The Escape achievement in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The Escape

Complete 'Hunted' and 'Death From Above' on Veteran difficulty

The Escape0
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How to unlock the The Escape achievement

  • treaclespongetreaclesponge126,066
    24 Feb 2009 24 Feb 2009
    41 6 3
    Not really a solution more of a hint/tip but save your flashbangs for entering the barn when the heli is above you. You dont really need them all for the greenhouses but they are invaluable for entering the barn, 2 is plenty if you find you do need them earlier on in the level.

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    NegativeCreep08I can't even get into the final barn without being shot by that helicopter. It's beyond me how this is such a low ratio because it's an utter joke on that difficulty
    Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 09 Aug 14 at 19:05
    TearyVenus8606Completing that part of 'Hunted' was RIDICULOUSLY infuriating. Took forever, but I found the use of a flash bang essential for getting into the barn. Throw, shoot the guy who's now stunned in front of you at the foot stairs, shoot the guy at the top of the stairs (slightly to the right) and run under the first floor of the barn before that goddamned heli sneaks up behind you. The worst thing is dying after you've FINALLY managed to reach the barn enterance!!
    Posted by TearyVenus8606 on 18 Oct 15 at 23:53
    Furr E NutsFirst hay bale area:
    Ok, I managed to do this on Veteran, it seems that to get as close as you can to the very last hay bale thats nearest the building, You have to move slow and at crouch level, Waiting for Gaz and Stuart to come up behind you. Before you head towards the two 2nd hay bales to the last hay bale, move towards the right away from these and the last hay bale thats nearest the building. As you move slowly still, and to the right, the enemies won't be alerted. Then slowly move towards the last single hay bale thats next to a wood stump. As I neared this hay bale I started to lob a few stun grenades. Then ran behind the single hay bale. Now, be careful as you can get stuck here between the hay bale and the wood stump. I crouched long enough to get thru the hay bale and wooden stump, then bolted as fast as I could towards the middle area of the building on the left and the broken greenhouse on the left. I managed to get to this area before heard to look out for the helo. I bolted into the right side area of the green house and went prone. A check point will appear here. Thank god. I didn't fire off one round while getting thru the hay bale field. Got say this is another bad mission game play experience on Veteran. Took me about 1.5 hours to get thru this one area to the green house. I died several times during this mission before I figure this out.

    Last area before entering the barn:
    The last area before you have to go into the barn area, after killing off all the ground enemies, take it slow. Get under the covered area thats in front of the barn. Wait for the helo to move towards the left side if your looking at the front of the barn. Use the roof and sand bags on the left side for some cover. As the gunner in the helo comes into view, unload a good amount of rounds into the gunners door area near the front of the helo. The gunner should fall out of the helo. When this happens, run over the sand bag wall in front towards the barn and run to the barn. I lobbed some grenades inside as I got to the front of the barn entrance. Then ran under the top floor area to the right. Kill off the last few remaining enemies in there or your team will. Your safe now. Grab a rocket. Shoot one shot out the front door to the middle to left area where the helo is moving. Then wait for Price to tell you to grab another rocket. Wait for the helo to come around in back of the barn heading towards the right and moving left. The gunner didn't shoot at me while I was targeting the helo. Shot at the first chance as the helo comes around from the right side of the barn. Duck back in side. The helo will go down and crash. Wow. 2 hours on 1 mission. So glad I don't have to do this one again.
    Posted by Furr E Nuts on 12 Oct 20 at 01:17
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  • Ganesh78Ganesh78155,737
    09 Feb 2015 09 Feb 2015
    16 0 0
    There is a tractor in the barn. Get behind it for cover. It took several attempts, but I found that was the way through it. Before that make sure you have cover. I hid behind the tree until the heli went behind the barn, then went into the house ( room with the couch) cleared everyone out in front, then made a mad dash for the barn when the heli went behind the barn again.
  • SpecsgradSpecsgrad80,455
    08 Aug 2016 22 Feb 2017 22 Feb 2017
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    Hi. Now this is for the 360 version if it makes any difference, and yes the helicopter sucks. To remedy that get to some good cover and shoot the gunner in the helicopter. You have like a good moment to fight the guys outside and inside the barn before another gunner starts blasting again.
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