunks being civilians, after all. ;> See comments for details. Thanks!
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    Octobot SuperNice solution! I had a hard time getting on the ship without him seeing me when I did it my way, so this seems like a good strategy. However, I believe you lose health if the drunks fall into the water (desynchronization), so I wouldn't mess with them... unless that's what you meant by the winky face!

    Also, I think it's generally accepted that the Disciple of the Creed cheeve has nothing to do with your health bar, and is rather based on doing full investigations before assassinations and such (at best, this achievement is really buggy though, so there's no definite answer here).
    Posted by Octobot Super on 29 Jun 12 at 11:06
    WayensThanks! Did you try it? Problem with AC1 is that it doesn't allow replay of memories like its sequels, so I can't double check immediately. The drunk dispatch is inspired by me actually pushing one off. And I don't remember seeing a desynch due to that.

    Though you're also right in that we do suffer desynch when we actively kill civilians on the street. So I'll put a heads up.

    As to Disciple of the Creed, ensuring full health bar worked for me, so I'm afraid I can't comment on the elsewise. So you can go by what worked for me and see. :)
    Posted by Wayens on 29 Jun 12 at 12:42
  • MauriliusMaurilius36,854
    28 Jan 2010 29 Jan 2010
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    I found it easy to bypass guards by simply jumping from the dock to the nearest boat a few feet away from them, from which you can make your way to the ship by hopping from boat to boat and then onto the pylons leading to the rear of the ship.

    Be careful when jumping on the pylons -- the game does NOT help you land on them, so if you are even a few degrees off in direction you'll land in the water and die.
  • Mickey KinMickey Kin101,722
    24 Aug 2010 30 Aug 2010
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    I managed to get the "Blade in the Crowd" achievement along with this one. While Spectre SubZero is right, the castle wall is quickest, if you've missed the "Blade" achievo, this is the perfect chance to get it.

    First, fill up on throwing knives. There are guard posts set out throughout the bay and the arrows from the guards will dump you in.

    Next, go up to the wall closest to the middle dock and kill the Templar. I know people are trying to hold off so they can mark them off in order, but if fall into the water, eventually you'll need to deal with him.

    Then, take the middle dock, its long and gives you good vantage points to hit all the guards. Avoid the madmen and the patrol.

    Now just go boat to boat until you are on the side of the galleon facing the bay. If you appraoch from the wall side you alert the guards or Sibrand. I waited for Sibrand to go to tell captain's deck and fire his bow. I crossed the moors and jumped onto the side of the galleon and waited for the animation to loop again. When he starts to yell, slip onto the boat and remember to select your blade if you've been throwing daggers. Just walk right up to him.

    "Snikt", He's dead and you are the proud owner of 2 achievements.

    Or, if you have "Blade" and want an easy way, run along the wall to the boat. Every guard, and a few more, will run after you. You'll force Sibrand to flee into the city, as Spectre said, and you can take off after him, just remember, Altair is strong and daring, but he sinks like a stone, don't get caught on the gangplank.
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