Defeat Clarence Callahan “Razor” achievement in Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Defeat Clarence Callahan “Razor”

Race and defeat Clarence Callahan and take his spot on the Blacklist 15.

Defeat Clarence Callahan “Razor”0
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How to unlock the Defeat Clarence Callahan “Razor” achievement

  • ICoN xLeViAtHaNICoN xLeViAtHaN432,409
    02 Feb 2009 02 Feb 2009 02 Feb 2009
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    First off to even race razor you need to win 9 races, complete 5 milestones and get 10,000,000 total bounty. Once you have done this the hard part is over.

    You must beat razor in 5 different races. Suprisingly he is no harder and maybe even less tough than some of the other blacklist drivers if you have the right car. I was using the final car that can be purchased (the porche) and it had all the best parts. And remember shortcuts help a lot and slowing down in the drag race is the only way to stop yourself from repeating it a bunch of times.

    As soon as you beat him you will win your old car back and get the achievement so you don't even really have to finish the game to earn the 1000. However, I recommend that you do just for fun.

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    WELL DONE BAKU^because you're name is hellRAZOR ? You can't defeat yourself ;)
    Posted by WELL DONE BAKU on 15 May 13 at 05:10
    DaiBo OneThata a good trick to speed geting the achievments up on that video.
    It helped. Thanks
    Posted by DaiBo One on 14 Jan 14 at 03:32
    TheBongoFuryIf you do not win at first try again. I won speed trap instantly, took 5 attempts at drag race before Razor hit a car and got behind and the same happened in the other races. Just do not give up. At all. Like Ivan Drago said to Rocky: "You will lose!"
    Posted by TheBongoFury on 03 Nov 20 at 10:36
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  • SinReturns03SinReturns03299,648
    25 Sep 2010 15 May 2010 05 Jan 2012
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    Before you can race Razor you first need to complete 9 race events, 5 milestones, and have a total of at least 10,000,000 bounty. Here is the easiest way to complete these requirements (Note: I used the Lancer Evo for these and for the final 5 races against Razor):

    Races: Do all of the sprint, speed trap, and tollbooth races. The circuit races aren't too bad either. Basically if a race is too much for you just try another one (though sprint and speed trap were always the easiest for me.

    1) Do the speed camera/trap ones first (they are the easiest). If you cannot hit the right speed at the camera, restart the milestone and back up a fair bit to give more distance to reach the necessary speed. Also, hit the NOS boost as you approach the camera. There are three of these.

    2) Complete the pursuit lasting under 2 minutes milestone. Easy way to do this is to go to the bounty section of the Blacklist 15 menu. Choose the location nearest to the baseball stadium (should be the one in the 2nd row on the left). Once you start, immediately head for the baseball field and hit the pursuit breaker. Hide in the stadium. This can easily be done in under 2 minutes.

    3) Complete the pursuit lasting over 13 minutes milestone. The easiest way to do this is the take advantage of the very popular bus stop glitch (you can find videos of this on youtube). Make sure you do this in a car that doesn't have a lot of heat already on it (ex. a car you just won from the blacklist or purchase a new one). Go to the bounty section of the Blacklist 15 menu and select a location relatively close to the bus station. Get up on the platform and wait for the 13 minutes to unlock the milestones. If you find the cops abandoning the chase, drop down, re-engage the cops, and return to the platform. Back up should be called in and you should just be able to sit on the platform for the rest of the 13 minutes. Then return inside the bus station and park in the middle of the catwalk with the class barrier. Wait for cooldown to finish!

    I already had 10,000,000 bounty before starting the requirements to race Razor, but if you need more just use the bus-stop glitch.

    Racing Razor is fairly straightforward, and the race likely to give ppl trouble is the circuit race (2nd last race). After a few attempts (and learning to use short cuts) you should win this. After finishing all 5 races with Razor the achievement should unlock during the cutscene

    ***EDIT 12/09/2011***: As someone suggested, here is a link to a video showing the bus stop glitch:
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    CRO5573YI will tell you why he will get negatives because you can't fucking get rid of them. I reversed into the inside ramp repetitively to try and escape and they don't fuck off. Straight up negative from me. Next time put a video saying how to get rid of them at their hardest.
    Posted by CRO5573Y on 07 Aug 15 at 16:23
    Dan B 697The video is all fine and dandy but as CRO5573Y stated if I wanted to idle this to 10,000,000 bounty, there’s no way to escape properly at this high of a bounty
    Posted by Dan B 697 on 23 Aug 20 at 05:18
    TheBongoFuryEven easier. For the 2 minute timer escape I went with the first bounty at the police station. Take a car you rarely use and you will have to shake off one police car. Just wreck the big antennae and it's done. Took me no more than 2 seconds.
    Also: The quickest and smartest way I found to get high rewards and overtime is just drive the "ring" highway in the upper part of the map with the stadium in the center.

    You can almost always see the road blocks or spike strips coming up and because 2005 these disappear very quickly (sometimes they are placed in a curve though, but this rarely happened to me)
    Long story short: There should be no helicopters around when you pull this off, but after you have the bounty milestones, drive into the stadium. This causes the signs to collapse and block both entrances (the second entrance seems open but is closed.
    Wait for a minute, see those milestones vanish like snow in the sun.
    Posted by TheBongoFury on 01 Nov 20 at 00:47
  • YouuShiiiYouuShiii334,298
    28 Jun 2009 28 Jun 2009
    32 5 1
    Just want to add something to the others help threads :
    When you see Razor in front of you don't try to pass him right away. Wait for about 75-80% of the race, He will give up as soon as you overtake him ;)
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    marcusvinicius1thank's man, I did the think that you writed here and work. I finished the game 5min ago.
    Posted by marcusvinicius1 on 21 Jul 11 at 17:49
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