Exterminator achievement in Halo 3


Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the fifth mission.

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How to unlock the Exterminator achievement

  • DysitisDysitis59,356
    05 Oct 2007 21 Jan 2009
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    The fifth mission is "Floodgate". The easiest way to unlock this achievement is to play the level on Normal difficulty with a few skulls turned on.

    First and foremost, play with the "Catch" skull turned on. You only fight flood enemies in this level, and the flood don't throw grenades. Be wary though, because your elite allies will throw lots of grenades and they could end up killing you instead.

    I would also recommend turning on "Tough Luck", "Fog", and "Famine". They will give your score multipliers but won't make completing the level much harder.

    Try to stick to using the battle rifle for most of the level and use it to headshot the flood. Getting a headshot gives you a medal and will give you more points for the kill. At the beginning of the level, be sure to pick up the gravity hammer lying behind an upturned truck. Save it for when you're in tight situations or when you are out of battle rifle ammo.

    NOTE: This achievement can also be unlocked in coop, but you still must score over 15,000 individually. Turn on Free For All scoring instead of Team scoring to be able to see how many points you yourself have while playing the level.

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    Mazraelthese are definatly the right skulls for all the missions I've tried, although I messed it up first time trying (since I never tried before) when getting into the Flood/Covi ship trying to find the way past a large room, where infact this is where you need to be - just there was no waypoint in the room, wasted 5 minutes before 'stumbling' on what I was after...

    ..and yes, the level is called "Floodgate".. the 'level' called "Arrival" is actually the games Intro
    Posted by Mazrael on 12 Oct 10 at 00:07
    SmokingBmbr465Good solution...looks like you're taking that troll's comment a little too serious though :P

    The only thing I did differently was I carried a brute spiker the whole time and just melee killed everything...just ran through it for a time bonus punching things to death.
    Posted by SmokingBmbr465 on 07 Sep 11 at 22:21
    Myckel JayForgot to turn Catch on and got 14,980 points my first go with the other 3 skulls. 24k when I turned it on. Thanks!
    Posted by Myckel Jay on 21 Dec 18 at 08:03
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  • SnipeOut BoySnipeOut Boy94,328
    22 May 2012 20 May 2012
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    An important thing to note is that your score during the game includes your skull multipliers. So the only thing you will get at the end of the game in addition is the time bonus.

    So if you have lost a great deal of your time bonus, then don't continue to play the level thinking there is more bonuses at the end, because there is not.

    It is your style of play that determines the skulls you activate. My best advice is to play on Normal. The reasoning behind this is that where Legendary will net you points, you have a better chance of hitting the time bonus on Normal, and you can have more skulls on at once and it still will not be a big deal. Thus more bonus points.

    Start with three or four skulls on, and see how you do? If it is too hard, then start over and remove a skull.

    One the other hand, if you can net the required amount of points, then the time means nothing. On Tsavo Highway for instance, I hit the 15,000 points in game. So I just jumped in a ghost and skiddaddled to the end (running through the rest of the action), and got the achievement.

    And don't be afraid to die a few times, on Normal you don't lose that many points. Of course on Normal you shouldn't die all that much either. Time is the biggest bonus, try for that before you waste time lining up every headshot and multi-kill.

    Good Luck!
  • Murder of BirdsMurder of Birds78,372
    15 Aug 2013 10 Sep 2013 10 Sep 2013
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    For this achievement you'll need to earn at least 15,000 scoring points on the fifth mission of the Campaign, Floodgate. This can be done solo or with a few buddies. (I got all mine solo and using the method below)

    First you'll need to enable either Free-For-All or cooperative scoring from the campaign options. Then select the following for quickest results:

    Normal Difficulty
    Catch Skull - (1.00 multiplier)
    Fog Skull - (1.00 Multiplier)
    Famine Skull - (1.00 Multiplier)

    So you'll be playing on Normal difficulty with enemies chucking nades alot, no Mini-Map, and ammo pick-ups are scarce. However, being on Normal difficulty will make this a cakewalk. And having these 3 skulls on will start your kill scoring at a x3 Multiplier, so as long as you finish the mission within a reasonable time, and die little-to-no times you'll have more than enough points to pop your achievement!
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