Absolute Symbiosis achievement in Assassin's Creed

Absolute Symbiosis

Have a complete Synchronization bar.

Absolute Symbiosis+0.1
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This achievement may unlock before the requirements are met.

How to unlock the Absolute Symbiosis achievement

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    Sychronization increases as you:

    Rescue citizens

    Visit View Points

    Get ranks reinstated by Al Mualim after you've completed assassinations.

    If you complete everything as you go along, this should unlock around your 8th assassination.

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    Shadow SixtySixAdditionally to the above solutions it might be mentioned, that the achievement might pop up much earlier. For me it was during the 4th memory block, when i had 17 of the 20 max. blocks reinstalled. I finished the game and suddenly the achievement popped... Seems also to be a way glitchy (but better earlier than never).
    Posted by Shadow SixtySix on 25 Jan 18 at 13:05
    CrouchZpopped the moment I exit animus after second assasination block 4. Pretty sure it's bugged and it mostly/only happens when you exiting game by going out of animus
    Posted by CrouchZ on 07 Oct 18 at 00:53
    WulfTekLikewise, I left the animus and then paused and quit the game with 18/20 segments and it popped while the splash screen appeared.
    Posted by WulfTek on 27 Apr at 09:47
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    The best way to do this with the following

    Scale as many Viewpoints that is available to you and save the civilians in the memory block, each one complete adds +1 to the Sync update, A new bar is added at every 15 points.

    Plus completing assassination missions and earning an Rank back

    By doing all this, this achievement will appear within the first half of Memory Block #5. Plus by doing these, they will lead to and/or result in the four other achievements listed below being completed:

    - Fearless
    - The "Defender of the People" (Damascus, Arce and Jerusalem)

    Its highly recommended to get everything done and max the Sync bar eariler, because you will seriously need it in the later memory blocks in the game. Because you will be seriously outnumbered at times and you need to be at the top of your game

    Happy Achievement Hunting
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    I was confused on how to get this so I'll explain it clearly.

    Each time you go to a view point, rescue a citizen, or complete side objectives you get a block increase on your */15 bar. Once you've done 15 objectives those bars become one on your main sync/health bar.

    So you've got to do quite a few side objectives to get this. I did my fair share and completed the game and still didn't get it but you can go back after and get it once you're finished.

    So I'll just restate, when you complete and objective you'll see a */15 bar pop up get that to 15 to add another bar to your main sync bar the */15 will reset to 0, do 15 more objectives to get another.

    Good luck!
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    Nevster08Explained it well. Thanks!
    Posted by Nevster08 on 21 Nov 11 at 20:31
  • Potent SkittlesPotent Skittles57,887
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    This achievement is pretty straightforward and can be achieved a number of ways. As you complete side missions such as synchronizing at High Points, saving citizens, eavesdropping, pick pocketing, and interrogating you will fill up your "side bar".

    Every 15 of these side missions you will do will count toward on of these side bar slots and when you reach 15 you will gain a slot.

    You will also earn a bar to you sync for completing the main assassination missions. Collecting all the flags in an area will also add a bar.

    You might as well do all of the side missions because it will allow you to work toward numerous other achievements. There are 3 achievements for saving all the citizens in each city and an achievement for climbing all high points.

    If you complete all of these as you go you should be able to unlock this achievement early. I unlocked it after the first assassination in the 4th memory block. You can unlock it even earlier should you decide to collect flags and kill the Templars early.
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