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Become Master Romancer for 5 species

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How to unlock the Romancer achievement

  • Poppy SteelPoppy Steel1,022,061
    06 Jan 2007 07 Aug 2008
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    To become a Master Romancer for a species, you need to have seven of that particular species in the garden at the same time. For example, to be a master romancer for the Preztail, you simply need to have seven preztails in the garden at the same time.

    The easiest way to do this is by using the hunter to fetch your pinatas until you reach 7, then sell them off and start on a new one. You can also buy pinatas from the pinata store. Buy 7, get your master romancer, then sell them off.

    Flutterscotch variants (blue, green, etc..are all considered "species", so you can get 7 white flutterscotches from the hunter, change them into a different variant of flutterscotch and it will count towards the master romancer achievements.

    This website is an excellent VP reference. It tells you how to attract various pinatas, how to create variants, how to tame sours, etc.
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  • OtisFamilyOtisFamily26,454
    18 May 2008 07 Aug 2008
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    An easier way to do this rather than just wait on the hunter to gather up your 7 pinatas is to breed some while she's hunting. For example:

    You start off with two Pretztails.
    Ask the hunter to find another for you.
    Your third Pretztail is born.
    You receive the fourth Ptail from the hunter.
    You now breed these two pairs.
    Ask the hunter to find another for you.
    Your fifth and sixth Ptails are born, and you receive your seventh from the hunter.

    This keeps costs at a minimum, and a good bit of time.

    Also with species that evolve such as the Taffly-->Redhott, once you have seven of the first species, all you have to do is evolve them all and you've got yet another species with Master Romancer.
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    CatderpillarThe Taffy - Reddhott method was a real time saver :) Suppose you could evolve some other species as well to make getting this one even more easier
    Posted by Catderpillar on 03 Mar 11 at 16:59
    Octobot SuperYeah, seconding the Redhott thing being awesome. I just got done getting Master Romancer for my Tafflies and almost sold them before realizing I could very quickly get the MR for Redhotts!
    Posted by Octobot Super on 26 Jan 12 at 18:32
  • QuarantaneQuarantane139,140
    30 Jan 2010 10 Feb 2010
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    In order to be considered a 'Master Romancer' for a species you'll need to have 7 of that particular species in your garden.

    An easy way to do this achievement would be to become master romancer for the White Flutterscotch, and then become Master Romancer for the variant flutterscotch's.

    Varients of the White Flutterscotch are actually considered different species, so you can get this achievement using only variant flutterscotch's.

    The only things you'll need for the Flutterscotch to mate is for them to eat 1 piece of fruit, and have a house, so it would be alot easier to get them to mate than other species.

    Each variant of a White Flutterscotch counts as a new species, so you'll need to make a total of 35 White Flutterscotch's (doesn't have to be all at once) and then make 5 sets of 7 variants to get this achievement.

    Or you could even make 63 flutterscotches and make all 9 sets of 7 (also does not have to be at once) to get yourself closer to the 'Master Romancer' achievement. Then you could sell all of them to make yourself some money, or if you decided to buy the flutterscotch's you could get alot of your money back.

    I would suggest doing this one variant at a time. Make 9 white flutterscotch's, and then buy 7 of whichever item you need for the variant and change 7, then make another 7 and repeat until you've done all the variants.

    Example: Make 9 White Flutterscotch's, buy 7 poppies, feed 7 of the white flutterscotch's poppies. This will give you 7 Red Flutterscotch's and the 'Master Romancer' Award for that species, then make 7 more White Flutterscoth's, buy 7 watercress, and feed 7 of them the watercress, this will give you 7 Green Flutterscotch's, and the 'Master Romancer' Award for Green Flutterscotch's. Now repeat the process for the rest of the variants.


    Red Flutterscotch - Have a White Flutterscotch eat a poppy.
    Green Flutterscotch - Have a White Flutterscotch eat a watercress.
    Blue Flutterscotch - Have a White Flutterscotch eat a bluebell.
    Pink Flutterscotch - Have a White Flutterscotch eat a water lily.
    Black Flutterscotch - Have a White Flutterscotch eat a tulip.
    Brown Flutterscotch - Have a White Flutterscotch eat a bullrush.
    Yellow Flutterscotch - Have a White Flutterscotch eat a buttercup.
    Orange Flutterscotch - Have a White Flutterscotch eat a Bird of Paradise.
    Purple Flutterscotch - Have a White Flutterscotch eat a thistle.

    I take no credit for this variant list, it came from a very helpful Viva Pinata site.

    Hope this helps any of you. I know this works as I had Master Romancer for White Flutterscotch, and when I became Master Romancer for Orange Fluterscotch I got the achievement.

    There are 9 different variants of the Flutterscotch so you can also become Master Romancer for 9 species this way, that only leaves 11 species to get the 'Master Romancer' achievement.

    EDIT: Just realized I hadn't counted the white flutterscotch itself, so using this method you'll actually get 10 species as master romancer.
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