Eagle's Challenge achievement in Assassin's Creed

Eagle's Challenge

Defeat 25 guards in a single fight.

Eagle's Challenge0
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How to unlock the Eagle's Challenge achievement

  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter871,311
    06 Dec 2007 05 Aug 2008 29 Jun 2012
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    For this one just run into a group of guards. Kill all but 2 of them, then run away and make sure they are chasing you. As you are running more guards will start chasing you, rinse and repeat, till the achievement pops.

    Note: Be careful about kicking to much guard butt, as if you are killing them to quick the last one might run away and break your "chain" thats why you want to keep at least 2 or 3 alive at all times.

    Also a great suggestion by Thooper: Head to the Southwest camp on the main Kingdom Map, you will know if its the one as it has a huge pit. Kill the archers then just fight the soldiers to your hearts content, as they continually respawn inside the camp.

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    Dart RodalesWouldn't this also work for the 100 man fight?
    Posted by Dart Rodales on 08 Sep 13 at 22:44
    Boots OrionGreat solution! I combined CD's running from fight to fight strategy, and Thooper's suggestion of SW on the Kingdom map. Easy peasy! :)
    Posted by Boots Orion on 15 Apr 14 at 12:11
    WAVY EDI got this achievement without thinking about it. I went to save a citizen in the Demascus Middle District, who was in the middle of a crowded circular courtyard. The fight started and groups of guards continuously came after me and somewhere in the middle of the fight, the achievement popped up. I was like "what?" I had to count the bodies afterwards.
    Posted by WAVY ED on 25 May 17 at 18:30
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  • kingrich06kingrich061,700,796
    21 Jan 2009 21 Jan 2009
    79 3 1
    I found that the easiest way to get 25 or more guards in one area is the gates in front of Jerusalem. There are 8 guards at the Main Gate. Outside to the left there is a camp with about 10 guards. Also outside to the right is another 10 guards. Start a fight with any of the three groups. Kill a few but leave 3 or 4 as they would run away when their numbers dwindle. Once you got their attention simple run to the other two areas. This ensures you have more than enough to kill to get the achievement. If the battle ends simply reload the last save point and try again.
  • TohirTTohirT114,662
    02 Jul 2009 03 Jul 2009
    66 3 0
    This can be done much easier: In memory pre-last During the last assassination mission, where you need to kill Robert in Jerusalem.
    When your cover will be blown run away from the graveyard and try to continue the chase through the streets so that you can attract the attentions of the vast numbers of guards. Then make it to the rooftops and continue you rabid run from them.
    You can occasionally stop and engage into fight to complete the "Eagle's Challenge" achievement. You can kill 5 of them for example then run for couple of minutes then kill other 10 - again running and so on. Kills counts towards the achievement while your HUD is in Red state.

    The point is that while you're chased by "Robert" you cannot break the line of sight even if you are far away from him. That is why this two achievements "Eagle's Flight & Challenge" are easy to be done during this mission.

    Good Luck!
  • UnrealKazuUnrealKazu28,216
    10 Nov 2009 10 Nov 2009
    61 1 3
    Another good way to get this achievement is in the soldier camps in the Kingdom. Any dense populated camp will do, but I got my achievement in the camp just outside the entrance to Acre.

    Sneak or fight your way to the back of the camp, outside the range of the archers. Start a fight and the soldiers will keep on coming. When I eventually got my achievement, I still had about 10 soldiers to kill, even tho I hadn't moved more than a few square meters from the place I originally started the fight. Just keep in mind to stay outside the range of the archers, they can throw you off balance very easily, making you easy prey for the soldiers you're fighting against.
  • DanyDanmanDanyDanman53,380
    15 Feb 2009 15 Feb 2009 10 May 2009
    55 4 2
    I found that the easiest way to get 25 or more guards in one area is after you kill William de Montferrat (- Acre Memory Block 4) without killing the guards around him. By doing so you will get a checkpoint whit the guards still alive to kill do so and leave 1 or more if you wish a live. Keep a lock on the target and press rt wile you move around and make your way too the gates.
    Than you will get some extra guards to kill. The achievement should pop up when you hit 25. Also note if you fail first time let your self die so you can start over again. Why so ? Because i never seem to get 25 guards in one single fight. I did this whit a sync bar on level 14.
  • gazhibsgazhibs408,641
    26 Sep 2010 25 Nov 2010 07 Feb 2011
    46 5 2
    I got this whilst doing the last assassination memory where you kill Robert where you have to fight your way through Arsuf. i just stormed along the path and im guessing had soldiers on me all the way and it just popped up somewhere along there.
    the best way of doing it is to get some on you, kill a few so you have 1 or 2 left, move along some more so you get some more without losing them, then just rinse and repeat.
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