Neural Shock Specialist achievement in Mass Effect

Neural Shock Specialist

Use Neural Shock 75 times

Neural Shock Specialist0
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How to unlock the Neural Shock Specialist achievement

  • YemethYemeth305,704
    28 Aug 2008 04 Nov 2008
    106 4 6
    The easiest spammiest way to get this sepecific one is to park your Mako anywhere you can see it. Then, simply cast Neural Shock onto it.

    You'll notice the red wave's of energy after you hit from each one casting, which means you successfully landed a hit.

    It registers as an organic enemy being hit, just do this 75 times, no pressure whatsoever. The Mako will receive damage though so just in case repair it once or twice in the process to make sure nothing bad happens.

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    Solario32Lol thanks for the mako tip.
    Posted by Solario32 on 31 Oct 11 at 16:15
    tehNinjaGnomethis does NOT work on rapid transit systems for the achievement.

    Just tried farming this and stasis achieve by reloading in front of a transit system repeatedly, Stasis popped and Neural Shock did not. Even after a couple extra uses it failed to do so. It was not until well into farming this and AI Hack on fist/turrets fight that it registered enough proper uses.
    Posted by tehNinjaGnome on 13 Mar 13 at 04:13
    GergznerJust a note for anyone trying to clean up achievements in 2022. In Mass Effect 1 the abilities have to be cast by your character unlike in the Legendary Edition. So I just wasted over an hour spamming Kaidan's ability to realize it wasn't working. Hope this helps someone.
    Posted by Gergzner on 07 Feb at 09:31
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  • Armistan BanesArmistan Banes63,711
    08 Apr 2009 18 Dec 2009
    65 4 4
    Just start an engineer and make sure you have AI hacking and Neural shock before you attack Fist in Chora's Den. Then save before you enter his room and cast hacking on a turret and neural shock on fist, then load the save you just made. Rinse, Repeat.
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    doojeeTHNX, it worked for me, 75 game reloads & BLIP! 2x15 'chievos unlocked!
    Posted by doojee on 21 Mar 11 at 14:23
    chef matt 32Great solution! A couple of minor notes. You will need to level up your character to at least a level 6. When I boosted, this took an hour and 41 minutes. Fairly quick, but you will still need to do a few side quests. Also, be careful to make sure you actually hit Fist with the Neural Shock. His health bar will go to a green colour and will decrease a bit. A couple of times, he hid behind the bar and my Neural Shock missed and it took a while to recharge. The above solution definitely works.
    Posted by chef matt 32 on 06 Sep 11 at 01:19
    SlLVER KlNGI used this method to boost neural shock, ai hack, and the rest of my engineer abilities. I'd also like to add that if you make sure you have lost some health right before your save it also makes boosting the medi-gels much faster as well.
    Posted by SlLVER KlNG on 21 Oct 11 at 22:56
  • olde fortran 77olde fortran 77288,985
    01 Nov 2010 01 Nov 2010
    24 1 0
    This doesn't work against Citadel Rapid Transit terminals.

    I got it on "Easy" by going to Feros. First, I used neural shock and wiped out the Varren pack, and then worked on the Alpha male. The alpha male took quite a few shocks before dying. Then I went to the Krogans guarding the communications relay. I was able to peek around the corner and keep hitting the same Krogan again and again without him charging out after me.
  • BlinkFandangoIIBlinkFandangoII1,621,607
    21 Feb 2012 23 Feb 2012
    13 1 0
    For those who didn't play engineer, this is one way to try: just start a new game on casual and level up until you unlock the five engineer powers (namely neural shock, ai hacking, damping, overload, and sabotage).

    Then, go downstairs in Feros across from the Varren pack there is a room with Geth protecting some Krogan. Save, then go in, there will be two geth slightly above you, cast AI hacking on one, then sabotage on the other, wait a little and a flying turret will attack, cast overload and run forward, another geth will appear. Shoot down his shield and cast damping, then run past him into the next room and cast neural shock on a Krogan. Rinse and repeat.

    This should net you all five achievements with the shortest amount of reloads.

    Note, the last one I needed to get was neural shock, which doesn't seem to work on Geth. Just turn around and use it on the Varren pack (as olde fortran 77 mentioned) at that point so you won't have to keep fighting through the geth to get to the Krogans.
  • Mr MJ BishopMr MJ Bishop304,240
    27 Apr 2012 27 Apr 2012
    12 2 0
    Seeing as nobody has mentioned this useful thread I guess I'll put it on here...

    As for my own tips...

    -You will require to be at least level 6 to unlock all Engineer/Adept achievement related powers.

    -Install Mass Effect to your hard drive, it literally halves the time taken to load a save file.

    -Use the load save file method instead of waiting. NOTE: Make sure not to turn off your console as this deletes the temporary files. Save regularly to avoid this!
  • Templar PunkTemplar Punk133,917
    07 Apr 2012 09 Apr 2012 09 Apr 2012
    9 2 0
    If you want to do a different method or a lazy method in getting this achievement and you don't want to do the long, boring, normal grind for this achievement. cry Then pull out your turbo controller and do the following:

    - pick a class that has or have this skill obtainable
    - when you have this skill available to use, go to a planet, get out of the Mako, then face the Mako (make sure to target the little blue circle on the Mako) and make sure it's safe (away from enemies and avoid a planet that has Hazards)
    - during normal gameplay hold the "RB" button
    - highlight "Neural Shock" then press "X" (Map Skill) to assign it to your "RB" button
    - let go of the "RB" button
    - set the "RB" button on turbo on your controller
    - rubber band the "RB" button down (make sure you are still facing the blue circle of the Mako)
    - then watch TV, go on the internet, go to sleepsleep, go to the bathroom, go eat, or go to the bathroom and eat.
    - make sure to come back every so often to repair your Mako from the damage your doing to it (damage might depend on difficulty but unconfirmed)

    You can just let your turbo controller and rubber band to cast and recast the skill for In the mean while do your chores, do your fun homework, or go to work and come back later to get your cheevo!

    Happy boosting! wave
  • GhostlywoofsGhostlywoofs754,927
    01 Apr 2013 01 Apr 2013
    7 1 0
    The way i have literally just got this achievement is by going to pinnacle station so i can grind out the 150 medkit uses and starting a survival match on the volcanic level and using the neural shock ability (which i mapped to the rb button) on the incoming pirates i got maybe 2 or 3 in a match but as i have many games to go for the medkit then it saved time having to attack the mako on a seperate attempt.
  • Trace XLTrace XL106,519
    31 Jan 2013 31 Jan 2013 31 Jan 2013
    7 4 2
    One way you can work Neural Shack and A.I. Hacking, not to mention Medi-Gel usage, is to do the following. Obviously, you need to make sure that your Shepard can use the abilities, so a Lv. 6+ Engineer is a perfect choice.

    For NEURAL SHOCK, take your crew to Liara's Dig Site (Artemis Tau > Knossos > Therum) when you first get the Normandy. Right after the Mako touches down and you have control, disembark the vehicle and save your game. Target the Mako and use Neural Shock (you'll know it hit when the Mako glows with red energy). Then look down and toss a grenade at your feet, blow it up, and use your Medi-Gel to heal. Once you do this, LOAD your saved game (delete the Auto Save if there is one so you don't load the wrong file) and repeat the Neural Shock / Grenade / Medi-Gel sequence. Keep a tally on a piece of paper and every 10 times, save your game and load THAT save. Repeat until the Neural Shock achievement hits.

    For A.I. HACKING, hit up Feros (Attican Beta > Theseus > Feros). Save your game just before speaking with the man on the walkway once you land. There should be some Geth that attack after the short word exchange. Use A.I. Hacking on one of them, then toss a grenade at your feet and use Medi-Gel to recover, just like you did on Therum, then LOAD your save. Also like before, SAVE your game every 10 times you repeat the cycle, for progress safety.

    Assuming that you have never used these abilities, by the time you get the A.I. Hacking achievement, you will ALSO get the Medi-Gel one,, which takes twice as long (150 uses compared to 75 for abilities). A boring but easy way to get those out of the way so you can focus on fun achievements like the Insanity playthrough! :D
  • SilentExiledOneSilentExiledOne421,671
    22 Nov 2018 22 Nov 2018
    2 2 0
    If like me this is one of the last few achievements you needed and just wanted to get to level 6 as quick as possible. Make sure you put your talent points into the right talents to unlock this ability.

    As an Engineer you need 5 points in Medicine before this ability can be unlocked. If you use your points correctly you should unlock this and AI Hacking before reaching FIST to follow one of the other guides here.
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