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Champion of Cyrodiil

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How to unlock the Champion of Cyrodiil achievement

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    I am going to start this off by assuming that you've already returned from Mankar Camoran's Paradise with the Amulet of Kings, and you've been tasked to go to the Imperial City with Martin.

    During the meeting with Ocato, Daedra will attack. You, Martin, Ocato, and half a dozen Legionnaires are all that you have to work with. Martin can die, and if he does, it's game over, load your last checkpoint.

    After killing the few Daedra that appear inside the Palace, you'll exit to Green Emperor Way. Again, there is a fixed number of Daedra to kill. Watch Martin's back, and make sure you don't kill any of your allies. Follow Martin to the Temple of the One area, making sure to let him pass through the door before you do.

    The Daedra here are endless, so avoid them as much as possible. Killing the weaker ones will likely cause stronger ones to generate, which is unfortunate. Run around to the right of the Temple, and you'll see/get a journal entry describing that the Daedra Prince Mehrunes Dagon has entered this plane. You need to talk to Martin.

    The game pretty much tells you that you have to deliver a staggering blow to the Daedric Prince. This is accomplished by dealing damage equal or greater to half of your characters maximum health. This can be done by either a weapon attack or a spell. This is extremely hard to do if you don't have very good items, or your health is very high, as is the case with most attack-based characters. A spell-caster will have much better luck, assuming your character has some decent spells.

    If you didn't come prepared, of if you just don't have what it takes, you can sneak past Mehrunes Dagon. It is actually very simple, especially if you take the low road and decrease the difficulty. To the right of Mehrunes Dagon is a gap in the flaming parts of the City. Run through that gap with Martin in two, and you'll get to the main doors of the Temple of the One. There will be some minor enemies, but as long as Martin has an open pathway to the doors, he should be safe.

    Once inside (make sure Martin come in with you!) all you need to do is wait for Martin to stand still and then approach him. He'll instigate conversation, and then you'll be in one of those mini-cutscenes where you can move your eyes but your HUD is gone and you can't move. Just watch what happens.

    When you finally have control again, Ocato will be there talking to you, and the Achievement will pop up at the top of your screen. That is 110GS in your pocket, and the main story finally complete.

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    Mickey KinSpot on.
    Posted by Mickey Kin on 19 Dec 10 at 16:57
    The sixth paragraph of my solution describes how you can run past Dagon and get to the Temple of the One.
    Posted by zr122 on 23 Feb 14 at 20:09
    pwnedmoneybagsBy the way, i speedrun this game for PC and the glitch to makes you beat the game in about 5 mins unlocks this achievement, but not the ones before. Just putting that out there that it is possible to have the this achievement without actually playing through the entire game.
    Posted by pwnedmoneybags on 11 Feb 15 at 11:32
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    This is a short tip/guide to this WHOLE game:

    -In the beginning, you should receive the spell Starlight. This is an Illusion spell. Cast it continuously, when you can. First thing to do is travel to a major city and start the Mages Guild. Whilst getting recommendations from each Guild Branch, KEEP CASTING THE ILLUSION SPELL. By the end of getting the Recommendations, you should be at 100 Illusion or very very close. Finish getting 100 Illusion then go to the Arcane University. Talk to Raminus Polus to gain entry into the Arcane University and it's facilities. Go to the Praxographical building(where you can make spells) and buy the 75% Chameleon Spell from the Mage there that is selling it. Then go to the Altar of Spellmaking and make a 100% Chameleon Spell. With this, you can fight, move around, maneuver through places, ANYTHING (basicly), without opposition or fear of getting killed. No one will hit back or even try to defend themselves. Then finish the Mages Guild or whatever else you need. Thank you for reading my guide.
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    Nick SkywookieDid you fast travel between cities or walk?
    Posted by Nick Skywookie on 05 Feb 13 at 02:55
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    For those that somehow dislike this game and want to extract every last bit of Gamerscore out of it in shortest time possible using frowned-upon methods...then hoorah!

    You can actually beat it in around 10-15 minutes using this glitch, also unlocking the achievement!

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