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Master of Ceremonies

Host a 16-player match

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How to unlock the Master of Ceremonies achievement

  • Uber JapseUber Japse43,548 43,548 GamerScore
    05 Aug 2010 28 Mar 2011 12 Nov 2012
    51 2 14
    1) If your going for this achievement go setup a boosting session a few months in advance.

    2) When the time comes be sure to have all the people on you list, and a few friends helping you.

    3) Alot of people are having trouble setting up the match.

    Game Mode : ATTACK & DEFEND
    MAX PLAYERS : 16
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!DEDICATED SERVER : YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very important one..

    The first thing you should do is set DEDICATED SERVER to Yes..

    4) Press lauch. Now dont freak out about you not being able to move or view anyone, this is normal. Now you just invite you friends and everyone youve collected from boosting sessions.

    Start the game when a few people join, none is going to wait until 16 people join. If you dont start it they will just leave and find another game.

    They achievement will pop after the countdown is finished. So when the countdown reaches ZERO it should be yours. Have fun!

    Hope this helps.

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    Muddy PengwynnLet me know if anyone wants to set up a session
    Posted by Muddy Pengwynn on 01 Dec 20 at 03:40
    Jerry QCI am looking for people for this success
    Posted by Jerry QC on 13 Jan 21 at 21:02
    nufc connorDm me to boost
    Posted by nufc connor on 31 Aug 21 at 11:22
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  • br1zzobr1zzo254,041
    14 May 2009 15 May 2009 19 Sep 2009
    39 13 15
    There are 2 ways to get this.

    1)Head over to a forum and hook up with a group of people.

    b)Boosting And Matchmaking Forum

    2) Grab a couple of friends, the more the better, and take turns hosting matches, one at a time. If you go this route, here are a few tips:
    a) Start at a time when you can get European and North American players in your match.
    b) The most popular game-type is Attack & Defend on Calypso Casino.
    c) Player matches draw more people than ranked matches.
    d) Players tend to not join empty games. Have your friends stick around as bait.
    e) Keep starting matches even if you don't have 16. You need to keep the random players in your game, and they'll leave if you keep them at the lobby screen for too long.
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    IIRaZoIIRxTVI serieusly need help on this achievement.
    The time here is GMT+01 Berlin
    you can check that on system>console settings>clock>time zone. (I'm from The Netherlands)
    This is the last one i need so send me a friend request:) once i have enough players i'll be hosting a match and i'll let everybody know by sending a message to all friends The time will probarly be around 12-1 o clock GMT+01 Berlin this to make it comfortable for european and american people. For american people it will then be between 6 and 7 o clock in the evening of course (goes for both sides) I'll keep everybody posted while collecting the friend requests. The hosted match will be exactly as the match from Uber Japse above this comment. Greetings:
    iir a z o iir x
    Posted by IIRaZoIIRxTV on 15 May 12 at 08:31
    whitedreams2Create a Session here on Trueachievements and u will get the people that u need :)
    Posted by whitedreams2 on 24 Jul 12 at 05:29
    SPREACKERGT - SPREACKER if you need an extra player and will guarantee that everyone will get a chance to host.
    Posted by SPREACKER on 16 Sep 13 at 17:11
  • PalesiusPalesius1,845,702
    20 Jun 2014 03 Jul 2014
    13 1 0
    I recently ran two sessions for this achievement, and helped probably 30 people get it in all. The 2nd session went a lot smoother than the 1st, thanks to the lessons I had learned.

    The main issues you will run into are:
    1) Coordination: You need a minimum of 17 people to do this, and I would really recommend 20+ to account for people who aren't able to connect to each other. This means you would need 3 or more parties, which can be very difficult to coordinate, so much so that I wouldn't bother with parties at all as a method of coordination. With a few simple steps for people to follow, and a little planning beforehand, you can get this done smoothly with no parties required at all (other than just to shoot the breeze).
    2) Connection Issues: With 16 people trying to connect, you will likely run into a few pairs who can't connect when certain people are hosting. I would recommend everyone do whatever they can to have an OPEN NAT. If you have multiple xboxes on one connection, it's entirely possible that people will be able to connect when one is hosting but not the other, so you may want to try swapping profiles between them. (We ran into this during our sesion).

    So, onto the specifics:

    1) Everyone should print out the instructions or memorize them so they know what they need to do, since you won't be relying on voice chat.
    2) Print/write a list of the order people will be going for the achievement in. It's up to you what order, we used the order people signed up in. And of course, if you have people who are just there to help out, thank them profusely, but don't include them in your list :).
    The session coordinator may want to post a list on TA or send it via XBL to everyone right before the session.
    3) Get enough people. I would really recommend 20+ if you can swing it. You should be able to do that many people in an hour or a little more. And more people will actually make it faster to a point, as you won't be needing to retry failed connections, etc.

    There are 3 different things you might be doing.
    1) Your Turn: You are hosting the current match.
    2) On Deck: You are the next one who will be hosting a match. This will only apply if you have at least 18 people, but will make things go a lot faster, since you will be able to jump right into the next lobby, rather than waiting for someone to go through the two loading screens to set it up.
    3) Everyone Else: You are just a warm body, filling up a lobby.

    Create a Player Match (NOT RANKED)
    Player Slots: 16
    Type: Retrieval
    Private Slots: none
    Dedicated Server: Yes

    As soon as you have 16 people, launch the match. As soon as the achievement pops, exit the match. This will kick everyone out.

    Keep searching for a 16 player max retrieval match until you see one hosted by the next player on the list. Connect to it. If you have get a connection error, try two more times to connect then go ahead and connect to the next person on the list. (the on deck person)
    When the match ends (it will say something like you lose connection), cross that person off then search again for next person.

    I'd recommend having a small party with the current host, and the next few on deck, just in case they have any trouble setting up the match. Once they have their achievement, you will need to eventually have them leave the party to make room for new ones.
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