Helo Hunter achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Helo Hunter

Shoot down 20 helicopters in the Helicopter Hunt game type

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How to unlock the Helo Hunter achievement

  • Digital GungnirDigital Gungnir181,284
    25 Sep 2009 25 Sep 2009 07 Aug 2012
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    This achievement can be done by yourself, you do not need other players present to get this achievement. You will need to be in the multiplayer section of the game and then from there you can attempt to search for a game or you can create your own game.

    Mode: Co-op Elimination
    Type: Helicopter Hunt

    Select the M107 Sniper sniper rifle, it is going to be more effective then a machine gun. Now before you even play understand that you will not complete this achievement in one match.

    When you start they should be one helicopter attacking you and after you take one down more and more will come after, at one point there were five helicopters attacking me. Be mindful when you shoot at them with your gun, ten shots to the belly of the helicopter should be enough to take them down. Don't unload an entire clip at the enemy in one second but dont take all day to let off a single round. I used a three shot rule when attacking. When the enemy was in my sights I would let off three quick rounds and then wait for another clear shot.

    If you die don't worry you'll respawn and you should get full ammo again and just keep patient when engaging the enemy. If you don't make it all the way through just reload the map.

    There is no perfect position, you can hold up by the domes which give you good cover. However when you have good cover you usually have a bad firing angle. You can keep reloading the game type if you die so as long as you get one kill per match you are good!

    The achievement will pop after your 20th kill while your in game. If you are unsure how many helicopters you need to take out you can go into the Extras feature via the multi player screen and check out your achievement progress.

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a message on TA or Live.

    Note: You can edit the settings so that you can have infinite re spawns and have 21 enemy helicopters attack you but I do not know if this will count for your achievement. It will change over to a custom match type. I'd suggest just reloading the normal Helicopter Hunt match a few times till you get the achievement.

    Edit: It has been confirmed that you can do this on custom.

    Using the M60 may be a better choice according to a few gamers.

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    FoolsAndKingsUsed M60, Infinite Respawns, 30 Min match, Map : Crash Site (as there are now annoying palm trees for the helos to hide behind). Got it 1st round. +1
    Posted by FoolsAndKings on 21 Nov 15 at 19:36
    PainfulLegacyI found the MK48 LMG to be a lot better than the M60 it has a higher rate of fire. I did this achievement in 15 minutes using it.
    Posted by PainfulLegacy on 17 Sep 16 at 14:13
    EthigyDefinitely agree the LMG is the way to go.
    Posted by Ethigy on 29 Feb 20 at 22:53
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  • S4LUT3t0LUN4CYS4LUT3t0LUN4CY207,634
    21 Jul 2013 22 Jul 2013
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    A really easy achievement that can be done in a custom private match on your own in less than half an hour.

    Game mode: Co-op elimination
    Game type: Helicopter hunt
    Enemy density: high (21) be sure to turn off infantry
    Respawns: infinite
    Game length: 60 minutes

    Map doesn't really matter, just one that won't obscure your line of sight. The choppers will come in waves of 6 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 = 21 choppers). By the 4th wave you get MI-24s with rocket pods mixed in with the MI-17s. Weapon of choice would be the M60 or the MK48 hip firing, aiming slows you down. Pick a chopper to shoot down, trail and follow it until it starts to smoke then move on to the next chopper. You will probably die more than a few times, so toggling the respawn timer might help a little (the choppers will tend to fly and hover over your spawn points).
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    itsamultipassVoted you up - Great guide!
    Posted by itsamultipass on 13 Aug 13 at 00:22
  • Traitors GambitTraitors Gambit97,131
    24 Apr 2010 24 Apr 2010
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    This is more to just complement digitalwar4's solution, although for clarification you CAN edit the settings to have 21 helios (high) and have infinite respawns and the achievement will still pop up

    BE WARNED - you will die alot, these helicopters are armed with rockets and cannons, 4-5 helicopters turn up at a time
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    City CobraCan confirm that this works.
    I used the ZEUS Rocket Launcher, if you have good aim, the Chopper is down in 1 Shoot.
    Posted by City Cobra on 08 Oct 11 at 05:32
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