Overkill achievement in Halo 3


Kill 4 enemies within 4 seconds of one another in a ranked free for all playlist (Online).

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How to unlock the Overkill achievement

  • d3vilsNightd3vilsNight54,991
    10 Nov 2007 26 Aug 2008
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    Easiest way to get this is to wait for a Free-For-All King of The Hill game that takes place on a level with a Rocket Launcher.

    Get the Rocket Launcher, get a safe distance from the hill, wait until there are 2-3 people fighting each other and blast them. As most people gravitate around the Hill, this gametype is ideal for trying to get this achievement as everyone should frequently be in the same area. And if you are focusing on killing them, instead of getting inside the hill, you will have an advantage there.

    Note: be prepared to lose a few games while you try for this. Remember, you should be focused only on getting this achievement, not on winning the match, and you should get it fairly easily.

    Good luck!

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    lx JUMBO xlI‘m looking for people that need this achievment an other lone wolves achievments.
    Just send me a message on XBL.
    LW rank Is 18
    GT. lX JUMBO Xl
    Posted by lx JUMBO xl on 22 Nov 21 at 14:54
    PatrickCH7Would love to set up a session to get this for a crew of people - GT: PatrickCH7 - please invite
    Posted by PatrickCH7 on 02 Dec 21 at 20:19
    FrozenFlea9Need help with this I'm level 1
    Posted by FrozenFlea9 on 03 Jan at 00:56
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  • Fists of SteeleFists of Steele236,744
    16 Sep 2010 18 Sep 2010
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    This solution applies to most Free For All Achievements in ranked matches.

    Get into a boosting session with 6 other players within 10 ranks of each other to fill up a room. The rank of the highest player must be within 10 ranks of the lowest player for everyone to get into the same room.

    Using the Language Glitch Below:

    To do the language glitch, go onto your Xbox 360 Dashboard.
    Go onto the "My Xbox" section, and go to the furthest right option titled "System Settings".
    Select "Console Settings".
    Select the third option down, titled "Language and Locale".
    Select "Language".
    Go to your desired language, and press A. Then press B until you're finally back on the Dashboard.
    Load up Halo 3 on your XBOX, and memorize which option is Matchmaking; I believe its second from top option for Halo and third from the top for ODST.

    When in the lobby (before searching), press X, and select the bottom option. This makes your search customized, and is basically narrowing your search so that you are only paired with other players who are using the same Language on their Xbox as you.
    If everybody else has changed their Language to the same as yours, and searches at the same time as you, then you shall be paired relatively quickly. Then it's boosting time!

    Now part 2:

    If you have less than five players (Once in session go to the center of the map. Use the shotgun, sword or simply assassinate other players. Try to get to a smaller map and count two to three seconds between kills. Have the first guy run back to the center of the map hopefully within 14-16 seconds to get achievement to pop)

    If there are 5 or more. Well simply kill everyone within three seconds of each other.

    Hope this helps
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    Lazy with StyleYour solution is good but the part at the end about boosting with less than five players is not correct. The first guy needs to make it back to the center in 11-12 seconds. You don't count the first kill.

    The whole thing is done like this:
    - Kill first guy --> he runs back after respawning, time limits start now
    - Kill second guy within 3-4 seconds
    - Kill third guy within 7-8 seconds
    - Kill first guy again within 11-12 seconds

    So the first guy has to make it back 11-12 seconds after he got killed for the first time.
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 20 Aug 21 at 08:11
  • MIL5YMIL5Y511,765
    04 May 2009 01 Feb 2010
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    Prob the toughest achievement of the original 1000GS..
    Has to be done in a ranked Free-For-All playlist, either Lone Wolves or Mythic Brawl.
    Mythic Brawl is a double exp weekend playlist with 8-12 (pretty sure that's it). If it comes up it might be good to try there as your rank might be lower and there are more people to kill.

    For Lone Wolves, it's easiest in an objective match like King of the Hill or Oddball but Swords works well also.

    Swords: This is how i got the achievement, using Melee (B or RB for bumper jumper) as opposed to right trigger as it gives you the quicker slash if you clash swords with someone. Also try to find grenades because if two players clash, their shields go down and you can get an easy double with a frag.

    Oddball: an easy solution is to camp in a bubble or behind a shield door with the ball and melee. but if you trade beat downs with someone you ll be left with no shield. id recommend using the ball as bait in a room and try to pick up kills with a shotgun (boundless, guardian), sword (construct) or the rockets (foundry). grenades also work well as people are focused on getting ball time and are distracted.

    King of the Hill: doesn't come up too often, but works as well. if on The Pit id recommend using the rockets or sniper over the mounted turret as you can generally get two-for-ones if you aim your shot better. Good position to fire from is either from the sniper tower or the needler spawn as people are less likely to spawn behind you.
    On Boundless, grab the beam rifle and the shotgun and id just spam grenades and use the sniper or if you want to try your luck with a bubble shield in the centre of a hill and camp with the shotgun.

    If you're going to try on the Mythic Brawl DXP, there are some really good gametypes also:

    Brawl Rockets: infinite rocket ammo with 12 people on the map. Try to aim for two at once. also because of all the rockets flying around, people are constantly on low shields so melees and grenades work too.

    Brawl Swords: see above.

    Brawl Fiesta: I believe this is the easiest gametype. Run around with shotgun/sword and rockets and you'll get it easy. the Battle Rifle works well to as most use rockets so you can easily clean up kills with headshots.

    I hope this guide helps people.. Best of luck!!!
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    allstar738I tried getting this on Mythic Brawl and got 2 overkill medals and didn't get the achievement. Is this some kind of glitch or can you not get the achievement on a double EXP weekend?
    Posted by allstar738 on 18 Mar 10 at 12:05
    MIL5Yit had to be a ranked playlist which I'm pretty sure mythic brawl always is.
    I personally did all my FFA chievs in lone wolves but one of my mates did Two for One in Laser Tag on mythic brawl.. if you use bungie.net send me URL of he match you got the overkills in
    Posted by MIL5Y on 19 Mar 10 at 01:20
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