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Veteran of The Battle for Caen achievement in Call of Duty 2

Veteran of The Battle for Caen

Finished The Battle for Caen mission on Veteran difficulty

Veteran of The Battle for Caen0
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How to unlock the Veteran of The Battle for Caen achievement

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    To unlock this achievement, as it says, beat The Battle for Caen mission on Veteran difficulty.

    The hardest part would have to be securing and taking over the German headquarters in this mission. I found no easy way to do this, just TAKE YOUR TIME and use cover. I used a riffle with a backup automatic to finally win this one.

    Use the riffle for those long range kills and switch to the automatic when in close quarters.

    There is a small house to the left, clear that out first (you will get a check point) before moving on to the HQ. This will make things much better and you need all the check points as possible!

    After you clear out the small left house you can work your way inside the HQ building. I advise switching to your riffle and take out the enemies on the stairs and the bottom floor first.

    After that your not out of the clear yet. You will turn your main focus upstairs to the right and left. I found more to the left however there is a fair amount of them to the right. Use grenades to clear some parts (lob them around corners works for me!).

    Here are some general tips:

    - Cover is your friend. Don't be afraid to kill enemies but don't stay out of cover for too long and never stand in the open. Take cover and use it well. Always take cover when reloading. It only takes 2-3 hits to die not to mention getting sniped. If your flashing red TAKE COVER.

    - Your team members, or mates, comrades, or meat shields (whatever you want to call them) are GREAT most of the time. They will take out numerous enemies and keep you well protected as long as you take cover and let them do the good deed of dying for country. If they are not advancing then you must do it, there are several times it pays to advance some and once you see them coming drop back. They also raid house pretty well (the bottom floor most of the times).

    - In open areas with gun fire use smoke grenades. Also in open areas the best weapon to use is either riffles or snipes.

    - In close areas (read raiding houses) use real grenades, they are the best weapon). Also equip yourself with anything that is an automatic.

    - Many times if you get stuck try to go a different way or take different types of cover in different positions. There are defiantly different ways to make it through this game.

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    Almighty AllahQuestion. So if I changed to hardened and got a checkpoint can I switch back to Veteran to complete the level on veteran? Or will it not count?
    Posted by Almighty Allah on 27 Mar 11 at 07:33
    FafhrddIt will not count.
    Posted by Fafhrdd on 27 Mar 11 at 20:08
    Godfather1504Accurate solution, thanks.
    Posted by Godfather1504 on 08 Mar 13 at 10:55
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  • JayourJayour880,571
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    There's not a great deal I can offer you in terms of how to get this achievement, it's all in the description, complete this portion of the game on Veteran difficulty, however you may find these video of the mission handy, it'll help you get your bearings on any part you might be stuck on and give you an idea of what to expect!

    Also, remember to stay in cover and progress slowly, sometimes it's hard not to but try not to rush around, you're much more prone to make a mistake or run straight into an enemy and wind up getting killed and having continue from the last checkpoint, the game can get incredibly frustrating at points so be sure to take breaks from it if you need to, go and clear your head, calm down and come back to it feeling refreshed and ready to beat it, it's not good tearing your hair out over a certain section and continually trying it, the more frustrated you get the more likely you are to make a mistake.

    * Credit to WoopzillaWalkthrough for the videos
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    BootlessScottythe vids arnt much help since they arnt for this cheevo since it only shows the last mission for this cheevo and gave no idea on helping me with the part i was stuck on.
    Posted by BootlessScotty on 29 Apr 12 at 16:46
    Godfather1504Thanks for the videos.
    Posted by Godfather1504 on 08 Mar 13 at 10:56
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