Global Impact achievement in Crackdown

Global Impact

Kill 15 gang members using the Observatory Globe

Global Impact0
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How to unlock the Global Impact achievement

  • Agm1992Agm1992116,287
    30 Jun 2011 30 Jun 2011
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    If you have already successfully defeated all the gangs and don't fancy reviving them then you can simply complete a Time Trial which has the Globe.

    Choose the Time Trial with Natalya Gryunova then jump up the rocks, you will see the globe, you need to kick it to release and then either kick or throw it at people, the people will shoot you so be fast (It doesn't matter if you die).

    Tip: use the cloaking device, this will hide you for a short while allowing you to grab the globe throw it.

    Hope this helps, the reason i'm decided to share this is because I found it odd that people say revive gangs when you can simply do a time trial.

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    bendominoThis is the best solution. You can grab the globe and run to the available stretch of highway to grind out the achievement. You'll only have to deal with 2-4 gang members at a time by going back and forth along the road, and the fenced in sidewalk makes an excellent bowling lane for those struggling to kill gang members by throwing the globe at them. You can pick up a car, carry it to the side, put it down so the gang members come out, then kick the globe at them with a good chance of taking them out before the police do.
    Posted by bendomino on 18 Jul 12 at 22:37
    FoolsAndKingsWhat I did was take down all the grunts up high and around the complex before getting the globe. Then I took out some in the yard to make it easier. There was a group of 3 or 4 that kept spawning in the middle and I just threw the globe at them, then hid to regenerate. When I came back, they were there again. +1
    Posted by FoolsAndKings on 27 Sep 14 at 11:57
    InterracialThis was fun one. I popped this using the Natalya time trial too. Great game.
    Posted by Interracial on 07 Sep 19 at 11:22
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  • porschephiliacporschephiliac323,564
    01 Mar 2007 17 Sep 2008
    63 20 11
    Check out this Video:
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    PointySpredhow about showing a map screenshot of where the globe is actually located.
    Posted by PointySpred on 03 Aug 13 at 20:18
    porschephiliacWant me to hold the controller for you too? It's at the observatory, right in front of the building. Head out the #2 exit from agency HQ, once out of the tunnel, go left on main road. You will be there shortly before you see a tunnel with a guy in front of it. Get out of the car, jump on the cliff to the right and there ya go.
    Posted by porschephiliac on 04 Aug 13 at 04:00
    hugo3104Nice guide, your video helps to find the observatory ... One thing to know : if you're killed with the Globe, remember where you are ... the globe still stays at that place ... the first time i died, i return to the observatory, but the globe wasn't here wink
    Posted by hugo3104 on 31 Mar 14 at 11:06
  • d3vilsNightd3vilsNight54,987
    26 Aug 2008 27 Aug 2008 06 Dec 2010
    41 1 4
    Really you can do this anytime, provided you are strong enough to pick up the globe.

    However, an easy way to do this is wait until you have eliminated the final Volk gang boss. The remaining Volk scum will rally in one spot, like a city square area, of the Volk territory. Before going to fight them, go grab the Observatory globe. You should be able to kick it off its stand and pick it up. (Note: 3 or 4 star Strength rating may be required)

    Carry it to the Volk city square, there should be plenty of Volk there. Just keep throwing the ball and when you have killed 15 gang members, it will unlock.

    Note you do not have to kill the gang members in a certain time limit or sequentially. Just any 15 over any period of time.

    Good luck!
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    StoodBridgeI took the globe to the highway and just waited for gang member cars to drive past, then i killed those, took like 5 - 10 minutes. Just be careful to not throw or kick the globe into the sea.
    Posted by StoodBridge on 05 Apr 09 at 20:29
    Nv DefinesYou need 15 kills not 10
    Posted by Nv Defines on 10 Jul 10 at 11:54
    PendiRulzPeacekeeper also count towards this achievement! My last kill was one accidently
    Posted by PendiRulz on 20 Aug 13 at 16:40
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