Rainbow Six Legend achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

Rainbow Six Legend

Complete the single player Story Mode at Realistic difficulty

Rainbow Six Legend+0.1
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How to unlock the Rainbow Six Legend achievement

  • White ShadowsWhite Shadows139,269
    02 Mar 2009 03 Mar 2009 03 Mar 2009
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    Get ready for the hardest achievement in the game. Realistic seems worse than it is, especially if you aren't prepared.

    Command your team!

    Get comfortable with giving your team commands. Make sure there are always taking the shots, and not you. Send them in first to focus the enemies attention, then go in and pop some head shots.

    The right equipment for the job:

    As a main weapon I would recommend the Commando. Don't forget to put a reflex scope on it. Also, always have the shield. You get an opportunity for the shield at the start of Calypso Casino, right next to a police vehicle.

    Good luck on this one. Persistence is key, but take a break every now and then too avoid too much frustration. This game requires patience and if you're on the same checkpoint for an hour then you're never gonna do it--just walk away for a bit and come back.

    Also it should be noted that the game was patched, allowing you to continue from the main menu and still get the achievement. Scene selection works too.

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    segagamerI can confirm that the game was patched. I generally only did one or two stages a day, hit resume game and got the achievement at the end. Note that I did "Start New Campaign" on realistic difficulty and didn't touch level select at all.

    Apparently you can tell you're not on Realistic when the crosshair goes red over an enemy. It never happened to me so I can't confirm - and it's been a decade since I played the campaign on normal difficulty...
    Posted by segagamer on 17 Sep 20 at 09:05
    Goggs25Looks like this is still broken. Done it on realistic and still no bloody achievement.
    Posted by Goggs25 on 27 Apr 21 at 00:58
    iDuLRe-visiting this game after no Realistic difficulty achievement pop last year. (5/26/20)

    I chose "Start New Game" and chose Realistic difficulty. I'll return here with a true verdict after I beat this game again.
    Posted by iDuL on 28 May 21 at 08:27
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  • I am MindslaveI am Mindslave1,013,365 1,013,365 GamerScore
    30 Aug 2010 30 Aug 2010
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    First of all White Shadows has a lot of good tips. Now let me put up my guide:

    First of all, use the Riot Shield/Desert Eagle combo ASAP. Second; ALWAYS USE COVER AND YOUR TACMAP(hold back button) There are a lot of ambushes in the game especially in the Casinos. To try and get around this(still REALLY annoying) is to send your team toward an objective and bring them back to you which will hopefully trigger the ambush, and while doing this look at the tacmap to see if they spawned and also not to be flanked.

    On to the Level Tips:
    First let me say Im only going to list the Parts I had a lot of trouble with, I cant provide much help but I will try.

    Mexico: The only hard chapter for me was "Mines". What I did was put my brightness up to 9 so you can see the people a little easier, use a silenced pistol on the first 2 enemies. After that I picked up the shotgun killed the first guy I saw down the hall and then took cover on a crate and killed everyone I saw there then looked at the Tacmap and cleaned the last 1 or 2 guys up. Then as you continue there should be a guy hiding behind cover blindfiring and occasionally peeking out. you can either wait or just go around carefully and just shoot him in the back. And for the last 3 guys you stay to the very right wall and shoot that guy then back up, peek out a little bit(Be VERY CAREFUL HERE AS 1 SHOT WILL EASILY KILL YOU) and shoot the guy anywhere hopefully killing him and then peek out and get the last guy and move on. I know you may need to memorize the enemy positions and stuff, but thats ok I was stuck here for about a day and a half on and off. This is also the only time I recommend using a silenced pistol.

    Calypso Casino: "Prime Time" was ridiculous to me until I realized little things to make your life easier. first of all, after killing the enemies on the first and second floor just go into the little maintenance room that is near the main stairs and then go to the third floor and if you go out of the right door if you keep hugging the wall you will find a little area that will allow you to pretty much take out all floors of enemies. You will most likely need to send your team to the stairs leading to the fourth floor to trigger the ambush that spawns the enemies.

    Dante's Casino: "Data Hub". All im gonna say is wow. I didnt think I would EVER beat this level. I cant even really tell you what to do. All im gonna say is use the riot shield/desert eagle and just hope your team doesnt go down because it seemed like if they ever went down, the enemy would trick me into trying to pick up my teammate and then killing me. Watch out for this level or maybe its just me that hates this chapter.

    Nevada Dam: Personally I didnt think this level was tough at all until the very end which still only took me a few tries. You just need to be prepared to have your team in a spot safe enough to keep them alive but close enough to the enemy to let them kill for you.

    Overall I found this game EXTREMELY hard on realistic but even I managed to get through it... eventually and Im not that great at shooters. You need to be really really patient and also find a gun that works for you(my set up was the riot shield/deagle but not everyone likes that). One last thing is that if you ever feel really angry with the game or feel like you wont ever beat it, just go play another game. For me I just play a little guitar hero or help someone in a game and then try again and then chill until I finally beat the part. I hope there is someone out there that was helped by me. I just got the achievement 8/29/10 so its not like Im posting this like a year after I did it. I do have a vid of the achievement unlocking for me but it doesnt help anyone just to see it so I cant post it.
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    FoolsAndKingsI've also found that doing the Terrorist Hunts on Realistic first was a good start for doing this. Finding it much easier now I understand how to take my time
    Posted by FoolsAndKings on 21 Jun 13 at 14:48
    I am Mindslavehaha I hadn't completed any of the Realistic hunts until just about a month ago
    Posted by I am Mindslave on 21 Jun 13 at 15:51
    szogyenyi1993I remembered Data Hub was way tougher, but i managed to beat it on my third attempt. What i did is that grabbed my shield and the revolver, crouched into the corner on the left of the stage, and slowly tagged all the enemies for my teammate. He was super effective and i only died because i didn't notice the bad guys up on the balcony. Way-way easier than i tought!
    Posted by szogyenyi1993 on 12 Oct 19 at 07:45
  • SecondHALONICKSecondHALONICK626,404
    03 Jun 2007 07 Oct 2008
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    This Achievement isn't that hard once you have some tips.
    Go to the main menu of the game and create new game on realistic mode.


    1. Cover System
    Try to progress slowly, running through probably will get you killed. This game has a cover system for a reason.
    Try to stay in cover most of the entire game. When you are going to open a door instead of going in cover then tapping a to open it, stay out of cover then go touch the wall next to the door tap "A" then quickly pull and hold Left Trigger, This helps because the enemy can't shoot your hand/arm when you are opening the door.

    2. Weapons
    I would suggest you use the 552 Commando Assault rifle and then what ever else you choose. This Assault rifle helped me out in many different scenarios.

    3.Take your time
    Like In most games on the hardest difficulty you will need to take your time progress slow. If you are just trying to run through it will probably take you longer then just slowly progressing without dying.

    Hope this Guied helped out a little.
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