The Shot achievement in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The Shot

Complete 'All Ghillied Up' and 'One Shot, One Kill' on Veteran difficulty

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How to unlock the The Shot achievement

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    Note: This video is actually done on veteran. Also, this video takes place from one of the last check points in the mission, (where you, and Captain MacMillan try to survive a several minute battle at the ferris wheel.)

    The strategy in this video made it stupid simple. Follow it closely, for a cakewalk to this achievement.

    Edit: Just to clarify, I I7akk0N did not make the video. So if you get a chance please be sure to 5 star the guys video on You-tube, if it helped. Just wanted to help share the love for this guys great strat.

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    ThndrGot it first shot with this strategy.
    Posted by Thndr on 23 May 20 at 22:33
    Furr E NutsGotta say, 11 years later, THIS video guide WORKS for the 360 version of this game. THANK YOU. Had been struggling with different ways to camp out and hold off enemies while waiting for the helo to land. Kept dying. The back tree area seen here is the best. I thought I had a bad location and CP when I did this last year. I hadn't played it since but wanted to get past this mission. Finally, I figured let see if this video would work. I was on the other side out in the radiation field next to the pool building. I was able to run to the back tree area as the last enemy helos started to arrive. Got to the back tree area as seen in the video. All I used was the AK47 rather than the sniper. Im not great with sniper guns. Started using double taps as enemies came around the corner of the bumper car building. I got hit by a couple of enemies that appeared to be shooting from the far side of the bumper car area. Just had to duck and take them out quickly. I only had a few enemies that got kind close to me. I noticed that some enemies would randomly wander around the corner of the bumper car building and not shoot at me. Like they didn't know where to go. Just got to keep these in view and take them out when you can. Finally, as the friendly helo started to arrive, i had to take a a couple of enemies on the Ferris wheel area, then moved forward to the side of the bumper car building as seen in the video. As I hear the fighting start to intensify with the friendies starting there work I moved up behind the Ferris wheel. I got hit once but was ok. I bolted to the captain grabbed him, got it a couple of times as I started moving towards the helo. I used the middle ticket booth and moved behind it for some cover to the right side and then towards the helo. I started getting hit more as I moved up the helo ramp. Was ok though. As I put the captain down, I started lobbing grenades out the back to blow up enemies. Helo took off. DONE!!! This was actually easier than I thought. Finally, I can continue to complete the campaign.
    Posted by Furr E Nuts on 08 Oct 21 at 23:38
    Chrisxx199Guys I know it's frustrating but you can do it. I just did it. Right now. I line the claymore almost as he did but close to stairs on the line going to the hiding spot. And the c4 as well near the heli drop off. The first DOG is annoying, but you can quickly snipe it. Takes a few tries but you can do it.
    Posted by Chrisxx199 on 11 Jul at 02:16
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  • DaveOwlDaveOwl165,120
    27 Nov 2009 27 Nov 2009 27 Nov 2009
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    I struggled to do this in any of the ways suggested - instead I lay prone in the 'ticket booth' nearest to the dodgems and ferris wheel and positioned myself in the middle of the booth so I couldn't be seen by any enemies and while there you cover enough of the room to be able to be within range of any grenades which come in meaning you can throw them back out immediately.

    Once the chopper arrives and you have 30 seconds left I threw a flashbang against the wheel so that it bounced off and flashed as many enemies as possible then ran up to the hill for McMillan - once you have him you have a lot of health it seems as I walked past a terrorist shooting at me constantly and I wasn't killed. All possible in the last 30 seconds.

    Note - I didn't kill ANYONE with my gun while using this method. I just placed the claymores around the surrounding area before the enemies rushed through.
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    DaveOwlGlad this solution is still helping people even now. smile
    Posted by DaveOwl on 25 Mar 15 at 17:49
    LUNGS 66Works well,I run into the little pay shed after the helicopters showed up (where my checkpoint was from)I crouched towards the door,about 3 grenades come in to the box,and I just threw them back.Also the rest just exploded outside.Took me one try to do this.Also I dont think you can die after you pick up the injured one,how red my screen went...good info/help
    Posted by LUNGS 66 on 13 Sep 16 at 16:43
    CptShort97Sorry this doesn't work at all for me. Either one of two things happen. I die to a grenade that doesn't even have a grenade indicator so I've no idea where it is. Or so many grenades land in the booth at once that I literally can't throw them away fast enough. I am at least 2 dozen attempts in and I've yet to even come close, I usually die when the chopper is still 4,000m away.

    I assume I'm doing something wrong because all the other comments are positive but I can't imagine why this isn't working. I've tried prone, crouching, staying in the middle, staying near the door, staying under the little desk thing. I've tried sniping enemies as they rappel, i've tried leaving the enemies alone. Nothing is helping it's the same result every time :(
    Posted by CptShort97 on 30 Jun 21 at 18:21
  • ITS 0vER 9000ITS 0vER 9000163,819
    14 Sep 2008 15 Sep 2008 15 Sep 2008
    43 6 1
    All ghillied up should be a piece of cake if you follow his instructions only bit that is tricky is the convoy that walks up to you.
    This is one of the hardest levels (one shot one kill) on veteran heres a vid on how to do it:
    also in the mission all ghillied up near the last sections try to switch one of your weaps with an automatic makes the escape a lot easier.
    credit to the guy.

    part 2:
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    iksolokosThis isn't even on Veteran...
    Posted by iksolokos on 28 Jul 11 at 01:57
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