Mile High Club achievement in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Mile High Club

Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty

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How to unlock the Mile High Club achievement

  • Wawa G OwnsWawa G Owns31,204
    14 Mar 2009 16 Mar 2009 18 Jan 2012
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    All credit for this solution goes to Pikey1969 for his Youtube video.

    This is the best video I have found, and I used it to get the achievement. It tells you when and where to throw flashbangs and reload.

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    GiantBRI remember this one, it's utterly difficult. A test of might of sorts, if you beat this level on veteran then the rest of the playthrough on the same difficult will be a breeze.
    Posted by GiantBR on 04 Jan at 20:18
    k0pp0Just a note to say I'm still chuffed to get this achievement.
    Posted by k0pp0 on 06 Jan at 15:33
    Bashemgud 03Excellent video!
    Posted by Bashemgud 03 on 13 Jun at 19:38
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  • lightsup55lightsup55310,814
    18 May 2009 18 May 2009 17 Jun 2020
    149 6 22
    I just got this achievement today thanks to the Insider Moves video that explains what to do and where. It is the perfect strategy to follow for this mission/achievement. Thanks to Denny Atkin (editer) and Ryan Treit (Treit and True)!

    UPDATE: There was an Inside Xbox video of this on and on the Xbox 360 Dashboard, but is no longer available. I did find a video up on YouTube.

    Credits (thank these guys for the video):

    Denny Atkin (Games Editor for
    Xbox LIVE Gamertag: editer
    Twitter: @dennya

    Ryan Treit (Games Writer for
    Xbox LIVE Gamertag: Treit and True
    Twitter: @treitandtrue
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    Dellfiswatched this solution and after an hour i finally did it :)
    Posted by Dellfis on 22 Feb 14 at 22:46
    Martay28This solution is spot on... Ive been trying to get this for god knows how many years and following loads of videos and doing it in so many different ways... But after watching this video it popped after a few tries! I am so happy to have finally done it headspinclaptoast
    Posted by Martay28 on 08 Jun 15 at 15:15
    spankyNspronkleThanks for this! It's definitely the best solution... I wasted so much time in the first room on my other attempts when the best thing to do is run past them all and save 6 seconds. Knocked this out in 5 tries after seeing the video.
    Posted by spankyNspronkle on 25 Jun 15 at 21:22
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    1. Knife the guy in the bathroom.
    2. Go left into the room with the tables NEVER right.
    3. As you approach the end of the room with the tables through a flashbang to the BACK of the next room causing all enemies to be stunned.
    4. DONT Cover you dont have the time push forward to the left of the seats. (Remember your teammates are indistructable and will NOT push forward until you do).
    5. At the end of the first room there are 2 guys behind the walls. one to the left and one to the right and CAN be shot through the walls.
    6. Once at the next section you wanna be at the right of the room camping behind the chairs until the side of the plane blows off.
    7. Move forward and left behing more chairs and immediatly look 90 degrees right and kill the 2 guys there.
    8. Point you MP5 at the top of the stairs and shoot them as they come down.
    9. Once up the 1st flight of stairs throw a flashbang up the right side then go left (If you haven't got just over 25 seconds left its best to quit and restart).
    10. Once up both flights of stairs (left side) you wanna kill the guys infront of you and just spray the wooden wall infront of you.
    11. Take the flashbangs off the table and throw all 3 into the room there and then (No time for presicion).
    12. Go through the corridor killing everything infront of you remebering there is a guy to your LEFT.
    13. At the end of the corridor if your out of bullets in your MP5 switch ti your pistol and take out the 3 guys coming at you from the left.
    14. When at the hostage situation pop one in his forehead (If your a bit scared and you think you'll miss and all this work would be for nothing you can actually JUMP towards the enemy and kill at point blank).

    Hope this helps and Good Luck
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    UlteriorDesertI'm amazed that you wrote this from memory and you just weren't lazy enough to upload a video, positive vote.
    Posted by UlteriorDesert on 27 Jul 10 at 11:33
    Lila OwONICE guide!!!
    Posted by Lila OwO on 10 Feb 12 at 03:45
    Bashemgud 03Fantastic breakdown...thank you!
    Posted by Bashemgud 03 on 13 Jun at 19:37
  • I3lackshirts94I3lackshirts94247,582
    03 Jul 2009 22 Jul 2009 27 Apr 2013
    72 9 1
    the first video I think will help you the best on the first floor (1:08) but it really doesn't explain the second level in detail. But the second video explains and is the easiest to get by the second floor (2:58). With these two videos i did it in about an hour. If you keep on shooting the V.I.P. the third video will really help. I didn't go as far as he did in the video but just far enough to get a clear shot. Also pay attention to the time, and with about 1 sec left, (after about 3 to 5 jumps) look down your sights and get a good shot off before the time runs out.(shoot the guy in the head and don't knife him)
    You don't have to do what i did but i thought it worked really good for me so i wrote this guide. You could just do what it says in the first video or just the second video but each video has its good and bad sides. I did not make the videos. So thanks to Inside Xbox, GruntSoldiers, and thepostalworker for making the videos and helping me get this insanly hard achievement.
  • Jobe13Jobe1391,239
    08 Apr 2009 18 Apr 2009
    68 10 11
    The secret is to keep moving.

    From the moment the level starts, ignore the tango exiting the bathroom to the left. Run into the conference room to the left and use a flashbang as you reach the halfway point in the room. While the tangos in the next area are blinded, run past them into the small corridor, knifing any who are in your path. Stay to the left, but be sure to take out any tangos to your right. Take cover behind the first row of seats and deploy another flashbang. As you advance up, the side of the plane will blow out, taking any remaining tangos with it. Wait for your team to move up, as there are two tangos that decend the flight of stairs. Stay to the left and let your team move up the stairs first, then follow close behind helping to remove tangos. Be sure to check your left, as there's usually one or two hiding behind the wall. Deploy your remaining flashbangs into the next corridor and MOVE! At this point your should have precious few seconds remaining. Be aware of thetwo tangos around the final corner. I've personally found that knifing them works best, but that's just me. After that, you reach the final tango holding the VIP hostage. YOU MUST SHOOT THE TANGO IN THE HEAD ON VETERAN. If not, you will receive a message saying "Only veterans count headshots!" or something to that effect. Once he's down, move immediately to the next room and approach the door to the left. This triggers the departure scene. Congratulations!
  • EnderQuake224EnderQuake224137,256
    02 Oct 2010 04 Apr 2010
    60 10 0
    I want you to look at all the guides closely. Notice one thing.

    They all have different Results.

    There are some basic factors to be addressed to have people completely 100%. People talk about switching guns, Don't, Pistol has bad shots and does less damage, and picking up a gun is a 3 second waste, You need all the time for the upper levels. kill the guy in the bathroom, Nope. the guy in the bathroom is not worth of your Time, but here is one thing. At times he can shoot before killed, which is the trial and error, Just ignore him. Stay to the Left and make sure you kill the guy ONLY the guy that stands in the doorway of the left path, Save some bullets. When you pass through the first doors inside the room, Throw a flash, even if you don't see enemies do it. It saves time. Kill all that you CAN KILL then hide and reload. If you practice, you can get it done in 15 seconds or less. the second room is next before the 2 hardest rooms above. As your walking throw a flash grenade, MAKE SURE YOU hit the middle of the deck, it will blind out all targets when so, move up to the wall, again while moving KILL ALL you can kill, hide reload, and let the teammates walk in. if you can practice enough, you can reach the above grounds in 35 seconds.

    The last remaining rooms of just trial an error. There is no real tool once you pick up the Flash grenades that are on a table. But before reaching you have one room. Flash ones INSIDE the doors and another outside. Shoot all then walk towards the Grenades, you should get I think 2 or 3 more flash. Use then and shoot. Reach the door, kill the guy and finish the game.

    My guide could help and could not. This level is by trial an error, Different Results happen at different times. you get faster or slower. The real deal is that you reach the door before it hits 00.0 seconds. Don't give up if your close.
  • LizardKingv666LizardKingv666576,330
    20 Jan 2011 21 Jan 2011 24 Jan 2011
    51 3 2
    I worked months on this achievement and I will simply tell you the way I did it. Also I will post some things I have found out in months of sweat and anger :-)

    My goal in this level was to save as much time as possible for the rooms upstairs - 25-30 seconds should do it.
    The biggest advise I can give is to not waste time on the first enemy in the toilet and the guys in the first room.

    Run - take out the guy in the doorway - flashbang in the middle of the first room with enemies - run through to the next room or simply hide and throw another flashbang to pass them (don't waste time on shooting all, your allies will move up to you and take care of them). Only shoot the ones that are standing in your way.

    It's getting a little tricky in the room where the wall of the plane cracks. I found out that throwing a flashbang and hide in front of this wooden cover (i think its a table or something) is the best way to get your allies to move on. In the best case the 3 enemies that are usally running down the stairs don't show up.

    When you run upstairs throw a flashbang on the right side. Most of the guides I found are telling that you should go left after throwing the flashbang - I kept on moving and shooting on the right side 'cause you can take out many of the guys that are running out from the next room. Take out as many as possible - spray the wall - move on - take the flashbangs.

    For the last part: Flashbang - run like Hell - take out the guys that are standing in your way - run on to the VIP.
    When you finally reached this part RUN as close you can get and shoot the guy in the head - it's not necessary to stand there and mess it up.

    Last thing I have to say is: Stay cool. Take a break if you are getting too angry. Try a few different things on the first rooms - you will see that it's possible to save time on the first part.

    As I said before: That's the way I did it - there are many different ways to do it so keep on tryin' - you will get it!
  • NIZZUNIZZU239,498
    20 Feb 2008 01 Dec 2009 01 Dec 2009
    51 8 5
    Patience and persistence is key. Takes skill but also takes a little luck. At the very end when the terrorist has the hostage in his clutches, don't be so quick to shoot the terrorist. This is an exciting moment. Make sure you have a clear head-shot on him. I accidentally shot the hostage and it took me another week to get back to that point. All in all it took me a couple weeks/couple hours a day to finally nail this one. One of the hardest and most proudest achievement I have.
    On a side note, I feel like this should be worth way more than (38) TA points. It's tough, and in all honesty would be more suitable in the 200 range... at least. IMO.

    Good luck!
  • 46 5 0
    I just used the video from

    I did make some changes though. I always got killed by ignoring the guy in the bathroom, so I knifed him before shooting the guy on the other side of the meeting room and throwing a flash.
    Then I kill as many as possible while running/crouching along the left side of the seats, didn't wait in cover like the video. Used the gun I started with and the pistol.
    Instead of tossing a flash in the next room where the side of the plane blows up I just hid behind the first set of chairs or behind the wall on the right side. While in cover reload. Mop up the rest of the enemies and cautiously advance to the stairs ready to kill whoever comes down.
    Toss a flash on the right side of the stairs as seen in the video and duck to the left to clean up the enemies.
    Throw the third flash into the next room after reloading. Shoot while you run and toss your last flash into the hall. Run like mad, killing anything in your way, and be ready to line up your headshot with the pistol. You have about 3 to 5 seconds to line up and shoot no matter what time you got to the doors.

    All in all this takes a lot of luck and knowing what you need to do before you do it.
    This probably took me 5 or 6 hours to do once I was serious and that's after taking a year off from playing COD ^_^. I did do the One Shot, One Kill mission on veteran to remember the button layout before attempting this though.
  • dl32249dl3224931,119
    31 Jan 2011 31 Jan 2011 31 Jan 2011
    44 4 0
    Just done this after about an hour of trying on one day and half an hour on the next day, dont know how many tries that is probably about 100 ish. Here is basically what I did:

    Start running straight away - ignore the guy in the bath room and hope he doesnt shoot you in the back.

    Go down the left side through the conference room and shoot the guy standing in the door way, then throw a flash to the back of the next room.

    Go in and kill everyone who is not stunned first, then everyone who is, had to duck behind the chairs and reload to get the last couple in the doorway.

    Go through the left side and duck by the chairs, throw a flash down the room - I found it was more luck how many you flashed - as soon as it goes off run and go prone behind the up turned table - you might have to shoot 1 guy who is opposite you here. I had about 33 seconds left when behind the table.

    As soon as my team mates came forward I got up and ran forwards, I found the earlier you did this the less chance there was of people coming down the stairs, which there wasnt for me so i could reload on the stairs.

    Go up the stairs to the right (the left side when you turn) at the top of the stairs and throw a flash behind the chairs, when it bangs, go up and shoot everything, and shoot through the wall to get the guy on the other side in the next room.

    Then I ran into the next room and took a few shoots through the next room and picked up the flash bands and reloaded.

    Throw a flash through the door. This stuns everyone on the right so shoot the guy on the left behind the chairs first, then everyone else.

    Then I ran down the corridor shooting at everyone from the hip. If you lucky you can shoot them enough to just wound them and run past, including the guys round the corner.

    Sprint to the end and get a headshot on the last guy. Not sure how much time I had left, forgot to look.

    Im not saying this will work for everyone but it worked for me, as far as I can work out its more luck than judgement, espically with the flashbangs. I never thought I'd do it but I just stuck with it and got there in the end.

    Good luck!
    10 Jan 2012 11 Jan 2012 11 Jan 2012
    41 3 14
    Ok guys, this is THE HARDEST achievement i have ever got. It took me around 9hrs to get and you will want to break something before getting it. P.S. I suck at all CoD games, so if i can do it, anybody can.

    I tried every method on here and checked load of videos on YouTube. I have pieced this method together from all that i have seen.

    General notes:
    *All you need is the MP5 and flash bangs. No weapon change what so ever!!
    *Keep Pushing forward!! Your team will only move forward if you do and will not go more than a few meters in front of you.
    *Walls and chairs are thin. SHOOT THROUGH THEM!!
    *IGNORE the guy that comes out of the toilet. He might kill you sometimes but he is a waste of time!!
    *Do not aim down the barrel. It slows you down!

    My Method:

    Sprint passed the guy in the toilet and into the office.

    Crouch behind the chair facing the way your going and wait for your team mate to enter the room. The timer should be at around 51seconds. Stand up behind him, instantly lobbing a flash bang over his head in the far doorway and keep moving past your team mate.

    Hip fire small bursts at the enemy taking the right side of the chairs. Head into the doorway and go left.

    Keep moving. As you enter the next room, instanly throw a flash bang at the foot of the chairs in the centre of the room and hide behind the wall with the phone on the right side of the room for the flash to go off. Sprint to the "barrier thing" on the left, going prone and wait for your team to catch up. Reload. The timer should read 33seconds. Stand up and go past the chairs using the right side, up the stairs taking the right turn and instantly lobbing a flash into the room.

    Your team should be keeping pace and going left. Don't use more than 1/2 a magazine clip in room 1 beacause you need the other 1/2 in room 2. Enter room 2 and try to get the guys behind the wall to your right as you enter. Your team should take out the guy in the next doorway. Grab the flash bangs on the shelf to the left of the doorway while reloading. I had about 18seconds on the clock. Prime a flash bang, then side step right to throw it in room 3. Run forward.

    Here is your choice... either shoot though the 3 guys that round the corner or have flash bang out to stun them. Or both.

    Round the 2nd corner and sprint to the door. As everything slows down you want to jump twice toward the left of the door to get a better shot. 1 shot to the face and he's down. Run to the jump zone and empty the clip into the roof in celebration. As the door pops open, JUMP. Wait a few seconds and the chievo will pop

    I found this video to be the most helpfull one out there and based my staragy on it. Video credit goes to YouTube user 712f.

    Good luck
  • The SharkopathThe Sharkopath476,782
    23 Jul 2009 06 Jan 2010
  • 58 21 9
    You just have to try and try again until you have it completely memorized, and then it still takes some luck and a whole lot of skill.

    Watch the youtube video and memorize it, following it exactly.

    I spent about 2-3 hours just playing it over and over (the level is only 1 minute long.... so I attempted it 200-300 times before I unlocked it)
  • Salty Old DogSalty Old Dog330,053
    14 Mar 2011 15 Mar 2011
    41 5 0

    I've read nearly all the tips and watched all the vids, so I'll be brief on what worked for me today.

    1.) Immediately switch to pistol, knife b-room guy, pistol left conf room guy, flash bang, switch to smg. Clear that room and be double reloaded by the seats by :40 in the blow-out room.

    Pretty straightforward up the stairs and flashbanging ahead...

    2.) When you get to the flashbang resupply, be reloaded and get a good flashbang on the final grouping. Kill only what you need to advance, NO RELOADING, just switch to pistol and shoot or stab your way through. If needed, you can absolutely walk by the final couple guys if their attack is out of cadence with you sprinting by them. Time had always been my bottleneck.

    3.) Wait as long as you can to take the final headshot. Stay to the left on your reticle when they're heads are together and the shot will line itself up.

    Patience and persistence is what counts. Earning this badge of honor is second to none in XBL, and I'm happy to officially be part of the Mile High Club!
  • LiL Ducey JrLiL Ducey Jr9,908
    30 Jan 2011 06 May 2011
    38 3 0
    This achievement is one of the hardest achievements to get on XBOX 360, but it is pretty easy to get if you know what your doing. It was the first mission that i done on veteran and after watching this tutorial, i completed the mission 1st time :) .

    I know this video is pretty long, but it is an excellent walkthrough.
    Credit goes to, NextGenTactics & JMSCrusader for the video :)
    Hope it helps you :)
  • DANgerous MavuDANgerous Mavu567,476
    11 May 2009 14 May 2009 14 May 2009
    43 8 0
    I found the last room before the hostage to be the hardest - you ned to flash bang and hope the guy behind the seats doesnt kill you. (I never had time to kill men in the last bit).

    I always ran past the first guy (he'l sometimes kill you) shoot the guy in the room on the left flash bang forward, take out the men you can see and duck, change to p90 gun when amo runs out, kill remaining men + the ones round the corner,

    Take the left exit, hide beind chairs, flash bang forwards, run behind ledge after 1st set of chairs, lie down, reload and allow men to kill remaining men.

    Run upstairs to right, flash bang forwards kill men in room and next room, grab extra flash bangs, throw flash bang, run down hall past men, shoot men coming round corner or leg it to get to hostage.

    Its not easy - probably took me 3 hours of trying - some take longer, some less. Its all about persistence and practice. I got to the end twice - first time killed hostage but 2nd time lucky :)
  • unb3l13va8lym3unb3l13va8lym3This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    06 May 2009
    51 20 0
    this is not my video,this is the video i had used to help get the achievement myself,its not straight out running for your life,or waiting to shoot every1,its a mixture with both.
    even with this video,it should take you arond an hour to go(because u have to master the video)

    dont forget to pick up the extra flashbangs towards then end,it helps out as well.
  • summan3nsumman3nThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    14 Mar 2011 14 Mar 2011
    37 9 3
    I've done this twice now, first with my old account TheSpete1985 almost 2 years ago, and now with my new account.

    Both of the times I tried many different video guides, but found this one to work best. After watching this video, it only took me few tries to unlock the achievement. Hope this helps someone...
  • Logical ImpulseLogical Impulse210,091
    29 Oct 2011 29 Oct 2011 24 Jun 2012
    31 4 0
    So i decided to try this one again tonight after no playing the game since 2008. After three try's bingo.

    What worked was.

    1. Switch to pistol run past first guy while going into room use sights on pistol take out first guy. Immediately use flash aim high middle, Switch to smg enter room.

    2. Kill guy on right then turn left and go between seats taking out the guys aim right when by doorway kill the guy who's aways there. RELOAD

    3. Enter open room on left side behind chairs while doing so throw a flash, Now run up and crouch behind knocked over table. The wall will epode get up go right kill anyone who's still alive. RELOAD.

    4. Go upstairs to right throw flash towards doorway. Move forward killing guys on your side go though door kill anyone left. RELOAD then throw a flash against right wall with windows in hall.

    5. Go down hallway using smg killing anyone who runs down. To left *now theres ALWAYS two or three guys there kill them.

    6. Head shot scene. Right before it gets to slow motion run and jump so your a little bit closer. BOOM HEADSHOT.

    7. Go celebrate.

    You should only have to reload 3/4 times but you can do it more if you have to.

    This achievement is not as horrible as it used to sound, I found its pretty easy after watching a few youtube videos,and then playing it on normal with the strategy and then switching it to veteran and got it my third try.
  • oASTR0 Z0MBIEooASTR0 Z0MBIEo226,404
    21 Oct 2009 23 Oct 2009
    40 13 0
    The key to getting this is without a doubt the flashbangs and cover always use the flashbangs once you enter a area full of enemies and dive behind the chairs so your teammates will follow and make the mission a little easier. Also get rid of the MP5 and pick up the P90 as the MP5 has limited ammo capacity. It can be done but expect some teeth grinding and a few restarts.
  • kloakaTVkloakaTV470,381
    06 Dec 2009 07 Dec 2009
    41 15 0
    Like a laundryman said a reall pain in the ass :)
    I tried this one for more then 10 hours straigh last saturday and didn't make it.

    The trick is to reload only a few times on some spots and ofcourse use flashbangs in ever next room.

    I think you also need to be a little lucky what the AI are doing and most off the time that's nothing that is the part that will piss you off the most.

    But yeah persistence is the key find a method that works best and if you make it to the end make sure to take you're time to get the head shot cause this part went wrong also a few times and that really makes you mad.

    Good luck you'll need it.

    Oh i tried to video it but i got 2 hours of failure and then my camera was empty when i got the achievement :)
  • 41 16 0
    Ok, this is very very hard do to. It must of taking me about 50 goes before i did this. The trick is flashbags, run up flashbag them take some out and let your crew take out the rest. keep moving forward only pause for a split second if you the last bit i find it is easy to flash bag the place and run though all of the men but two guys will come round the corner at the last bit i suggest pre-firing it and then you should do it. Its just about knowing the level and how well you use your flashbags. Hope this helps
  • Van Damme IEVan Damme IE463,022
    22 Jul 2011 22 Jul 2011 22 Jul 2011
    30 12 0
    I just got the achievement, sat down for 2 hours and hit it, I will tell you what worked for me, firstly ignore Mr Toilet Man, then keep as close to the toilet door whilst running, gun down the two guys with headshots (dont use much ammo if possible) Then flashbang into corridor of entry to next room, important to start shooting immediately at the heads of the men entering, then crouch and reload and mop up the rest of the guys as you advance into the next room, keep to the right of the chair in the next room, let the explosion happen, flash into the middle of the room, sparingly with ammo shoot whilst crouched. Then up the stairs go to the left, flash bang off the middle wall, go to the right immediately, shoot bursts down the middle of the isle hitting all who you encounter, reload, then flash then move forward, shooting those that are advancing, reload, then mow the rest down, keep 30 bullets for the next 3 guys, sprint to the door, shoot the terrorist and you have the achievement, if you want a video, pm me.
    I am no BS'r look to my profile. Hard Core Baby! I'm so happy!
  • RedeemedRUBYRedeemedRUBY31,785
    19 Jan 2020 02 Jan 2020
    0 2 0
    I myself haven't gotten this achievement, but the best strategy for me, which gets as close as possible, is: Knife the first guy, head to the door, kill that guy, throw a flash towards the back wall, crouch and spray, then go to the set of chairs ti the left. Reload. throw a flash, (hull breach kills a few guys, then same as before, crouch and spray. When your done, reload, then puke a flash to the left door. then go through through door and spray Reload, and restock. There are extra flashes in the Bar segment. you'll know when you get there. then, chuck a flash to the next room. spray. there'll be some shotgun guys ahead, so if you're low on time, switch to your pistol and send 'em to hell. then, head to the door. You got 3 minutes to do this, so you honesty have much more time then needed. You don't need to land a head shot, just shoot him in the leg, and heel let go. then, he'll be hunched over, so shoot him then. Skydive to safety, and get that sweet, succulent, 110 GS
  • TrapTombstoneTrapTombstone61,031
    28 Aug 2019 15 Oct 2019
    1 3 0
    PS4Trophies on YouTube has a method that got me this achievement in 3 tries, so definitely check that one out. If that doesn't work for you, I'm sure some of the more famous CoD speed runners like klooger28 (YouTube) probably also have methods that will work after some trial and error.

    Bottom line: you will not kill every Russian on the plane. Don't even try. This is a flash, sprint, spray, pray, die, try again type achievement.

    Happy hunting.
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