Elite Hunter achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

Elite Hunter

Complete all maps in splitscreen T-Hunt at Realistic difficulty

Elite Hunter+0.3
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How to unlock the Elite Hunter achievement

  • EvansEvans139,197
    14 Dec 2008 15 Dec 2008 21 Apr 2009
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    This achievement is said to have been glitched, as the only way to unlock this achievement is by completeing all maps that Rainbow Six: Vegas launched with on Realistic difficulty. It's not hard at all, assuming you are experienced with how the game plays. This achievement does stack with the Normal difficulty terrorist hunt achievement.

    A Desert Eagle and Tactical Shield makes for a beautiful combination and allows for this achievement to be somewhat easy to unlock. A good way to survive an entire Hunt is to put your back to a corner in a room with as few entrances as possible, make a lot of noise, and hope the baddies come to say Hello.

    The maps required to be completed in Singleplayer Terrorist hunt on Realistic, in order to unlock this achievement are:

    * Border Town
    * Calypso Casino
    * Casino Vault
    * Dam
    * Dantes
    * Kill House
    * Library
    * LVU Campus
    * Research Lab
    * Streets

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    SlitThroatDanteI can't believe I've been working through this on realistic split screen co-op only to find out that I need to redo it on single player. At least I got the tour of duty achievement even if we did stack the odds against us.

    Edit: Can confirm that this did not pop on co-op split screen but did pop when I did single player t-hunt also stacked with veteran hunter 25/04/21.
    Posted by SlitThroatDante on 24 Apr 21 at 20:27
    Raven NightmareThis will not unlock for me. I've completed them solo and with splitscreen. I've even done a few of the stock maps over just to see if I can get it to pop. I would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions. I do have the DLC maps downloaded, I have not tried deleting them yet and running through the stock maps again.
    Posted by Raven Nightmare on 18 Jun 21 at 03:17
    AchievemntHydraDlc on this game is 1 broken, 2 has 0 achievements. The DLC will can glitch half the achievements. Fix.
    As stated by other guides,
    Reformat xbox completely wipe all traces of game,
    Re download no dlc try again
    Posted by AchievemntHydra yesterday at 22:47
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  • prokopprokop242,609
    29 Jan 2012 29 Jan 2012 29 May 2019
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    I put a ton of time and deaths into this. The deaths pretty much only came from the first three levels when i didn't have a shield but that's not the point. I would just like to say, if you're going to vote negative on this lengthy,rambling solution, please let me know why. I put a lot of time and effort into this to help you so if it doesn't help you please let me know why so i can fix future solutions for you TAers.

    alright first thing is first. you have to go to the main menu, click single player and click terrorist hunt. not splitscreen, you have to do this solo. go to realistic, low density and for weapons I chose a G3kA4 and a LMG with a desert eagle.

    Please remember, the game wont spawn guys the same way all the time, my enemies may be in different spots than yours so always be aware. This will just give you a general idea of what rooms should have bad guys in them.

    A few tips to remember:
    -When using a shield in combat, crouch. Seems like common sense but sometimes you may forget.
    - take it slow. Sure its a pain crouching everywhere, being cautious and trying not to run around like its call of duty but this will save you tons of time in the long run.
    - Ammo is no issue here, Spray if you need to. If you do happen to run out of ammo, pick up an enemy gun
    - Cover is your friend. I personally like being as close to walls as possible even if it means being corned. You may get screwed by a grenade sometimes but it helps with funneling enemies into your cross-hairs.
    - Blindfire is awesome (at close range) and so is blind throwing grenades. I rarely ever throw grenades normally and it seems to work fine once you get the aiming down.
    - Thermal is badass when in close combat
    - Close doors behind you when possible. You can hear the terrorists sneaking up on you since they have to open the door instead of them just shooting you in the back

    I did not use a shield for the first three maps, its probably much easier if you do i just never had it at the time.

    bordertown- A little tricky but still fairly easy. Clear the first street that you pretty much start at then go to the right and kill everyone on that street. Go to the door that's near the car, you cant see it when you're coming from the spawn side but if you go behind the car and look at the building you will see the door. Kill everyone on that floor and make your way to the main floor killing everyone you see. When you get out of the house go down the street on the right side of the church and down the far alley where you will hear a baby crying. Get to the end of it and to your right there should be a guy, kill him and turn around because a guy should come out of the church. After killing him climb up to the roof and make sure no one is there, work your way through the whole church then go outside via the front door. Go towards the alley/street on the right and guys should spawn, once you kill them you'll either be done or guys will come to your left. I ran and hid Beside the car/stone in front of the alley so my back,both sides and my front were protected. Guys spawned on my left, behind me by the church ladder and in the alley but they couldn't shoot me.

    Dantes - this is the easiest map to do so if you like going from hard to easy save this for last. All you have to do is walk through the closest door to you in the room you spawn in. go up the stairs and open the door and take cover on the right side. Kill all the guys that come from the hall right in front of you and all the guys that come from the right. shouldn't be too many guys. Once done that go down the long hall on the right side and go in the first room. there's usually 1-2 guys sometimes none in that room. once its clear open the door on the right side of the room and then close it. run back to that huge open area and close the door behind you. go around the corner closest to you (its literally right where you come form on the left about 5 steps away ) and go between the one pillar and the corner pillar and look at that door. Every single guy should come out that door or they will end up coming from a different door and stopping right in front of it. If they don't come go close the door or even walk close to it and guy should come out then the rest will follow.

    library- this one took me a few tries but what I did was run to the rappels on the other side of the building. get on the one closest to the edge of the wall and start climbing up. you'll see 1-3 guys in the room infront/beside you. I shot one and shimmied down a little so they couldn't shoot me. they will come to the window and give you a free head shot. after killing them climb to the roof and go to the farthest rope. go down a bit and 1-3 guys will run out the door beneath you which is another few easy kills. you should have 19-21 guys left. I then proceeded to go through the door on the right of the room and head down the stairs. take a left and there was a guy facing a wall around the corner. go down the hall and then when you can take a right there will be 1-2 guys standing at the end of the hall. i killed one while the other ran away. he ended up running around and was right in front of me which left me with 16 and another guy ran out of the same doorway so be careful. walk down the hall and jump over the stuff blocking the path. take cover in that doorway and a guy might come out of the door on the right since 2 came out for me. take a left and check the bathroom and that garbage room. as i was checking the garbage room a guy came up from behind on me and since i heard the door i had time to get set before he got to me. another guy was just outside the door waiting as well. i ran up stairs and drew one guy back down to the garbage room since i didnt have time to aim and kill him. go upstairs and go through that big open door. where theres a blocked path go right up to it and take a right into that narrow room. Close the door and some guys should rush you. i got down to three guys and im almost positive all three were there then i died from a guy with a shotgun after he took 6 lmg bullets to the chest.. so that should have you done with this map.

    another way i did this one was i ran the same way as before but instead of going around to the rappels i went up the steps and into the double doors. ran right in and went into the garbage room and just made some noise, killed about 7 guys and then ran up stairs to the room beside the blocked path like i said in the above paragraph and got down to 12 guys. now this is where it became tricky. i had 12 guys left and couldnt find anyone, i know it sounds ridiculous. When i finally found a guy he was in the rappel room where the double ropes are where i said climb up before. Somehow he seemed like he had a 500 round clip, after he was done shooting i killed him checked out that room and continued on. I went into the next big room where the other repel ropes are and somehow got shot once while i was behind the wall when the guy was in front of me so i died there and decided screw it im moving onto the next map. I dont know how to find the rest of the guys but im guessing theyre in random rooms. if i was to live there id follow down that hall and just go throughout the whole building once again.

    g3ka4 acog scope
    raging bull, laser sight

    You may notice that you can't put on your laser sight with your pistol when you have your shield equipped, but dont fear! all you have to do is unequip the shield, put the laser sight on your pistol and re-equip the shield.

    Streets- Alright finally got the shield, time to use it. This map only has 20 guys, what makes it even easier is at the start if you run down the hallway, up the stairs a few steps and shoot your pistol a couple of times. You can run back to the corner where you started from and the guys come to you! I sat with the small box to my left, and stared at the ladder but kept peeking out down the hallway. 10 guys ran down the hallway at me and not a single guy came down the ladder. thats 50% of this map done by doing almost nothing. Be warned, guys will come down that ladder sometimes so after every kill turn your shield to face the ladder so you dont get killed. Next, walk towards the ladder while holding LT, there might be a guy standing over top of it. I like to use thermal here, when you get to the top of the ladder make sure you look around before actually climbing up top or you're a free kill for these terrorists. I had a guy standing behind the lower wall, in front of the entrance. Down to just 8 guys in 2 minutes 23 seconds. Feel free to turn off thermal now. Start walking towards the stairs with your shield up, 1 guy came running down the stairs and shot at me while the other stood at the bottom and waited for me to come around the corner. Both were easy kills but as soon as i killed them i put my shield to the door and 3 guys were kneeling down and shooting at me. As i was killing them, a terrorist climbed up the ladder i came from and just stood there blankly. down to 2 guys in just 3 minutes.I turned on thermal, walked up the stairs and when i got to the top i turned around and both the guys were at the bottom of the stairs. 2 easy kills. That should be an easy 20 kills in just over 3 minutes.

    Calypso Casino- Put your G3KA4 on single shot, slowly walk towards the edge straight ahead and you should see a guy, shoot him. if you can shoot others, of course do so if you'd like, after i killed the first guy i equipped my shield and walk down the stairs. As i was going down, a guy was hiding against the wall for an easy kill. Go in the single door right ahead of you, should be at least one guy in there. After you kill him keep going down the hall, open the door and kill anyone in the room if there is anyone. Head back the way you came and hang a right outside the door and head to the repels. I go right because its easier once your downstairs to not get flanked. There will be a guy at the bottom of the ropes inside, you have to shoot him quickly before he runs away. Do the upside down tactic, its much easier here. Clear out the room youre in and look down the hallway towards the elevators to make sure its clear. proceed to clear out the big car room. I only had three guys down here. Proceed to the single door down the short hallway. ( not the one leading to the roof but the one leading to the basement) Head down the stairs and prepared to get shot at. Kill the guy as soon as you open the door and then theres 1-3 guys on the right side of the room. open the next door, should be two guys in the room. Sometimes one is easy to miss because he stands still for a few seconds before shooting. Open the door straight ahead, kill the guy at the end of the hallway. close the door, open the door beside you, be prepared for a sneaky shotgun guy to shoot at you fairly quickly from the left.Move up slightly, look to your left, a guy might be hiding in cover a few feet away. I'm currently at 12 guys, 5:42 in. I cleared the room going left, then killing 2 guys outside the big vault door, then went back to where i came from and went down the big hall. Only 10 guys to go, easy so far right? I actually went down the hall, didn't see a guy and then some crazy man sprinted out one of the big open doorways and almost killed me. Now this is where it gets rather tricky. 9 guys left, went through most of the building. Clear the escalators and then head back downstairs for round 2. You might
    run into a guy right as you go through the open doorway going back down. As i was trying to leave the little double open door area 8 guys, yes 8 pricks decided to rush me from not one path, not 2 paths but yes all three paths leading into that little room! Somehow i was able to move around and kill all 8 without dying. Skill? maybe, luck? definitely. 1 guy left, i check the first bathroom on the right and as i come out i look left and the last guy is walking around aimlessly. boom, ragin bull headshot. map complete 10:24.

    Casino Vault- Equip your shield, turn around go around the corner and shoot the guy outside of the doorway. Walk down the hall, kill the guy down the hall. Turn around and go through the double doors nearest to where you spawned. Be very careful here, bullets come from many angles. I highly recommend opening the right door and using the left one as cover with your shield. This level scares me so once i cleared the room from just sitting at the door, i turned around and went to the single door way down the hall and to the left. Far left theres a guy in a big glass room who will shoot at you, should be an easy kill. Go right and kill the guy as soon as you look left. 4 guys tried to sneak up on me from the door i came from. 4 easy kills if you notice them fast enough.You might have a shotgun guy at the end of the hall shooting at you. You may be thinking why would he shoot from that far away? My answer to that is "who knows, it works though". Go back to the room you were just in, hang a lucy into the big room again. go down the stairs, to the left and down the stairs again. Now youre still in that huge room but now on the bottom floor. Go right and up the small set of stairs, then right again to the double doors. I'm currently at 14 guys and 3:25 into the mission so it's not too bad yet. Open the door and surprise a shotgun enemy is waiting for you. I opened the first door on the right and had 4 guys standing right infront of it. Lucky for me, this shield is unstoppable. Go in the room, take a left and open the door straight ahead. a guy on each side will be waiting for you. I died right here the first time because i closed the door on them and they sprinted around and opened the door behind me. just inside the two big doors where i let you know my count last time, 5:37 8 guys left. Died at 6 guys left, got flanked almost in the same spot. as you can see, they are similar numbers just the second time around i had a few more guys in the first big room. So if you get through there, keep clearing out all out and that should be all the guys since you just went through the entire level. You may have to run around to find the random guy or so. 3rd try: taking my old route i used to do with buddies but never did alone. Kill the guys in the spawn area, kill the guys in the first big room. Go inside the room and go inside the single door on the far right end of the room. (this is where my first two tries ended, we're just gonna go in reverse) This way is hard because there are so many doors for guys to come through. Go through it and just down the hall theres an open hallway to your left where a guy will be. Kill him and make sure no one is behind you, i had two guys almost kill me. Continue down the hallway and look to your left and you'll be in another room with a door and an open doorway. I died right here by being flanked yet again. Try 4, same way as try 3. I only killed 4 guys when i got to the single door, i swear this level gets harder and harder. Go through the door, open the second door and sit inside that small room. Shoot the pop machine and let the enemies come to you. If they aren't coming, walk up to the door on the left, open it and walk back to your spot. I'm currently at 17 guys, 2:01 in.After that room is clear, go down the hall and there will be 2 guys in the first hallway on your left. Kill them and keep going forward. Clear out the next room. I was down to 10 guys after that room. Go around the little 180 turn, and out the double doors. Now youre in that huge room with 2 floors. you should have all the guys in that room. i sat at the double doors and
    kill all but guys. Wow was that one ever a pain.

    SAVE FOR LAST or you might go insane. Research Labs- This map is absolutely HUGE! Be ready for anything on this one. Take out your shield, go out the doors on your left. down the stairs to the second double door. Go down the fats rope on the left, go to the front of the big truck infront of you and look to your right as you go past. An enemy might be hiding by the boxes. Go through the single door, follow the path. I dindnt find a single guy through here but it doesnt hurt to check. head straight down to the end of the big red room, watch the open door on your right. once youre out go left, clear out the room to your left/behind you. It was empty for me. Go out the way you came and head straight. Climb up the first ladder you see on the white building on your right, taker a left and head through the door. Go i nthe door on the right, now this is where the real action starts.
    i had four guys unload on me as soon as i opened the door. Clear the room and continue heading straight. I had 8 guys run at me as i looked down the stairs, it was fun till i got side swept from the door behind me and to the right. so be careful in this room. Round 2, i had 4 guys near the very start this time and only 1 guy in the room where i had 4 the first time. back in the room i died, i hid in the left corner and faced diagonally to the stairs. Killing anyone who walked up the stairs or through the two doors. I also had two guys try and sneak up on me from where i came from. 11 guys left, 3:11 into the mission now. Go through the 2 big doors upstairs, go to the end of the room, hang a left and then go through the 2 big doors, then 2 two big doors again. You should be in a long hallway at the far right end. Open the small door, then go to the doors on your left and kill everyone in there and the next room. Head to the end of that room and down the stairs you go. go out in the hallway, go left and into the double doors on your left. This room is a total bitch. 1 guy was in there, 1 guy was somehow still upstairs and some dude was following me. i died there, round 3. In the rooms upstairs, just cleared them. 8 guys left, 5:46 in.4 guys left, 1 downstairs and i guess one is teabagging my dead body since he snuck up on me somehow. round like 50 it feels like. Same room as before, 4:07, 11 guys left. Go downstairs, kill the three guys in the hallway. Clear the end room, head back into the lower hallway. kill some guys and get naded with 2 guys left. round 600. alright died at the first guy. round 843: back in the top floor before going down the stairs. 10 guys, 4:35 in. Hide in the corner on the left when u come in. Shoot over the shit in the middle of the room to kill the stair guys and watch the door you came in. Dead again. somehow shot through my shield and didn't die from 3 point blank bullets.try 8003: Sometimes your shield is impossible to shoot through, sometimes it doesnt do anything. Sometimes you can kill terrorist from across the map with a raging bull, sometimes you empty half a clip into a guy in front of you and he laughs and kills you. try 8009: go out the door to your right, rappel down and prepare to be amazed. If youre still reading this, then you'll win this time. Sit in the far right corner and let these enemies come to you. When they stop coming, make your way down the path killing everyone in the three rooms. Clear the room downstairs. im 2:20 in and have 17 fuckers left. clear the rooms downstairs. 3:51 in, 12 guys left.go across the hall into the room with the 3 big machines in em. Go out the single door on the right, this is where we were when we went the other way. nah, turn around, go back to your spawn and repeat how we were doin it before. no no no. dont do that. Start to go back the way we came, up the stairs now you;re where i said i died 5000 times. go into the hallway and those 2 big red doors across from you is where all these terrorists are. Open it and get ready. 2 guys left after im almost done clearing the room. Sit in a corner and do not fuckin move. let the pussies who are hiding come out. be the bigger camper! okay the last guy is no where to be found. Goodluck finding him. Found my last guy near the spawn where we rappelled the first 500 tries! done finally. total time like 6000 hours or so.

    Dam- Swapped my G3 for a SV-98 Sniper with 12x scope. go out the door on your right, down the stairs kill all the guys that run out at you. clear all four rooms, go out the door farthest right and you'll end up out in the gigantic room. Snipe who you can, watch out though because guys may rush you. look over the ledge kill who you can then proceed left. go in the door closest to the wall. clear it and head right. clear that room and go out the door at the end on the right. Now youre out in the middle of the big room. go ahead and quickly shoot any guys beneath you then head left. go in the room on your left and clear it out. go out and into the door on your left. go to the farthest door on your left, clear out all the rooms in a line. exit the door, take the red door yo use on the left. You're now outside. Down and to the left you'll probably see a guy. head up stairs. This is where i died. You might want to throw some frags up there first. There was at least 5 guys all spread out. you can even head downstairs first then go to the roof. round 2 just about to go outside, 12 guys left 4:57 in. first guy outside in the exact same spot down to 11. went downstairs, didnt find anyone. Came back and one guy was on the stairs where i came from. threw 2 grenades up, 0 kills. Only 2 guys were on the first roof this time. Continue up the ladder on your left. I have 8 guys left, 0 on the roof. 2 options here. Make noise and hope some come up, or look down start snipin and rappel down hoping for the best. I'll go with option 1. I walked to the other end and back just lookin down through the glass, didnt see anyone. when i came back a guy was rappelling up. Another guy on the roof where we came from.stood on the roof for another minute then dropped down the second closest rappel line. Went to the door on the right, behind me. 0 guys to be found. Make sure all 3 rooms are clear, head up the stairs. Take a right, go out the door on the right and youre back in the big room. Look down to where you came from, i had 2 guys shooting at me from down there.Another guy came out the door i came from, shot me then ran away and went left and sat by the stairs. His buddy came running up the stairs after him. 2 guys left now, 10:55 in. the last two ended up being outside the door i just came back in through to chase down the guy who shot me. 12:28 was the final time. This level also might have rekindled my love for the game.

    Killhouse- run straight to the roof and clear it. i had 3 guys up here. I ran around for 30 seconds, only 1 more guy came up so then i opened the door and went downstairs clear it out. im 1:08 in, 8 guys left. Go down the left path when youre outside, go up the back of the building, clear the roof and all the guys shooting at you from across the map. the rest of the guys should come to you. completion time 4 minutes.

    LVU Campus- Take the lower path, clear the small area around the door and take a sharp left and head up the stairs. clear the inside, which is super easy. head all the way to the other side, down the stairs out the door, across the path, up the far steel stairs and into the room.Clear the room, open the door on your left, open the next door, go left again when you can and up the stairs to the roof. All the guys should come up to you and you can kill them while they are below you. Just shoot through the windows and watch the stairs!

    Congratulations, you have Gotten one of the hardest achievements in the game, at least in my opinion.
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    prokopshoot me a pm if you still can't get it. I still rock Terrorist Hunt on Vegas 2 often. I can jump onto one and give it a run through if needed, maybe find an easy way.
    Posted by prokop on 23 Jan 19 at 18:28
    King CrepesThanks for the guide! Helped in 2022!
    Posted by King Crepes on 13 Jun at 17:40
    prokopsheeeesh!!! Love to see ppl are still grinding this out. Glad I could help :)
    Posted by prokop on 18 Jun at 18:24
  • WinnerzOnlyIncWinnerzOnlyInc189,048
    08 May 2009 08 May 2009
    41 4 4
    I agree the achievement description is incorrect and the difficulty is managable.

    The best way to complete this is to equip the shield for protection. Also make sure the enemy density is set to low.

    After the enemy count drops to 8 or below, the enemy will usually spawn and begin to rush your area. At this point, staying in cover will not be enough depending on your location on the map. With the shield equipt you have the option to back into a corner and then drop them one by one.
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    SiouxWarrior9How do you equip the shield? I can't see to find it in equipment set-up.
    Posted by SiouxWarrior9 on 15 Jan 12 at 17:54
    integra14Single player weapons are based on what you've picked up during the story.

    You can find the shield at the beginning of the second mission of the game, it should be on the floor and you can just pick it up.
    Posted by integra14 on 19 May 12 at 16:01
    Dynasty HeroesCan you set the enemy density to low and still get the achievement?
    Posted by Dynasty Heroes on 12 Jul 12 at 14:13
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