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[Ranked] Complete a map in Blitz mode in a ranked match in less than 8 minutes.

17 November 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Blitzkrieg

  • vti volkanvti volkan262,785
    21 Jun 2009 22 Jun 2009
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    First of all you´ll need 10 gamers to join a ranked match on blitz mode. choose the map "Wayland keep" its easy to capture the flag quickly. so your team has to CTF as fast as they can in the 3 rounds. After winning 3 Rounds streak youll get the achievement.
  • oOo Gandalf oOooOo Gandalf oOo584,643
    20 Mar 2013 27 Mar 2013 27 Mar 2013
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    If you want this the fast and easy way, you have to get 10 people together because the online is as good as dead.

    Have all people be mages and one of the losing team will use Meteor Storm on his team so they lose immediately. This way every round will take 15-20 seconds, and the game will last about 1 minute .

    In Blitz mode you can choose the map you like the most, I recommend Wayland Keep or Deep Forest to do this because you can get to the other base really fast in case 1 person survives.

    You can combine this achievement with the following:

    Dark Messiah: Might and Magic ElementsConquerorThe Conqueror achievement in Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Elements worth 40 pointsCapture 3 enemy flags in the same match. Requires at least 8 players.

    Just have the winning team capture the flag every round as fast as possible and you'll win the match in about 3-4 minutes, giving you both achievements. Repeat for the other team.

    Good luck!

    Credits to WolfheartSpell to translate for my and FranDNK to help us find the solution.
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