Fall Down Go Boom achievement in Gears of War

Fall Down Go Boom

Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Boomshot

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How to unlock the Fall Down Go Boom achievement

  • Dat Boi TreezyDat Boi Treezy784,060
    15 Dec 2007 02 Sep 2010 09 Mar 2013
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    OK, I love this game, I know its old and everything but its still a classic and still has a lot of people playing now. Plus I've not much to do at the minute so why not write a solution for a top game! Plus there will still be people just picking up this game so check it out!


    Just so you know maps with the Boomshot on them are:

    Clocktower (Middle of the map and across the water)
    Mansion (Middle of the map directly across from the statue)
    Mausoleum (The 'BS' on the map)
    Old Bones (DLC)
    Bullet Marsh (DLC) (Where the Boltok is on the Gears 3 map)
    Garden (DLC)
    Process (DLC)
    Subway (DLC)

    DLC is free by the way for the extra maps and Annex mode!
    Map Pack 1
    Map Pack 2

    It's up to you which map you choose, most people would go for Gridlock but its more about what your team mates and opponents are doing which decides the difficulty on getting the Boom kills rather then the map.

    Whichever you choose just play it clever and tactical, try and have friends with you to help you get the Boom. When/if you get the Boom its easy to get too excited or over confident with the Boom and waste the two shots it has! Then it wont spawn for a minute or two, and by that time the round is over.

    When using the Boom, aim for the ground where the player is stood for the best result. In most cases, the splash damage will greatly damage them, kill them or down them. If they do go down (but not out) and you dont want to execute or curb stomp them, finish them off with the last Boom shot but make sure its from at least 6-7 foot away (in game foot lol!), or wait for a team mate of theirs to come and with good timing you can score a double kill as he goes to pick his friend up.

    If you have no shots left then unlucky! Just execute them and try again in the next round/match.

    These are just a few tactics to try but obviously they wont always work, most players are smart and very skilled and wont fall for the same tricks, thats if you even get them once to begin with! Mix up your tactics and ideas and just try to play smart.

    Just a few other tips incase you are being constantly troubled:

    Clocktower's Boom is too exposed and the sandbag and small wall before reaching the boom supply useless cover from Snipers, plus most players will run into the middle to begin the shotgun madness straight away so you need to be quick.

    Gridlock's Boom is mainly exposed to anyone hiding behind the cars on either side and the hammerburst towers, but precise aim is needed to be downed from the towers.

    Mansion's Boom can be a tough one to pick up. The positions of the walls and cover can provide some tough battles, plus the endless chances of being flanked from 2 or 3 different positions. 1 trick that works for me is to have someone go the 'normal' direction for the boom (as in the outside route) while i run through the mansion, through the front door and can end up being right behind the other team... unless one of them goes for grenades!

    Mausoleum's Boom i recently had a horrible battle with a Host who was beating me to it everytime running in the direction of the Tourque Bow, so annoying! This boom is in decent cover but be warned when leaving the middle section as people could be hiding behind the walls. Maybe giving this map a miss is also a good option lol.

    If you have any questions on the DLC map booms then give us a comment, otherwise i dont really wanna talk about them LOL. Only decent map for an easy boom would be Garden.

    If that doesnt help then drop a comment an I'll try an answer your question. Good luck!

    EDIT: Just found this on youtube for the SUPER NOOBS if you are really REALLY struggling with the Boom! The vid does have some good pointers, credit to XoADREADNOUGHT

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    N00BPUN1SH3RI heard that boomshot kills on the DLC maps don't count towards the achievement
    Posted by N00BPUN1SH3R on 18 Sep 13 at 09:04
    VanillaLatte44It does count.
    Posted by VanillaLatte44 on 25 Mar 21 at 09:34
    Very nice guide thanks!
    Posted on 29 May at 14:08
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    04 Jul 2012 04 Jul 2012 04 Jul 2012
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    Since the only other solution is to help you get the kills LEGIT, I figured I would explain an alternative strategy to BOOSTING the achievement.

    This is best done with a group of 6 people in Warzone, on the map Subway (Free DLC) Set to 19 Rounds.

    Cog #1 is going straight to the Boomshot (located in the centre of the map, Inside the Subway Station) All 3 of the Locust head to the same spot! All 3 Locust should group up at the bottom of the stairs inside the Subway Station! (Other side of the wall, opposite to where the boomshot is located) Cog #1 should stand on the Middle platform of the stairs (The ones you run down to get the boomshot), Aim at the feet of the middle Locust and only fire 1 shot! Then fire the 2nd (In case a Locust is downed and not killed on the 1st shot)

    In the meantime Cogs #2 & 3 are able to be AFK for the match (which should last between 10-15 minutes). Cog #1 will get 3 Kills per Round X 19 rounds = 57 Kills per Match. Then rotate to Locust #1 while Locust #2 & 3 are AFK for the match and so on and so forth.

    Do this for the entire group, Switching to 15 round matches for the second set of Kills will net each person the achievement, giving no one drops connection.

    Total time to do this for 6 people will be about 2.5 hours, assuming no one unlocks it on their first set.
    Make sure the AFK people remain within MIC range, just so no one has to wait around and just in case there are any dropped connections or other problems.

    I can confirm that doing this method, you will unlock the achievement on 100 Kills!!

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    DhukkaGERGreat guide
    Posted by DhukkaGER on 01 Sep 14 at 10:39
  • Capricious KiwiCapricious Kiwi198,121
    11 Mar 2012 10 Jul 2012
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    This isn't really a solution, more some advice for people trying to unlock the various kill related achievements as quickly as possible - at the end of every boosting session you should play a quick one round local match against a second controller before quitting to dashboard or turning off your xbox. I've done this and unlocked Seriously yesterday pretty much bang on 10000 kills. I've also unlocked all the weapon kill achievements after 100 kills.

    I think what's going on is that sometimes, for whatever reason, the progress you make in the last match of a session isn't added to the various achievement counters. I first noticed this when boosting the 'Win 20 matches on map X' achievements - if I won 20 matches in one session the achievement would pop, but if I spread them out across multiple sessions I'd have to play 21, 22, sometimes 23 matches depending on how many sessions it took.

    Of course, it's possible I've just been really, really lucky - there's no way I can prove this works. If people start trying this and it doesn't work out let me know and I'll take this solution down.
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