The Ultimatum achievement in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The Ultimatum

Complete 'Ultimatum', 'All In', and 'No Fighting in the War Room' on Veteran difficulty

The Ultimatum0
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How to unlock the The Ultimatum achievement

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    These videos are brought to you by Next Gen Walkthrough:

    Ultimatum (2 videos)

    In this level you have to first save Griggs from the enemy and then progress through the base to gain access to the missile silo.

    This level incorporates a little bit of stealth when trying to rescue Griggs. Find a route through the enemies so that you only have to use your knife.

    The video also has some good advice on how to defeat the 2 trucks at the end of the level. Throw all of your C4 at the trucks and get some to stick on the engines then get to a safe distance and blow them sky high. You can take out all the enemy in one detonation.

    All In (2 videos)

    In this level you have to storm the missile silo to gain access to the base underneath.

    You can defeat the first tank by following the fence left outside and around the base. There is a pickup truck next to a gate. Plant C4 on the gate and blow a hole in it. Pop a smoke grenade and wait for the tank to stop near the hole toss or plant some C4 to destroy the tank.

    The next area has two tanks but there is an easy way to acquire a Javelin Missile launcher. Check out the video for it's location or you can repeat the smoke and C4 method.

    No Fighting in the War Room (4 videos)

    In this level you have to make your way through the underground base to get to the missile control room and input the abort codes.

    Keep moving and killing. You start out with 9 minutes and if you can get to the next check point fast enough you will be able to grab the checkpoint. If you move slower than one minute per checkpoint the game will not save your progress. This is to ensure that you have enough time left to finish the objective/level.

    Stick with the M4A1 and the G36C for extra ammo and remember to use your grenade launcher if you have one equipped.**

    ** Special Thanks in Comments!

    *** PM me before voting negatively. I'm always willing to improve my solutions. ***

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    WaggiesaurusRexA tip for you all trying this…if you don’t trigger any of the first three checkpoints (the one going round the corner at the kitchen, the one at the staircase, or the one before heading down those narrow shitty tunnels) just die. It’s impossible to compose yourself with how unpredictable the AI are. I got shafted in 100 different ways when doing this. Luckily, the first three checkpoints triggered for me (I was pretty speedy after dying on the first two sections about 30ish times). Good luck! If I can do it, anybody can :)
    Posted by WaggiesaurusRex on 05 Sep 21 at 07:55
    Furr E NutsNo Fighting in the War Room is got to be the worst mission of them all. I thought One Shot was bad, it makes One shot look Easy on Veteran. Had bad thoughts about One Shot until I found a good way to finish that on Veteran. But No Fighting in the War Room is the worst and is horrendous. Got to strategize I guess and use some grenades to help stun where you know where enemies are at. I'm stuck at the stair well and trying to get past the rocket bunker area is horrible. It's so easy to die on this mission. Hate it.
    Posted by Furr E Nuts on 02 Nov 21 at 18:03
    ORANGE SATINLiterally impossible to complete.
    Posted by ORANGE SATIN today at 04:28
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    As a very recent winner of this achievement, one thing that would've been very useful to me and doesn't seem to be on any of the guides or videos, are the times needed to trigger the checkpoints in no fighting in the war room. Particularly the first three where the combat is most challenging.

    The times for each are given below along with the time I took to show the amount of leeway you have to get there. Also I had the SAW from the previous level which I found really helpful along with the grenade launcher attachment on other weapon

    Checkpoint 1 (top of the stairs) 7:30. (My time 8.10) Though this one is tough it's not as tough as later ones. Use this checkpoint to get a good starting time 8.30 would definitely be possible.

    Checkpoint 2 (before the dreaded 3-way corridor of death) 6:30 (my time 7.12) There's no two ways about it, this is an absolute bitch. Giving yourself enough time from the previous checkpoints will help so you can take this section slower. You need to activate the next checkpoint by 4:30 so take your time in this part and use flash/ nades and launcher alot. Use each death as a learning experience as enemy placements are fairly consistent

    Checkpoint 3 (entering the blast doors as it shuts behind you) 4:30. (my time 4:35) Once you've got here and hit the checkpoint you've basically completed the level

    Checkpoint 4 (blast door about the open) 4:00. Final couple of rooms to clear but compared to what you've just been through, the rest is a breeze! There are a few more flash in the room before you enter to help.

    Checkpoint 5 (ready place place c4) 2:50. The last group of enemies are easy pickings with the support you (finally) have

    Checkpoint 6 (enter the codes) 1:00. Well done! Time to get outta there and go mile high
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    Elliot PiersonGlad someone added this because it is very important!
    Posted by Elliot Pierson on 27 Oct 17 at 08:03
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