War Hardened achievement in Call of Duty 2

War Hardened

Complete the entire Single Player game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty setting

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How to unlock the War Hardened achievement

  • ShodneyShodney104,634
    15 May 2008 21 Aug 2008 21 Aug 2008
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    Yeah thats right about the other achievements being for completing levels on Veteran difficulty, but for "War Hardened" you only have to complete the game on Hardened difficulty (which is one difficulty level below Veteran).

    By completing on Hardened diffculty, you will only get the achievements "Won the War", and "War Hardened" worth in total 350GS, but it is slightly easier if you cant quite handle Veteran!

    On Veteran as above go slow, take your time, and in open areas use smoke making sure you dont use too many and run out - as this can be the difference between a section being fairly easy, and almost impossible.

    Use cover where you can, if you start getting hit drop to prone ASAP as this can save you sometimes, but most of all keep moving forward! The enemies will infinately respawn unless you get past a certain point to trigger them to stop. If you stay too long in one position it is very easy to get pinned down, so take it steady - but keep moving!

    Always have one bolt action (or any rifle - M1 Garand and Lee Enfield being the better ones) and one machine gun (MP40 is good and you will find plenty of ammo from the dead Germans) in your possesion. The rifles are excellent for picking off targets in the mid-long distance, and will kill in one shot. Use the machine gun when clearing houses, as you often need that extra power close up (however they are useless at mid-long range).

    Also use the auto aim to your advantage if you have it turned on. Aiming your crosshair close to the target and pulling the left trigger (to use ironsights) will snap you onto the poor guy, so you know you can fire as soon as you pull LT and you will kill him. If there are a group of enemies in the distance, aim your crosshair in the middle of the group, pull LT, fire, let go of LT, pull LT, fire, etc etc and you will keep snapping to the next guy without having to adjust your aim.

    Grenades are useful for clearing houses, but also for "charges" through smoke. After throwing a smoke grenade and waiting for the smoke to obscure their vision, cook a grenade and toss it far forward into the path where you are running. This will take out any guys that otherwise you would run into and gun you down.

    Take advantage of your teammates! They are unlimited in number so dont worry about them too much. If you are stuck at a section, wait for a lull in the enemies fire and make a charge for a decent bit of cover as close as you can to their position and go prone. Your teammates will advance with you, and although many will get shot - it often happens that your new position has trigged the AI to stop respawning there. Whilst you are face down on the ground your teammates will eventually mop up whatever enemies are left, leaving you free to stand up and keep advancing!

    The levels are fairly open, and most have multiple ways round the enemies position - so if one way isnt working out for you, try another. You may find it easier than the way you were trying for so long!

    Most off all on Veteran difficulty this game can be VERY frustrating. If you get stuck on a section over and over again - put down the controller, turn the game off, and come back tomorrow with a fresh head. You will often find that the section that was giving you so much grief the say before you can now quite easily stroll through. When you get as frsutrated as you do playing this game - you start rushing and taking silly chances, which of course only makes things worse. So turn it off, take a breather, and come back with a clear head the next day.

    Easy, huh?!? Good luck!

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    STOUTASSASSIN67achievement not popping i got jiped
    Posted by STOUTASSASSIN67 on 28 Sep 18 at 01:45
    Fa3edyes! finally finished it today. next one: mw1
    Posted by Fa3ed#5722 on 14 Jun 21 at 02:54
    ThermicKnight7Is it possible to do it in two playthroughs? In my fjrst playthrough i was on easy
    Posted by ThermicKnight7 on 16 Jan at 04:29
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  • JOHNNYx76JOHNNYx76119,573
    28 Feb 2010 03 Mar 2010 03 Mar 2010
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    One thing that the above solution didn't go into was (unlike other cod games) any time you get a timer in the top left corner, where you have to defend X position, there's finite number of enemies. (but if the timers ended and they're still coming, check you're objectives.)

    Instead of running around trying to keep every German from over running said position (except the silo/sniper checkpoint), find a spot that gives you cover, go prone and let them come to you.

    Your team mates will take care of a lot of enemies and if you've positioned yourself right there will usually only be 5-6 enemies that actually get to your spot.

    Here are some of the checkpoints that you can use it on but remember to try it every time you see the timer. (and even a few times when there isn't one)

    The winter war, Demolition (there's a hole in the cellar wall)

    The battle for Caen, the brigade box (small room to the left as you enter front of farm house)

    D-Day, Defending the pointe (the apple orchard=archway enterance) and (the bunker=doorway on corner of long L shaped hallway)

    Hill 400, The battle for hill 400 (round the back of bunker, right corner and throw smoke down hill if needed)

    This took me a while (and too many deaths to count) to realise, so I hope it helps.

    Also this is my 1st solution so if you vote negative, please leave a constructive comment so I can improve on it, thnx.
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    Godfather1504Great solution, thanks.
    Posted by Godfather1504 on 08 Mar 13 at 10:36
    JOHNNYx76Your welcome :-)
    Posted by JOHNNYx76 on 08 Mar 13 at 13:49
  • LizardKingv666LizardKingv666672,635
    28 Sep 2010 08 Feb 2011
    35 3 3
    A good advise is to focus on checkpoints. Sometimes I played an hour or more just to reach the next checkpoint (in the russian missions for example). Take your time and always use cover. Grenades will help a lot - take your Smokegranades for hard spots!

    Sometimes it may happen that you get a very bad checkpoint wich makes it impossible for you to complete your mission or your current target. In this case you should restart the level and do it again. It's not necessary to get frustrated by doing the same impossible thing over and over again (it happened to me at the level where you have to take down the planes with the flak and at the sniper-part at D-Day).
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    III INDIGO IIIVery true! Same thing with WAW; bad checkpoints are usually what gets you stuck. I had a bad one on 'battle for Caen - the tiger' and at the last 30 seconds of Hill 400. Didn't restart though, because I was SO close to finishing that I didn't want to start all over again. Looking back I think I should have restarted 'The Tiger' because it took me over an hour to do!
    Posted by III INDIGO III on 08 May 12 at 16:27
    LizardKingv666Thx for your comment! Nice to see that my solution is still helping people out there.
    Posted by LizardKingv666 on 09 May 12 at 06:46
    Godfather1504Nice solution, thanks.
    Posted by Godfather1504 on 08 Mar 13 at 10:40
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