Special Operations achievement in TC's RainbowSix Vegas

Special Operations

Play all maps of every Adversarial game mode

Special Operations+0.3
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Downloading the free map DLC packs will cause this achievement to become unobtainable for some players.

How to unlock the Special Operations achievement

  • LitaOsirisLitaOsiris868,455
    05 Jan 2010 06 Jan 2010 07 May 2020
    59 8 51
    Update 07/05/20: If you had issues unlocking this achievement because you downloaded the Redux maps it looks as though it’s possible to unlock this through backwards compatibility:

    xEaglExAssassin: After 5 years of waiting finally got the achievement, I downloaded the backwards compatibile version and deleted the map packs before hand and went through the requirements for this. It popped right on queue! Hope this helps !


    There are 57 total from the original and you may have to potentially play through the Redux maps as well if you have already downloaded the DLC. As mentioned so many times, this achievement is glitched to those who have the DLC. You may try to play on the Redux maps if you do not wish to reset your stats (from MCSS Aerocoupe's solution), but there's no guarantee it'll work.

    The modes are (play them in this order to minimise loading time):
    - Attack & Defend
    - Survival
    - Sharpshooter
    - Team Survival
    - Team Sharpshooter
    - Retrieval

    The maps are:
    Border Town
    - All modes
    Calypso Casino
    - All modes
    Casino Vault
    - All modes except Attack & Defend
    - All modes
    - All modes
    Kill House
    - All modes except Attack & Defend
    - All modes
    LVU Campus
    - All modes
    Research Labs
    - All modes
    - All modes except Attack & Defend


    - Do Survival and Sharpshooter together and then Team Survival and Team Sharpshooter together as switching between these modes does not require the game to be reloaded. This just saves a bit of time.

    - I believe having the Redux maps will cause this achievement to glitch. My friend and I did this together. I had never downloaded the maps before and the achievement unlocked for me no problem. My friend had the maps before but had since deleted them. Unfortunately the achievement still didn't pop for him. After reading some posts, most people seem to recommend deleting the maps and clearing the 360 cache before trying for this achievement, although it's not guaranteed to work. Definitely do some research on this beforehand as I'm only posting this as a potential warning to save people some time.

    Update 09/01/10:
    My friend and I tried this again today to try and go for his achievement. He cleared his cache, transferred his profile onto a memory unit and removed his hdd. Playing this way sadly did not work. I'm not sure what you can do at this point :? If we ever come across a solution I'll update this post.

    Update 04/02/10:
    My friend and I tried this again using chris 7urbo's solution of playing the Redux maps on Survival and Sharpshooter.

    We played (in order):
    Bordertown Redux - Survival (he won)
    Streets Redux - Survival (he won)
    Killhouse Redux - Survival (he won)

    Bordertown Redux - Sharpshooter (he won)
    Streets Redux - Sharpshooter (he won)
    Killhouse Redux - Sharpshooter (he won)

    The achievement didn't unlock here however, we had to play another match which was Bordertown Redux - Team Sharpshooter (I won) and my friend received the achievement at the end of this match :) I'm not sure if this last match has to be specifically Team Sharpshooter on Bordertown Redux or if it can be any, but there you go.

    Update 03/08/10:
    Unfortunately it looks like the solution above may not work for everyone so there could be a possibility here that the achievement may be unobtainable for you.

    Update 18/03/13: Make sure you watch out for the name of the mode. Sometimes, even though you might have selected Team Survival, it will say Team Sharpshooter instead but will still play like Team Survival. Keep restarting until you have the right name because there may be an issue with that.

    Update 02/04/13: Mobius Evalon: "All you have to do to remedy this is open Match Settings, Switch to Team Sharpshooter, switch back to Team Survival, then Accept the changes. When the other people in the lobby see "Team Survival" at the bottom right of the lobby screen again, you've fixed the glitch."

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    LitaOsirisThanks xEaglExAssassin - I’ve updated the guide with your comment. Great news that backwards compatibility works!
    Posted by LitaOsiris on 07 May at 20:39
    X SJ FUSION XThanks for finding out that backwards compatibility works just got the achievement after an 11 year gap from the last achievement to complete the game smile
    Posted by X SJ FUSION X on 14 May at 20:50
    Axwell D
    After 5 years of waiting finally got the achievement, I downloaded the backwards compatibile version and deleted the map packs before hand and went through the requirements for this. It popped right on queue! Hope this helps !
    Unfortunately this didn't worked for me. I also had problems to unlock the achievement on the Xbox 360 and today I tried again through BC on the Xbox One but it didn't worked :( I only unlocked the achievement somewhere mid-process for my dummy account -_-
    Posted by Axwell D on 17 May at 02:02
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  • MCSS AerocoupeMCSS Aerocoupe260,950
    14 May 2011 22 May 2011 15 Sep 2011
    44 1 36
    Special Operations - Ultimate Fix Found

    Updated 9/15/11 - see end of Solution for update.

    I have been informed by a friend of the ultimate fix for the Special Operations glitch, no thanks to Ubisoft’s Tech Support who still denies there is an issue with the achievement. I have checked into the rules and policies and found nothing that indicates this is an illegal procedure, and I even got a second opinion. But just so everyone knows what this does, here goes:

    This fix does the following things:
    1. Only affects the game you use this procedure on.
    2. Resets your achievement progress tracker for the game.
    a. Allows you to restart an achievement attempt from scratch, like you are starting the game for the first time.

    This fix does NOT do the following:
    1. Instantly award achievements.
    2. Award achievements for stuff you have not legitimately done.
    3. Affect any stats saved on the game/Xbox servers

    There is a danger warning with this fix:
    1. If you have other achievements left to unlock in the same game, their progress will be set to 0 as well. So, for example, if you are 1 checkpoint away from beating the game on the hardest difficulty and do this fix, you will need to start the campaign on the hardest difficulty from scratch in order to get that achievement. So make sure you finish all other achievements you are working for in this game first.
    2. Because your rank is saved/stored on servers, it is not known if this fix would set your rank tracker to 0 experience, or if your rank achievements are pulled solely from the servers and therefore would be left untouched. If you already have earned the Elite Rank, this is not a concern. But if not, I would recommend playing until you get Elite first, just to be safe.

    Just to be 100% clear, this is not “gamesaving” where you take someone’s profile/saved game and use some glitch to unlock achievements on a profile that has never played the game. What this fix does is quite the opposite, it resets the tracker to nothing so that you may start an achievement attempt from scratch; you must successfully complete the achievement requirements after doing this fix in order to unlock the achievement.

    Note: You will need at least 2 or 3 forms of memory:
    A memory card or USB flash drive for your profile
    A removable hard drive, memory card, or USB drive for DLC and your existing content for this game (optional)
    A different removable hard drive, memory card, or USB drive, or internal memory for the game to use while the above memory device(s) is/are not connected.

    Now, for how to do the Special Operations Ultimate Fix:
    1. Delete or move (to removable hard drive or memory card) all DLC, saved games, multiplayer templates, and custom heads for this game only. (If you save your data, it will allow you to use your data after fixing the Special Operations achievement. Just do not reconnect the device with your data until after you have unlocked the achievement.)
    2. Move your gamertag profile to a memory card or USB flash drive (can not be on a removable hard drive and cannot be the same place you moved the items from step #1).
    3. Clear the cache on each and every memory device (go to Guide Button, over to System Settings, down to Memory, then go to each device, hit Y, and choose Clear System Cache).
    4. Turn off your console, and if you moved items in step #1, remove that device now. (Leave device with your profile attached).
    5. Turn console back on, log back into Xbox Live, and clear your cache again, just to be safe. If you removed the hard drive, you may need to redownload the Xbox Live Update.
    6. Start the game; you will be prompted about the Title Update for the game. Do not accept the update!!
    7. As soon as you have declined the update and that popup window closes (but before you see the main menu screen), remove the device that has your gamertag on it. You will get a warning message asking you to reinsert your memory device. Do not reinsert it yet.
    8. When the Main Menu comes up, the first option should be to Start New Story. If the first option is Load Last Checkpoint, you did not do step #1 right, go back and start from #1.
    9. Go to Single Player, choose Story Mode. You should have Start New Game and Scene Selection as the only options. Choose Start New Game.
    10. Before you choose a difficulty, reinsert the memory card/USB flash drive with your gamertag. The message asking you to reinsert it should go away. Hit the guide just to verify it still shows your gamertag as being logged in (Not on Live since you declined the update in step #6).
    11. Choose Normal, and press A to start the campaign.
    12. Allow all of the cut scenes to play out, and play the game until you get to the first checkpoint. Go just past the checkpoint and kill the next bad guy.
    13. Reload the checkpoint. Verify it is where you had just passed through.
    14. Go to Main Menu.
    15. Go to Dashboard. You should automatically connect to Xbox Live.
    16. Start the game again. This time, accept the Title Update.
    17. Go to Multiplayer and start working on the Special Operations achievement requirements. (I suggest you host the matches just to be safe).
    18. The first mode you should work on is Survival, as this will tell you if the glitch that has been affecting you has been fixed. (When glitched, Survival matches display as Sharpshooter in the lobby and/or loading screen. If the fix has been done properly, it will not show the wrong mode.)
    19. Make sure for Attack and Defend to change the time to 5 minutes to be sure you can complete the objectives and have a clear winner in each match.
    20. Continue playing through all of the map/mode combinations and you should have the achievement within 4 hours.

    Good luck and post over at Ubisoft (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/1991064316/m/421109...) if it helped you /a friend unlock the achievement.

    Just for the sake of curiosity... As of 9:40 AM EST on 5/22/11 there are 3,795 people on True Achievements who have unlocked Special Operations. But 2,803 have unlocked the rank of Elite. And 5,763 have Rainbow Six Legend (completed the game on Realistic Difficulty). https://www.trueachievements.com/Rain...s-xbox-360.htm

    Update - 9/15/11 - Two people have used this fix and unlocked the achievement without playing Retrieval. I do not know why. Maybe the fix doesn't fully wipe out the achievement tracker?
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    MochawlWill this work to reset your XP from Elite to zero? I got hit with the 7/31 achievement sync issue, and I unlocked Elite, but it is not syncing to my profile on xbox.com, it remains with the achievement primarily on 360.
    Posted by Mochawl on 13 Aug 18 at 17:43
    MCSS AerocoupeNo clue Mochawl. I know it fixes the Special Ops progress. Not sure what it would do to rank progress
    Posted by MCSS Aerocoupe on 08 Sep 18 at 04:54
    MochawlAlright thanks, apparently if you hit LT+RT at the same time in resetting your character appearance, you have the option to “delete character”
    Posted by Mochawl on 14 Sep 18 at 12:22
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead539,456
    17 Nov 2013 17 Nov 2013 16 Jan 2018
    19 4 7
    Get this achievement before installing the free extra maps and game modes from Player's Pack: Red Edition and Player's Pack: Black Edition. If you have already downloaded that DLC, please check the other solutions for a fix.
    Play all maps of every Adversarial game mode
    This achievement is actually for playing 50 different Map and adversarial Game Mode combinations, hence the Buggy+ flag.

    Using this solution you can get the achievement in about 1 hour.

    This can be done with at least one other player on:
    Multiplayer - Xbox Live - Ranked Match
    Multiplayer - Xbox Live - Player Match
    Multiplayer - System Link

    The adversarial Game Modes are:
    - Attack & Defend
    - Retrieval
    - Survival
    - Team Survival
    - Sharpshooter
    - Team Sharpshooter

    The Maps are:
    - Border Town
    - Calypso Casino
    - Casino Vault #
    - Dam
    - Dantes
    - Kill House #
    - Library
    - LVU Campus
    - Research Labs
    - Streets #

    # - not available in Attack & Defend

    That gives a total of 57 different combinations, of which you need to play 50.

    The fastest way to do this is create a two player match with these settings:
    Maps = select all of them
    Rounds per Match = 1
    Respawns = No
    Team Respawns = No

    For Attack & Defend, Retrieval, Survival and Team Survival have one player host the match and have the other player(s) join as guest(s). Have a guest commit suicide by throwing a frag grenade (press B) at their feet. The round will end and the next map in the sequence will load. This will count for all players. Once you get back to the first map in the sequence change the Game Mode. Playing through all maps on those four Games Modes will count as 37 combinations.

    Leave Sharpshooter and Team Sharpshooter until last, that way you only need to do 13 matches for those Game Modes. The reason for this is that for Sharpshooter and Team Sharpshooter you cannot turn respawns off. So instead have a guest quit the match once it starts, and then rejoin for the next map. It must not be the host that quits. If the guest that quits is also going for the achievement you will need to repeat these 13 matches with them hosting, and a different guest quitting the matches instead. The other option is to set the Round Duration to 3 minutes and the Game Point Limit to 10, but that will take longer.

    Dr Marty mentions that you may not get the achievement after 50 combinations, so you will need to complete all 57.
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    Posted by LuckyKant on 30 Jan 16 at 19:07
    LuckyKantGuest account.
    Posted by LuckyKant on 04 Sep 16 at 18:22
    Dr MartyGave you a thumbs up for this solution. HOWEVER, I did need to finish ALL maps in ALL modes for a total of 57 combinations before it popped. (Never had the DLC installed)
    Posted by Dr Marty on 16 Jan 18 at 21:16
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