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Master Green Fingers

Grown 25 plants to maturity

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How to unlock the Master Green Fingers achievement

  • jaganshihieiyyhjaganshihieiyyh339,274
    04 Aug 2009 04 Aug 2009 05 Aug 2009
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    This is very simple. You must get the "Grown to Maturity" award for 25 plant species. You can check your progress in the Journal, under Player Awards, then Plant Awards. When you get an award, the pop-up message will say "Award for growing _________".

    To grow a plant to maturity, simply make sure it has enough water that it doesn't die. To make it easy, get the One Pour Wonder can, available from Ivor Bargain at level 24. Also keep an eye out for visitors that eat the plants in question, In particular, you may want to have two Tafflies resident to prevent any others from visiting. I'm not sure if they can be eaten before maturing, but it may be possible that you don't get the award if a plant is eaten right away. I've had something similar happen with variant awards before.

    You do NOT need to fertilize the plants to get this achievement. Doing so will give you the "Catalyzed x3" a.k.a. "Bonus Growth" award if you do it correctly, which counts towards the Master Horticulturist achievement. However, if you're going out of your way to plant new species just to get this achievement, you might as well fertilize them since it'll count towards the other one as well. For specific instructions for fertilizing each plant, you should look at the plant's page on the Pinata Island wiki:

    or see my guide for that achievement.

    If you do not have access to 25 different types of plants yet, talk to Seedos as much as possible and hope he drops something you don't have. It will then become available in the store. You might also gain new seeds by leveling up, as I don't recall Seedos ever dropping e.g. Bird of Paradise seeds but I could buy them after a certain point.
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  • d3vilsNightd3vilsNight54,987
    26 Aug 2008 27 Aug 2008 27 Aug 2008
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    The only thing that is really required before you get started is that you are a high enough level to have 25 types of seeds available to you.

    Now just focus on one or two at a time. If you focus on more than one at a time, try to only work on plants that will use the same type of fertilizer so you don't have to keep going back to the store to buy different fertilizer.

    Note, getting this achievement will not be cheap, so use the Chili method or whatever works for you to earn money first.

    For each plant, dig a hole, plant it, and use the best watering can -- the one that perfectly waters a plant in one pour.

    Now choose the appropriate fertilizer. The fertilizer usually corresponds to the color of the plant or its seed:

    Also, if you've unlocked Ivor's store, his special fertilizer should work on every plant equally.

    Plant - Fertilizer
    Apple Tree - Red
    Banana Tree - Yellow
    Bird of Paradise - Orange
    Blackberry bush - Purple
    Bluebell - Blue
    Bullrush - Brown
    Buttercup - Yellow
    Carrot - Orange
    Chili - Red
    Corn - Yellow
    Daisy - Yellow
    Fir Tree - Brown
    Gem Tree - Blue
    Gooseberry bush - Green
    Hazel Tree - Brown
    Monkeynut Tree - Brown
    Nightshade bush - Purple
    Oak Tree - Green
    Orchid - Green
    Poppy - Red
    Pumpkin - Orange
    Snapdragon - Purple
    Sunflower - Yellow
    Tulip - Purple
    Turnip - Purple
    Water Lily - Purple
    Watercress - Green

    Now as soon as you plant the seed, water it first, then spray it with 4 or 5 fertilizers. Wait a few minutes, it should grow quite a bit. Spray it with some more fertilizer. Keep doing this until it's done growing. You should know that you've grown it to maturity because you will gain experience (points toward leveling up -- they are the flower petals around the clock) when it's fully grown.

    Do this for each plant and you will have it in no time.
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    iTs Ooo ZoneeeTo add to devilsnight's solution...only 3 fertilizers are required for most plant... so don't waste your money on overfertilizing plants because it wouldn't do anything
    Posted by iTs Ooo Zoneee on 10 Jul 10 at 04:47
    Octobot SuperActually, I don't think you need to fertilize them at all. The achievement states that you must grow 25 plants to maturity, something that does not require fertilizer. If you're going for just this achievement, don't waste time and coins on fertilizer (though you probably should do it anyway for the experience and other achievements).
    Posted by Octobot Super on 19 Jan 12 at 18:18
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