I Can't Quit You Dom achievement in Gears of War

I Can't Quit You Dom

Complete all acts in co-op as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty

I Can't Quit You Dom0
4 guidesOnline/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline game mode.Cooperative - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the achievement requirements.Host Only - These achievements are only earned by the host or primary player.Buggy - - These achievements may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.
This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

How to unlock the I Can't Quit You Dom achievement

  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter837,687
    21 Jun 2007 05 Aug 2008 09 Apr 2011
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    To do this achievement you must start from the very beginning of the game and finish all chapters and acts to the end. It doesn't have to be done in one sitting, but each chapter and act must be finished (difficulty also doesn't matter). Also this must be done in co-op (local or on LIVE) and you must NOT be hosting

    Follow the guidelines for the other Dom achievements and you will have this one in the bag easily, as well as these along the way:
    Gears of WarDom-curiousThe Dom-curious achievement in Gears of War worth 13 pointsComplete 1 co-op chapter as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty

    Gears of WarDominationThe Domination achievement in Gears of War worth 32 pointsComplete 10 different co-op chapters as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty

    Note: Just like in Gears 2, the tutorial at the beginning of the game counts as a "chapter" so if you don't get the achievement after finishing the game, make sure and try and do the tutorial at the beginning of the game first, to avoid having to make a possible 2nd run through.

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    Coffee CPHReach out to Microsoft or Xbox Support.
    Posted by Coffee CPH on 01 Jan at 07:04
    the life of pomHi all. So I've had this game since 2007 and have LITERALLY just got 'I can't quit you, Dom.' I've played 2 player a lot, here and there over the years and was certain I'd been through every chapter more than once. Today, I've played through the first chapter again with my wife's (dummy) account. It's just popped for me at the start of Ashes/Knock Knock. Am thinking I might not have done the tutorial til recently and then it needed me to play through another section or 2 before working out that I'd done all the rest already....? Not sure really, but thought I'd comment here as I feel the pain of those still trying. Never cleared my cache, have played on multiple difficulties. It popped during a casual play through. Good luck to anyone still looking for this.
    Posted by the life of pom on 02 May at 19:42
    Dr MartyHey pom, that's encouraging. I will try again some time on casual. That would be my 7th play through shock
    Posted by Dr Marty on 02 May at 20:18
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  • SoH AnarchySoH Anarchy168,733
    02 Mar 2011 04 Mar 2011 04 Mar 2011
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    Alright this is to try and help those who didn't get this achievement.
    While searching for solutions I came upon a couple.
    1. Do the tutorial at the very beginning of the game.(This is what I read, didn't really work for me.)
    2. When you join a game it doesn't automatically let you control Dom, so I think there is a certain time limit that you have to start controlling him. I remember my second time joining my friend I watched him run up some stairs before I took control of Dom.

    This next one isn't really a solution, but more of a tip to try and help you narrow down what it didn't count so you don't have to play the whole game again if you don't want to. Also this only really helps if you started at the beginning and have never played the story mode before as Don. If you don't get Domination right after chapter 10 then you missed one of the beginning chapters. I didn't pay attention to this my first play through but I remembered where I was when I got Domination.

    Hopefully this helps the ones that didn't get this when they thought they should like me.
  • olde fortran 77olde fortran 77262,739
    05 Feb 2012 06 Feb 2012
    14 3 0
    I've read a lot of comments regarding this being glitched, so I'm going to post a straightforward, detailed account of how I got it and the exact order in which I did it...

    I played through once on Casual and once on Hardcore, occasionally with some help over Xbox Live but often in single player.

    I played a few chapters online by joining someone else's campaign as Dom. This also means that I'd applied the latest update. I never cleared cache.

    Using a local, non-Gold profile, I started a new campaign on Casual. I set the game to split-screen and joined as Dom using my target Xbox Live Gold account on the same Xbox. I played through using the two accounts from the beginning. I chose the "training" option in the prison. I didn't play all the way through the game in one sitting. I stopped at times, saved, and turned off the Xbox. However, after starting the campaign, I never did ANYTHING else with either account (and I suspect this is significant). I would sign in the local profile, start GoW, split-screen, continue campaign, sign in the target profile, and proceed. Somewhere in the middle of a chapter (not the end, oddly) I got the "Domination" achievement. At the very end, as General RAAM falls over due to one too many bullets to the face, the achievement popped. One playthrough.

    Note: This was my 3rd playthrough and I'd pretty well gotten the hang of the game, so it was surprisingly easy with one person using two controllers on Casual. I needed a 2nd person for the first berserker (but not the second). The part where you chase a flaming car? As long as one player gets to the bottom then you're fine. The game says you died because the 2nd player didn't make it, but because the 1st player made it when the game "restarts at the last checkpoint", you've made it to the gas station (the next checkpoint).
    From towards the end of the 4th Act to the end, I had a 2nd person manning the second controller so I can't say how badly you need two people. I suspect you can't kill RAAM with only one person.
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