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Campaign Complete: Legendary

Finish the Campaign on Legendary (unlocks achievements for Normal and Heroic, if not earned).

Campaign Complete:  Legendary+0.1
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How to unlock the Campaign Complete: Legendary achievement

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    Quick tips:

    -Always use power weapons and weapons you are best with.

    -Play with at least two people. If you die then you'll respawn next to your friend if they are not in combat

    -Keep your distance to prevent death

    -Don't go all in with no sheild, take cover or call your friend(s) for a hand.

    -Remember the campaign is not the longest of all game campaigns so this should only take a few days. Or 1 day if you play solidly. The hardest mission is probably Cortana, this mission is where cover is essential.

    -Use all your items to good use. Equipment: for example trip mines if laid down can destroy enemy vehicles. Obviously your weapons and also your grenades: throw them into a large group of enemys for more effect.

    Remember to have fun, it's a great campaign.

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    thanatos8285Fun fact: you have to play each mission start to finish in 1 go if you want it to count, at least in co-op. If you exit the game and pick up from one of the Rally points, even if you have collectively completed the whole mission on Legendary, it won't count. I got a cinematic and thought that was the end of the level, so I exited out, and I noticed that the level wasn't done yet. Started it up again from the last Rally Point, which was about a 20-minute backtrack, and finished the level. Didn't give me credit for finishing the level. Still opened up the next level, but the screen that shows you the highest difficulty that you've completed the level on in solo and co-op was completely blank. Had to replay the whole level... and that level was THE ARK. SO THAT WAS A GREAT LEVEL TO HAVE TO REDO.
    Posted by thanatos8285 on 14 Feb at 22:38
    Ar0nP1aYz05There is no one to play with, I suck at this game and I need help to beat it
    Posted by Ar0nP1aYz05 on 18 Mar at 08:05
    ZUyanukaZ88If you don’t have a friend to play with get a second controller and play split screen by yourself, keep player 2 out of combat but close to you so when you die you just respawn and kill the enemies, after clearing out the enemies have player 2 die to respawn on you before going into the section with enemies, this becomes a little hard on Cortana cause sometimes you’ll have to protect player 2, the last mission is a pain in the ass to do with this method cause it’ll just be you defending yourself at the door while Johnson takes his sweat ass time, but place the two turrets you find at the door. Make sure player 2 is at the door too, and just run around and shoot. Once you’re done that part take a walk around your room cause from there on your basically done.
    Posted by ZUyanukaZ88 on 25 Mar at 12:41
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  • Quiksilver723Quiksilver723144,657
    31 Mar 2010 31 Mar 2010
    63 3 4
    Well I just got this and all except two of the early missions were done solo. It was hard no doubt, but certainly not impossible. I wanted to do it on Co Op all the way thru but could never get anyone to join me so I decided to try it on my own and surprised myself a little bit. Here are a few tips I havent seen listed here that I can give you:

    - Give your power weapons (i.e. fuel rod cannon, spartan laser, rocket launcher, etc...) to your Marines. Even if you're good with them give em up anyways, here's why. First off, the Marines are very good with them I've found. Second of all they have infinite ammo, so as long as they are kept alive they'll keep shooting all day long. A good use for these guys becomes apparent on the vehicle missions. In Tsavo Highway, early on I found a fuel rod cannon and gave it to the guy riding shot gun in my warthog. So between him and my gunner we tore up the next few areas faily easily. If your guy dies just give it to the next guy. If there isn't a next guy then keep it for yourself if you choose, because all the ammo will still be there that it had before you handed it off the first time. It's an effective strategy that helped me several times.

    - Also if you're pinned down don't be affraid to retreat and even try exploring a bit for some other weapons to help out. Another Tsavo highway example is at the part after the destroyed highway where you and some Marines get pinned donw by several brutes and even a wraith. I was stuck at the two buildings with the sniper rifle, trip mines and such but was running low on ammo so I waited for an opportunity and moved out of there, found a cliff I could scale up, followed the ledge to an area above the highway and found another sniper rifle which allowed me to snipe away at the remaining enemies from a great position.

    These should also help those of you in addition with the other good info here who may not be able to find people to play with. If you can do it Co Op then go for it, not only is it fun but it does help to have another person or three who you can coordinate with.
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    Quiksilver723yeah I'm pretty certain that as long as each mission is marked as cleared on legendary, despite what order you do them in, then the achievment should pop.
    Posted by Quiksilver723 on 07 Sep 10 at 14:38
    Angel ManFreddyThis may seem like a stupid question, but I just want to confirm that you completed some on co-op and some on solo and it popped? I've beaten a few on co-op and I don't want to have false hope if I beat the other missions solo and don't get the ach lol
    Posted by Angel ManFreddy on 07 Apr 11 at 19:03
    Quiksilver723Yes, I have 2 outta the 10 or so missions done Legendary on Co-Op only and the rest were done solo. And obviously I've already unlocked it, so I'm confident it should be the same for you.
    Posted by Quiksilver723 on 07 Apr 11 at 22:51
  • Anonymous RainAnonymous Rain73,176
    09 Oct 2009 09 Oct 2009
    60 5 4
    This may seem stupid, but the best and most overlooked tactic in the game is to STAY BEHIND COVER. If you want the achievement, get used to spending time behind walls and crates, and run away when necessary. Pop out, shoot an enemy, then get behind cover to reload or let your shields recharge. Wipe out all the enemies in an area before continuing, or you'll just be killed on the way.

    Doing it with a friend will be easier but if you want to do it alone, stay behind cover. If you're dying a lot, ask yourself if you're actually using cover, or just running in like rambo. You're probably just not trying hard enough.
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    P4NDA CAKESlmao if you don't your not to smart
    Posted by P4NDA CAKES on 12 Aug 10 at 17:28
    DecisiveGeckoYou don't always have 2 kill all the enemies be4 continuing like on the mission where you have 2 get 2 Voi I just ran passed them & it gave me a checkpoint lol hard part became easy XD.
    Posted by DecisiveGecko on 22 Jun 11 at 11:50
    Ar0nP1aYz05Good tips tho.
    Posted by Ar0nP1aYz05 on 18 Apr at 03:35
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