Don't Hurt 'Em achievement in Gears of War

Don't Hurt 'Em

Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Hammer of Dawn

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How to unlock the Don't Hurt 'Em achievement

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    This guide is pretty much meant for people trying to get this achievement without boosting.

    The Hammer of Dawn is a somewhat difficult weapon to use since aiming it can be a little tricky and glitchy. Pretty much, you have to charge the beam for about three seconds before it fires. If the tracer beam is interrupted the countdown will reset. I would recommend not aiming the tracer beam directly at any target or, if they're moving around, near their feet. Try aiming the beam near structures or at something above them to prevent the Hammer from being interrupted.
    Another thing to note: The Hammer's beam gradually gets weaker the longer the charge is held. After the initial blast (when the beam is a one-hit kill), let go of it and start anew. Since the Hammer has infinite charges, you will not have to worry about running out of ammo.

    Another method you could try doing is downing an opponent (if you're bashing with the weapon, it takes three melee strikes to down instead of two), stepping back, and attacking them with the Hammer's beam. This is less effective on Execution than it is in Warzone. This achievement cannot be earned from kills in Annex.
    Maps with the Hammer of Dawn:

    A personal favorite of mine, Rooftops has two Hammer of Dawns (one just outside each spawn in a little hut). I found it very easy to gain kills on this map when I was able to play on it. The trick is to try aiming at corners and pipes above the enemies. It will be hard getting kills with this weapon in the middle of the map (Torque Bow). Another benefit about using the Hammer on this map is that it will be difficult for other players to try killing you right away (unless your opponents include someone who knows how to use the Hammer of this map).

    Gardens (DLC Map):
    This weapon is on either the middle left or middle right of the map (depending on what side you spawn on) near a tree. While I have not seen many people use the weapon this particular location is a popular killing zone. I often found it difficult to even use the Hammer of Dawn on this map. If you do get it, you'll have to beware of flanking players and for people using the Longshot.

    Tyro Station:
    The Hammer of Dawn is located in the middle of the map, between the Torque Bows and in the way of the train. If you're capable of getting the Hammer, it can be a very useful weapon on the map since there is little vertical cover (unless you're by grenades) and the map is small. If the enemy has Torque Bow, though, you will have a difficult time to using the weapon.

    Fuel Depot:
    Out of all the maps this one is probably the most popular. The Hammer of Dawn is located in the building in the middle of the map. This weapon is handy since the map is large and open, and can even be used to blow up the gas tanks near the outdoor spawn (only once per match). The downside is that it spawns in a spot where it is very easy to get killed. Usually there is an enemy headed to this location as well and there is also an explosive gas canister by it which can be used against you.
    If you do manage to get the Hammer, be mindful of snipers. You can use the weapon to flush out anyone in hiding unless they are inside the middle garage or inside the hangar spawn.

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    BiG PaPa ChIlLCan tthis be done on annex?
    Posted by BiG PaPa ChIlL on 17 Mar 10 at 20:21
    BiG PaPa ChIlLthats what i thought. thanks
    Posted by BiG PaPa ChIlL on 17 Mar 10 at 21:38
    Solario32Fuel Depot is also a great map to use Hammer.
    Posted by Solario32 on 14 Sep 11 at 15:48
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  • Uranium DepositUranium Deposit543,583
    11 Apr 2011 11 Apr 2011
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    The other solutions are adequate, but this solution offers an alternative strategy to BOOSTING the achievement. Best done with a group of 6 people, on Gardens(a map from the free DLC) in Warzone with 19 round matches. I can confirm that doing this method, you will unlock the achievement after 100 kills. GETTING KILLS IN GROUPS WILL NOT HAVE A NEGATIVE EFFECT.

    Cog #1 is going to head to hammer (located in the center of the map, behind the big tree, which is directly across from where the boomshot spawns) while all locust head to a designated kill spot (best is right outside of the roof, between the hammer spawn and the "kill team" spawn). In the meantime cogs #2 & 3 are able to be afk for the match (which should last between 10-15 minutes). cog #1 will get 3 kills/round X 19 rounds = 57 kills/match. Then rotate to locust #1 while locust #2 & 3 are afk for the match. And so on and so forth.

    Doing this for the entire group, then switching to 15 round matches for the second set of kills will net each person the achievement, baring any dropped connections.

    Total time to do this for 6 people will be about 2.5 hours, assuming no one unlocks it on their first set.
    It is best to make sure the AFK people remain within mic range, just in case there are any dropped connections or other problems.

    Please comment if you disagree or feel that this should be modified in any way.
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    EweStickyCowThumbs up, I'm just getting ready to move into these achievements and I like not having to think of my own method to boost it :)
    Posted by EweStickyCow on 14 Sep 11 at 01:52
    HolyHalfDeadI think 10 minutes is a little optimistic, considering you need to get the weapon, the other team needs to position themeselves and then you take the shot. 12-15 minutes seems more realistic, so 2.4-3 hours. The positive is that two people can AFK, the negative of that is making sure player 1 sticks around to help players 2-5, so don't boost it with someone you haven't boosted with before. I ran a 3 hour session, 5 out of 6 got the achievement and I got mine after another 45 kills whereas I got others at 100. So your group was lucky, the achievements are glitchy. Anyway, thumbs up from me for a good alternative method.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 12 Jun 12 at 00:41
    Uranium DepositThanks for the input and the +1. Yeah this method would be big fail if just one person left, but that's the point of session feedback isn't it. Glad you had success with this method though and good luck with the rest.
    Posted by Uranium Deposit on 12 Jun 12 at 04:02
  • CHRI5T0PH5RCHRI5T0PH5R205,717
    24 Mar 2010 17 Nov 2010
    26 1 6
    Boosting is the best method to get this achievement as it is glitched and requires more than 100 kills to unlock it.Fuel Depot is by far the best map to acquire this achievement on. The hammer is inside the main building at the back and if your not boosting it can be hard to get without the opposite team trying to get it too.
    When you have it you can only fire it outside but dont not to be outside to fire it. You should fire at the ground rather than the players themselves and as it takes a couple of seconds to fire, you should know where your enemies are at and try to hide before firing it. You can kill more than one person at any time but as it is a long range weapon then you shouldn't stand too close to your enemies when firing otherwise you might get yourself caught in the fire.
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    Posted by CHRI5T0PH5R on 03 Mar 11 at 09:53
    DaShAgUnlocked it at 135 kills...
    Posted by DaShAg on 15 Mar 11 at 00:04
    GatorFistUnlocked at 134... although every fails to mention, it unlocks at the end of a game, not the round. So I don't know what number it would have actually unlocked out. Hadn't unlocked at 104, got 30 more and then it popped at the end of that game.
    Posted by GatorFist on 05 Jun 11 at 21:06
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