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Veteran of D-Day achievement in Call of Duty 2

Veteran of D-Day

Finished D-Day mission on Veteran difficulty

Veteran of D-Day0
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How to unlock the Veteran of D-Day achievement

  • FafhrddFafhrdd248,042
    02 Sep 2006 25 Mar 2009 30 Mar 2014
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    To unlock this achievement, as it says, beat D-Day mission on Veteran difficulty. For me, besides Hill 400, this was the hardest one (So this is the second hardest mission, in my opinion).

    The beach is one sticky spot. Take cover and wait for the part you climb up. I had issue with some of the guys hitting me from above so if you have the same issue, be prepared to take them out.

    Another hard part is crossing the field on top of the cliff. Use lots of smoke and proning (getting all the way to the ground). Use cover (or smoke cover) when you can.

    The last hard part for me was securing buildings A-F. The enemies will keep on respawning until you finish the tasks and your support comes. If you are having problems try this: Lob a smoke grenade just inside the building entrance, toss 1-2 real grenades in the buildings, run and gun in (use an automatic), kill everything that moves on the ground floor, then quickly take cover. If your quick enough you can hide undercover and your meat shields/comrades will come on in. Then you are going to have to clear the upstairs out. I did the buildings OUT OF ORDER. I am not sure if that helps or not.

    Here are some general tips:

    - Cover is your friend. Don't be afraid to kill enemies but don't stay out of cover for too long and never stand in the open. Take cover and use it well. Always take cover when reloading. It only takes 2-3 hits to die not to mention getting sniped. If your flashing red TAKE COVER.

    - Your team members, or mates, comrades, or meat shields (whatever you want to call them) are GREAT most of the time. They will take out numerous enemies and keep you well protected as long as you take cover and let them do the good deed of dying for country. If they are not advancing then you must do it, there are several times it pays to advance some and once you see them coming drop back. They also raid house pretty well (the bottom floor most of the times).

    - In open areas with gun fire use smoke grenades. Also in open areas the best weapon to use is either riffles or snipes.

    - In close areas (read raiding houses) use real grenades, they are the best weapon. Also equip yourself with anything that is an automatic.

    - Many times if you get stuck try to go a different way or take different types of cover in different positions. There are defiantly different ways to make it through this game, for the most part.

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    S P 4 C E YGo down the ladder backwards.
    Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 07 Jul 14 at 09:39
    Brave Fencer VuHaven't played this game in nearly two decades, since it first came out on PC. I just finished the D-Day mission on Veteran difficulty and I'm having a really hard time remembering why I loved it so much right now... the enemies are all gods, they know exactly where you are at all times and bum rush your position then light you up with laser like precision. Complete BS. Thank god they nerfed the enemy AI on Veteran after Modern Warfare.
    Posted by Brave Fencer Vu on 05 May at 02:59
    sliykthe sniper section is just impossible. I die with the timer at zero.
    Posted by sliyk on 05 May at 10:00
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  • LizardKingv666LizardKingv666562,940
    28 Sep 2010 11 Aug 2010 09 Dec 2011
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    IMO this was the hardest mission on veteran.

    The section after climbing up from the beach is very hard because you get your first checkpoint very late if you are going through the bunker.
    I made this part by going straight ahead through the trench - not the right way to the bunker. When you reach the end of this trench throw your smoke granades and run like hell to your current mission target.

    The main thing of the second part are the houses. First clear house A and then go on to house F. I made it by throwing two smoke grenades right in front of house F. Then run to that house and hide in the bushes between the windows and the entrance. A few mates will follow you. Now throw grenades through the windows and the entrance. Shoot a few times and take cover - you will get a checkpoint when the last enemy in the house is shot. From that point along it should not be as difficult as the first houses. Snipe the enemies at the opposite houses E and D when you are standing at the first floor of house F. Then run to house E and clean it from enemies. Go on to house D, then house C and finally house B. Be careful! Enemies are running at you so use your grenades. In almost every house there are enemies upstairs - go on slow and use grenades. After you cleaned all houses the hardest part starts.

    So the order to clear the houses should be: A, F, E, D, C, B

    The final thing is a very hard sniping-action on top of the silo. You have to shoot mortargroups. Take your time to learn in wich order they have to be killed. For me that was the hardest part of the whole game. There are a few mortargroups you have to take out with one shot to have enought time to shoot the next. When you have done this level the rest of the game should not be a problem.

    A hint from "Sinioth": To make the sniping portion of this level much easier, make sure you get the scoped gewehr from the HQ building before you go up the silo. It hold 10 rounds, and reloads quickly.

    Good Luck!

    I hope this will help.
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    flubberfudgeKinda Cheap I get it. But if your really having troubles watch this video Its not to hard to pull off there a couple spots you can jump back into the map and some rooms will be 100 clear so you can just enter them. And get the checkpoint. To jump through the first window I found it easier to jump on the nightstand just to the left, jump and hold down b for prone. Then crawl through and once your on logs just jump a couple times so your guys frees him self, then run sideways and jump over the wall.
    Posted by flubberfudge on 19 Jan 17 at 08:18
    LizardKingv666Nice find!
    Posted by LizardKingv666 on 19 Jan 17 at 09:31
    MeetTheCynicI know this has been said before but can't emphasise enough how crucial the scoped Gewehr is for completing the sniping section on the silo. Was honestly a cakewalk with that gun.
    Posted by MeetTheCynic on 03 Oct 19 at 20:07
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