GAME OVER! achievement in Command and Conquer 3


Scrin Campaign Finished with Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon

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How to unlock the GAME OVER! achievement

  • Ninjah MonkeyNinjah Monkey192,788
    18 Aug 2008 24 Aug 2008
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    I would write up a guide for this but it would be extremely long & painful, also seeing as i got help from a couple sites i'm just going to post the links. They provide excellent strategies on completing all 3 campaigns.

    Link 1:

    This is a general walkthrough for completing the game on hard, it provides some excellent strategies for certain missions the other site doesn't.

    Link 2:

    This is a walkthrough for the bonus objectives it provides other strategies the other site doesn't.

    If you are still having problems with missions, post in the Command & Conquer 3 forum (Achievement Discussion) as i have developed some of my own strategies for finishing missions after reading through both the information Link 1 & Link 2 provide.

    Also it is of utmost importance that YOU SAVE REGULARLY! I can't stress that enough, especially on hard get into the habit of saving during missions especially just before a big battle, as i've had things go horribly wrong with the AI hiding several defense turrets & forces that have wiped out my entire force leaving me wide open to an assault. I know saving takes sometime in this game but trust me its worth it.

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    xI Abs0Lute IxThese are the funnest hard achievements I know of. Thanks for the gamefaq link. The other one didn't work for me so you may need to update.
    Posted by xI Abs0Lute Ix on 29 May 10 at 21:05
    Stealth Davidnice guide
    Posted by Stealth David on 27 Jul 10 at 13:57
    BWchief1172nd link no longer works...
    Posted by BWchief117 on 31 May 12 at 01:42
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  • JSleek XDJSleek XD285,787
    07 Jun 2015 07 Jun 2015 12 Jun 2015
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    Here are the videos that helped me for Scrin missions.

    Mission 1-London.

    Mission 2-Munich.

    Mission 3-Croatia

    Mission 4-Threshold 19

    Note for Mission 3- The tactic used in Mission 3 in the video is very difficult to pull off, but is doable. It just needs to be done a little differently than in the video, since engineers on 360 take longer to capture a building than on pc.

    For starters, teleport your two acid bugs to the far back right GDI power core, and then attack it through the fence. Your aim here is to disable power to the GDI base so you can capture the Construction Yard and War Factory without being instantly shot by the sentry turrets.

    Another difference from the video is that you will need a lot of anti vehicle turrets and anti-vehicle infantry, because Nod will come at you hard as hell after you neutralize the GDI war factory.

    Now you need to teleport into the Nod base as shown in the video, and take the construction yard, followed by a couple of power plants to take out their defenses. After they are powered down, either take some more power plants or take out their war factories. Once you've done this you can clear up the GDI base for the bonus objective.

    Then when everything is secured, teleport some acid bugs to destroy their back 3 obelisks of light, and then teleport some engineers in to capture the 2 buildings.

    The other 3 missions are pretty straightforward, only Mission 3 requires an unorthodox tactic.
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