Practically Canadian achievement in Turok (Xbox 360)

Practically Canadian

How aboot defending your flag, eh? And that's in ranked matches, sorry.

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How to unlock the Practically Canadian achievement

  • JinutsuJinutsu150,619
    29 Mar 2009 03 Apr 2009
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    This achievement will unlock when you are going for the return 5 flags achievement.

    They are essentially the same achievement and are very easy to do with a boosting buddy.

    Be sure you are in a Ranked, Small/Large Team match.

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    Tm5kI think this achievement may have something to do with getting a headshot on the flag carrier. I got this today in a large team game while going for the "Thorn in Side" and "Hometown Hero" achievements. He was hitting me with the SMG on one return and the achievement popped immediately when I killed him with the sniper rifle. I think this was the 3rd or 4th flag carrier kill I got in the match. In the "Stats" menu the achievement description changes to, "That's about the best flag defence you can do, eh? Shot the toques right off their heads, you did." A toque is a hat, hence my thinking it may be for killing the flag carrier with a headshot.
    Posted by Tm5k on 19 Jul 10 at 21:14
    You are not my boosting buddy, friend
    Posted on 17 Jul 21 at 16:05
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    This achievement is pretty unclear. Based on comments I've received, I would suggest you take some shots from an enemy in a CTF ranked game (let him shoot you a few times) as you're defending the flag, let him grab the flag and get some distance from you as he returns to base, and then get a headshot on him.

    It's unlocked for sniper rifles and bows, and even from other weapons. If none of this works, my *original* solution below will explain what I originally did to get the achievement.

    Shadow Enz said:
    This achievement unlocks when you immediately kill a flag carrier AND return the flag as soon as the flag is initially picked up. (Must be a ranked game)

    If you do both of these things fast enough, the achievement unlocks. It must be done very quickly for this achievment to unlock.

    This goes for any "Canadian" CTF achievement (ie - Timeshift).
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    Failure OnlineI picked up the flag, I shot him a little bit, I ran like 10 feet away, my friend headshot me with the bow and he got it. We based this off the description above.
    Posted by Failure Online on 28 Aug 12 at 04:11
    Failure OnlineSo then I tried it with him taking it, running some, not shooting me, and no headshot. Did not get it. Same thing but with a headshot, did not get it. And then tried it again with him shooting me first and a headshot, didn't work, so we increased the distance he ran after he shot me and I got another headshot, finally I got it. Perhaps distance is the only key.
    Posted by Failure Online on 28 Aug 12 at 04:15
    Interesting achievement to say the least. The method I described is what I used to get it, as best as I can recall, but I will rewrite the solution to neatly include all applicable information. Thanks for the comment smile, it definitely helps shed light on some of these achievements that don't have a clear description.
    Posted on 28 Aug 12 at 04:18
  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity522,471
    17 Apr 2014 01 May 2014 01 May 2014
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    Done in CTF Ranked. I would suggest Small Team Game.

    Player 1 is the guy getting the achievement.
    Player 2 is the guy dying.

    Player 1 sits in front of his flag with a shot gun. Player 2 walks in front of him and picks up the flag. Player 1 instantly shot guns him and walks over his dead body, returning the flag.

    Do this 4 times. The 4th time you return the flag, you will get the achievement.
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