Total Play Time 100 Hrs. achievement in Dead or Alive 4

Total Play Time 100 Hrs.

The total play time reached the 100 hour mark.

Total Play Time 100 Hrs.0
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How to unlock the Total Play Time 100 Hrs. achievement

  • dennomandennoman137,465
    05 Aug 2010 05 Aug 2010
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    The description says it all. If you play the game for 100 hours total (not including time spent in the menus), this achievement should pop. Normally you will get this achievement while going for the other achievements.

    A lot of people however find themselves in a different situation. After buying the game in early 2006 I gave up on it because it was so hard. My 360 RROD'ed on me and I bought a new model with a 60 gb HDD, selling my other one. The save file for DOA4 can't be transfered for some reason, so I had to start with a fresh file when going for the second batch of achievements.

    If this happened to you too, leave the console running in Sparring Mode with a wired controller or play-'n-charge kit.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: the achievement pops after quitting out to the title screen when the game is saving! So quit out and save regularly to make sure you're not wasting too much valuable gaming time.

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    FuzzedUpCookiei assume u got it with unlimited time in sparring mode and going to bed or doing something else ?!
    because same thing happend to me .. 20GB got RODD and bought an elite 120GB .. couldnt transfer my DOA4 save files either :S

    if this works .. im going to do this a couple a nights to finally get that 100 hour mark achievo :P
    Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 19 Jan 11 at 23:55
    dennomanYep. In Sparring and just left it running. I had a fair few other achievements to get though, so I struggled through Survival and other stuff first, then I unlocked all characters and most of the costumes again. Then I got bored and just wanted my 1k, so I put it on sparring and left the 360 running. You can be in idle mode, so it's not like the BB Continuum Shift training achievement where you actually have to be doing something. Just leave it on and you should be fine. Quit regularly though just to make sure you don't waste time where you could actually be gaming lol :p
    Posted by dennoman on 20 Jan 11 at 00:11
    Hampshire VeganDOA 4 saves cannot be transferred. Thankfully I saved it to MU on release. I'll try this method after I've got all other achievements, but will no doubt spend 100+ hours on the survival achievements.
    Posted by Hampshire Vegan on 13 Oct 12 at 18:22
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  • TEL1981TEL1981678,287
    02 Dec 2011 02 Dec 2011 03 Jan 2014
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    I started leaving my console on for this achievement after I had got the other 960G.

    I kept track of over 100 hours of leaving the console on and this still didn't unlock. 100 hours is not including all the time I actually spent playing the game and getting all of the other achievements.

    I then realised that I hadn't re-installed the online update after finishing doing the survival wins achievements. (Removing the update makes the 100 wins a little easier) ;-)

    I re-installed the update, entered a sparring match, then quit straight away and the achievement unlocked! It seems that not having the online update installed was blocking the achievement from unlocking.

    I would recommend making sure the update is installed when going for this achievement so that you don't waste too much of your time.

    The update that I mean is the online update. If you have a classic version of this game then the update is included and cannot be removed.

    Another thing that I noticed is that if I left the console overnight in sparring, sometimes when I returned to the main menu in the morning "Now Saving" was NOT displayed, so the time played may not have counted. I switched to watch mode and everytime "Now saving" WAS displayed when I quit to the main menu after leaving it on.

    If you feel any improvements could be made to my guide then please comment with your suggestions.
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    AntaraelDulacreHad more than 10 hours and left sparring modus the next day and it said "now saving" but no achievement popped up, went to watch mode for 1 minute quitted and got the achievement..I think it should work by just using watch mode instead over night, right? ôo (if sparring doesn't seem to save always...)
    Posted by AntaraelDulacre on 26 Feb 12 at 16:10
    ReaboGlad I read this. Been playing offline and never noticed it never said now saving. Installed the update and it now says it is. How can I change to watch mode though from Sparring mode? Just in case it doesn't save.

    Only way I can see to do that is quiting to the start menu then loading watch mode.
    Posted by Reabo on 14 Sep 15 at 21:24
  • RavenousRavenRavenousRaven343,730
    05 Aug 2006 11 Oct 2009
    18 9 1
    use a wired controller or a charge and play cord. Select spar mode select your favorite character and just leave come back 100 hours later. done
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    ReaboIs there a way to see time you have spent? Swear i've played well over 100 hours
    Posted by Reabo on 04 Oct 15 at 10:19
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