The First Horseman achievement in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The First Horseman

Complete 'Shock and Awe' on Veteran difficulty

The First Horseman0
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How to unlock the The First Horseman achievement

  • Cheese TouchCheese Touch569,448
    19 Jun 2009 19 Jun 2009
    59 5 7
    A few tips on the hard parts:

    - At the beginning when you shoot the grenade launcher out of the helicopter you'll want to take out the AA nests on the rooftops first. You'll also want to spray a few rounds at the rooftops as you fly by them to preemptively take out RPG soldiers. You can spread your shots out a bit as the grenades have a pretty good blast radius. It's easy to die here but keep trying and see if you can identify what killed you so you can take it out on the next flyby.

    - For the approach to the friendlies, keep to the left and stay in cover. Peek out and shoot the bad guys as you move forward. Be ready to toss grenades back. Your buddies will do a good job of killing off the bad guys as you press forward.

    - In the building with the friendlies, stay to the left and make use of your flashbangs. This part is pretty easy.

    - The battle after you meet up with the friendlies is probably the hardest part of the level. Start out by switching to your grenade launcher, move forward and shoot the helicopter to your right (aim slightly high to hit it, the one on the left gets shot by a passing cobra so don't worry about it). Then run forward to the right and drop down. Back up and scope in at the top of the building straight in front of you and shoot the three soldiers who appear on the rooftop. Now run to your left past the gap in the fence and peek out and snipe the guys who appear in the windows of the building to the right (where you shot the guys on the roof). There should be about a half dozen so wait until you don't see any more. Be ready to throw grenades back as you'll usually have a couple tossed your way at this point. Peek out a little more and shoot some people straight ahead of the gap in the fence then sprint over to the other side (where you were when you dropped down). Snipe at the guys who appear on the platform in the far left corner until they stop reappearing. Now run out behind the cargo container so you are shielded from the building and make sure you have a full clip. Move out to the left and advance forward, watching out for people behind the container and in the building doorway. Move up to the front of the building and stay to the right of the door. Your men should move up with you. Let them take out the bad guys nearby for a bit. Move into the building but watch for a guy right around the corner (a flashbang helps here) and bad guys still alive in the courtyard to your left. As you exit the building to the right, watch out for guys in the alley to the left then head through the gap in the stone wall towards your objective. There should be a few guys to the right as you approach the helicopter.

    - The next helicopter part is pretty easy. Just take out the bad guys as you fly.

    - When you retrieve the crashed pilot, move quickly keeping to the left and shooting anyone you encounter. Grab the pilot and run directly back to the helicopter. I had no problems with this section and it seemed like nobody shot me as I ran back with the pilot but that might not be the case for you.

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    Unreal GothiczSo I've been doing the first part surely 30 times now.
    And I can't even get past the first AA nest.
    Sometimes I die before I even have anything to shoot at.
    This game is pissing me off so much.
    Posted by Unreal Gothicz on 29 Aug 14 at 19:26
    Cheese TouchYeah, veteran is rough and the first part is definitely a crapshoot as to whether you get hit or not.
    Posted by Cheese Touch on 29 Aug 14 at 19:35
    GoW ButtersThe first part is shit, it worked better when I didn't even bother shooting the enemies on the ground.
    Posted by GoW Butters on 31 May 16 at 12:31
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  • philcsfphilcsf116,011
    05 Jun 2011 05 Jun 2011 05 Jun 2011
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    For those of you who are struggling in the courtyard after you meet up with the friendly squad, here's a handy hint to skip the entire section!

    From the checkpoint (should be as you come up the stairs to the friendly holdout), immediately run and jump straight out of the main hole in the wall. When you land, toss a flashbang into the enemy spawn straight ahead of you, and start moving around the left of the barrier - You may just catch the edge of the flash, but you'll stun 7 or 8 guys in the process.

    Here's the plan... LEG IT. Run straight through the dudes as fast as you can and head to the left, taking out one or two late spawners. Head around and behind the shack to your left, and hide in the dead end. Give it a few seconds and you'll see 'Checkpoint Reached'... Nearly all of the enemies will disappear, your squad will move up towards the LZ, and you can get on with the level!

    It may take a few attempts to pull off, but it's less frustrating than doing the same bit over and over again with no luck at all.
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    toddycstGreat tip! Worked the first try.
    Posted by toddycst on 22 Nov 13 at 07:08
    Assassin CorvoI failed several attempts at trying this,didn't believe it could work.Gave a thumbs down.Tried once more & did it-I wasn't turning left immediately after the fence/barrier & avoiding half the enemies,I was trying to run through them like an idiot.thumbs up,thanks.
    Posted by Assassin Corvo on 12 Mar 14 at 01:39
    TearyVenus8606I did exactly the same thing as the person above me- was on the verge of giving up until I realised that I was supposed to be going left instantly, instead of trying to run through them. Thanks :)
    Posted by TearyVenus8606 on 10 Oct 15 at 12:07
  • blueriversbeastblueriversbeast367,866
    18 Feb 2011 18 Feb 2011
    28 1 0
    I just wanted to add something I noticed for the very last part when you save the pilot. After picking up the pilot it seemed that I couldn't die and I was invincible. I was shot multiple times to the point that I was walking forward toward the plane and the screen was fully red. Once I put the pilot down in the plane there were multiple enemies inside the plane as well as when we took off.
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