Eagle's Will achievement in Assassin's Creed

Eagle's Will

Defeat 100 opponents without dying.

Eagle's Will0
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How to unlock the Eagle's Will achievement

  • Topodude2236Topodude223679,704
    07 Mar 2009 04 May 2009
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    This is a fairly easy achievement to get without glitching, after a few missions you unlock the 'dodge' move, just dodge attacks then strike, similarly later on, the 'counter' move is unlcoked, this makes you almost invincible if you can time it right, just as enemies are about to strike, counter, and they die. You really shouldnt die so just keep picking fights (wait til your bar goes back up if you lose health).
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  • THE Wheelman 87THE Wheelman 8781,998
    28 May 2010 28 May 2010
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    I did this in Acre, rich district, but this method can really be used anywhere, except maybe the Kingdom or Masyef. I combines Topodude's method with guerrilla warfare. Basically I hopped around the roof tops assassinating one guard at a time on the roofs and "sniping" with throwing knives, occasionally dropping down to resupply. I did get into a few bigger fights, but using the dodge, block, and counter attack moves I won all of them.

    Just try to take 1 guard at a time and then GTFO of the area that you killed him in, spending as little time on the ground as you can.
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    ScowyI used this method too, except I avoided big fights, if I got spotted I would run and hide and I also stealth assassinated guards on rooftops.

    Also you don't need to kill one and move on, waiting for gaurds to come and inspect the dead guard and killing them too works well, I did this when I only had 5 knives and sometimes left a pile of 5 guards on the floor.
    Posted by Scowy on 17 Jan 12 at 20:42
  • Removed Gamer
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    If you do not wish to get this achievement eventually by following the description, this alternate method is available just after you complete the Animus training.

    Follow the video below to receive the achievement, which uses a glitch in the game. You're required to walk up the mountain wall (make sure you're not holding RT) and work your way up top following the video. Then, like in the video, you jump for what appears to be another ledge but Altair will fall through it. Following that, if you do not fall continuously down to oblivion, simply get yourself to fall through the water (by dropping off whatever ledge you may land on) and the achievement will unlock.

    I did not create the video, so credit to MoonSka0 for the video.
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    Apostle92627I got this trying to go to the next town in Memory Block 3 and the game glitched on me to the point where I was walking on water (even above it sometimes, like on air). The textures were terrible too. PS2/Xbox terrible. Anyway, I came to a spot where there was a massive white hole where the ground should've been. So I kept running thinking it would fix itself. It didn't. I fell and got the achievement. I didn't even know about the glitch. I'm playing the game BC on Xbox One, BTW...
    Posted by Apostle92627 on 28 Aug 16 at 23:24
    KeichikuI went to the Animus and replayed the Solomon temple, when I got to Masyaf I did the glitch. It worked. 9/4/17
    Posted by Keichiku on 04 Sep 17 at 04:19
    Charlie LimaNice video. Thanks!
    Posted by Charlie Lima on 18 Jul 18 at 12:09
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