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Located the Shrine of Dagon

Located the Shrine of Dagon, Main Quest

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How to unlock the Located the Shrine of Dagon achievement

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    Following the main storyline, this quest begins with finding Baurus, the guard who saved you at the beginning of the game. You'll find him at Luther's Boarding House in the Elven Gardens district of the Imperial City. Upon meeting him, he will tell you to not say anything and sit beside him. He then informs you that the person sitting near the two of you could be a spy. Now you are to let Baurus leave and wait for the spy to follow him then follow the spy into the basement. A fairly easy fight between the spy and you and Baurus follows. After he is killed, Baurus tells you he's an assassain from the Mythic Dawn Cult. Find a book on the body of the dead assassain and Baurus will tell you to investigate this further. The way to do this would be to talk to Tar-Meena who can be found in the lobby of the Arch Mage's tower in the Arcane University. Talk to her and she will explain that there are 4 books in this series you need to figure the location of the shrine. You have the first and she gives you the second along with the location of the third.

    According to Tar-Meena, the third book is owned by the shopkeeper at the First Edition bookstore. Speak to the shopkeeper, Phintias, to find out that he is holding the book for someone else who's supposed to pick it up. Easiest way to go from here would be to wait an hour for the customer, Gwinas to pick it up. Wait for him to leave and speak to him about the Mythic Dawn (some persuasion may be needed). Tell Gwinas that the Mythic Dawn was responsible for the murder of the emporer and he'll realize he's in over his head and give you the third book along with a note regarding a meeting for the fourth book.

    Travel back to the Elven Gardens district where Baurus will be waiting for you outside. Inform him of everything that has happend and he will offer to accompany you into the sewers for this meeting. Make your way through the sewers making sure to stick close to Baurus to make sure he doesn't get left behind. Before heading into the Sunken Sewers, the meeting point, Baurus will ask you if you want to attend and have him be the back up or the other way around. I think the best way for this is to observe so that you take the harder fight but it's up to you, after all it's you that's playing this, not me. Either option has the same outcome, the one who attends the meeting will speak to Raven Camoran and the one who observes will be attacked by his two followers. After the fight, pick up the fourth and final volume of the books off of Raven's body. Baurus will leave for Cloud Ruler Temple and you are sent back to Tar-Meena.

    After speaking with her at the University, she will tell you to find out what you can from the books but if you need a hint, return in a day's time. Here you can look at the books for the hint, or you can speak to her again. After 24 hours she will tell you that the beginning words of each paragraph may be the answer. Looking closely, the first letter of each paragraph of the 4 books in order spells out the sentence, "Green emperor way where tower touches middle sun". Tar-Meena will tell you to go to Green Emperor Way at noon and see what happens. Following your marker to the Tomb of Prince Camarril you'll find that at noon, the markings on the tomb light up and show you the location of the Tomb (near the city of Cheydinhal). After finding the location, the achievement unlocks.

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    YuhansDamn, I located the Shrine of Dagon, I totally kick ass, maan, I mean - maan.
    Posted by Yuhans on 20 Oct 09 at 15:50
    Z0MBIESINCReally in depth guide, thanks!
    Posted by Z0MBIESINC on 10 Nov 11 at 04:30
    RetroGeekGameRI have a question. If Im a vampire and not the Archmage, is it still possible for me to get through the gates of the Arcane University in order to complete this quest or do I need to start over?
    Posted by RetroGeekGameR on 19 Sep 12 at 18:24
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    You must find the location of the Dagon Shrine. To do that you must study the four books that you should have. If you can't figure it out head to the Arcane University in the South-West section of the Imperial City. At the entrance, depending on the time a person named Tar-Meena should be inside the entrance room with the portal. You have to talk to her three times on three different days to get the solution. The first two conversations result in tips to help you solve it yourself.
    The first such hint: She suspects the books contain a hidden message. But she wants another day to work on the project, which means you need to wait until after midnight to bug her again.
    This time, Tar-Meena suggests that the first word in each paragraph may be the key to the book's meaning. But she wants one more day to study.
    So try your own hand again. Tar-Meena doesn't quite own the solution yet but has now given you a strong hint. Take the first LETTER(the fancy red letters) of each paragraph of the four books to form a message: "Green Emperor Way Where Tower Touches Midday Sun".
    If you still can't see it, when you return to the Arcane University the following day, Tar-Meena has sorted it out. She even interprets it for you. Green Emperor Way is an avenue on the Palace Grounds.
    Specifically, its the palace cemetery. Fast-travel to the Palace Disctrict and you should appear on a straight road leading to a flight of stairs. Walk forward and just before the stairs turn 90 degrees to your right and there you can see the graveyard. Head over to the shrine and wait until midday. A glowing map appears on the tomb's door, with the Mythic Dawn shrine marked. The achievement should then pop up.
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    If you are like me, who played this game YEARS ago, and continued on the same file, than chances are that you don't remember what quest is related to the main story line. My quest box was cluttered with tons of side quests.

    Although the above solution is very detailed, it didnt really help me much since, well, it doesn't tell you the title of the quest:

    The Path of Dawn.

    For a (another) clear but detailed walkthrough, click here:
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    Shadow XBLthanks :)
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 20 Oct 13 at 04:58
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