Look upon my works and despair! achievement in BlackSite: Area 51

Look upon my works and despair!

Get more than 400 kills with each weapon

Look upon my works and despair!+0.6
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How to unlock the Look upon my works and despair! achievement

  • Fal1phorFal1phor63,582
    17 Feb 2009 28 Nov 2010
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    With this one there are a total of 6 weapons in the game, and 2 spots in the game in which you grind out the 400 kills for each of the weapons.

    First of all, you want to go on Topside for both these sections.


    You will getting roughly around 20 kills per run through. You can grind out the following guns here:

    Assault Rifle
    Plasma Rifle
    Sniper Rifle

    Once the chopper starts to land, you should kill yourself with a grenade to restart the area over.

    The reason why I like to do one weapon at a time(which you can do in segments of 100, 200, or the whole 400 at a time), is because its easier to keep track of your kills that way(5 run through per 100 kills). It makes it so you can get lost in your music or conversation without loosing count.

    [Catastrophic Success]

    Here you can grind out the following weapons:

    Scatter Gun
    Rocket Launcher

    Once you kill both the Octupus Dogs at the same time, they will respawn at the same time, so when using the rockets, you can get 2 kills at a time.

    The Rocket Launcher is on the roof on the right, and the unlimited ammo respawn for the rocket is somewhere under the roof that the Launcher is on.

    The Scatter Gun and ammo shouldn't be difficult to find.

    Using these methods are the quickest way to get the achievement, so good luck.

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    TSGTDRAGONYour guide is flawless! Thank you! And yes, melees count for the weapon you are holding.
    Posted by TSGTDRAGON on 03 Jan 15 at 07:30
    loco alien 505The levels Oversight and Catastrophic Success are in "Episode 5: Topside."

    I agree with this guide 100%, EXCEPT for the Scatter Gun kills. I personally think that Episode 6: Wrecked, Level 2 (Last Throes) was better for Scatter Gun kills. Other than that, flawless guide!

    +1 Positive
    Posted by loco alien 505 on 15 Apr 17 at 19:41
    DefiantZeroReally good guide for a game you have not played on that tag.
    Posted by DefiantZero on 31 Jul 17 at 02:51
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  • Eric FiltroEric Filtro504,286
    07 Jan 2012 05 Jan 2012 05 Jan 2012
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    Melee kills count towards each weapon. Just equip the weapon you want to get the kills with and if you run out of bullets, just start doing melee. This is helpful in Counter Insurgency: Transfer of Authority. This is where I boost Rocket Kills. I ran out of Scatter Gun ammo so I started meleeing Drudges as they came close and the achievement for 200 kills popped, which means that melee kills count towards the weapon you're holding.
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    Posted by Tan110688 on 21 Apr 12 at 08:01
    Foerllikey likey!
    Posted by Foerl on 19 Jul 14 at 17:52
  • Im the LoraxIm the Lorax307,749
    17 Jan 2012 20 Jan 2012 13 Feb 2012
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    This has been edited to look & read better from original "big wall of text" lol.. Ok have fun doing it in campaign like everyone else suggested while you have a helluva time counting actual kills and respawning if you die ect... I suggest 2 player private deathmatch. Invite your friend and fire away! Set the game for 2 players max, unlimited time, and 100 kills to win on Rachel (it's the smallest map).

    My buddy and I made a grid of all 6 weapons for 100,200,300, and 400 kills, checked them off as we went, never lose track, easiest/quickest way.

    Pick the weapon your gonna use and stand next to it, everytime you kill your boosting partner, he runs back to you rinse & repeat. It takes about 1/2 hour per 100 kills with each weapon. Muliply that times 4 for 400 kills that's 2 hours per weapon multiplied by 6 weapons = 12 hrs for achievement (per person).

    The best part about this is the other person doesn't even have to be in the game. Once they join they can walk away because after your 100 kills, the game will reload after a 10 second warm-up period. You will just have to run to them since they are idle, takes maybe 10 mins longer each game.

    Quick side note, for Plasma rifle and Rocket launcher they spawn really slow for some reason so I suggest meleeing (however you spell that) them. You can get about 2 melees with those while waiting for respawn. Also, the Plasma rifle is touchy, aim for your partners feet or slightly in front of their feet (where the reticle is NOT red) or else the bullet seems to just pass right through them wasting double ammo and time.

    If you have all weapons checked off and still no cheevo poped, do 1 more round and about 5 or so kills with each weapon. Might need a little more than 400 exactly since the cheevo says "more than 400 kills each). If you play campaign you probably won't even have to do all this, I skipped most of my pistol, machine gun, and rocket launcher since I played campaign 2 times all the way through when I did this cheevo.

    My buddy did this while I was at work and knocked out about 3 hours worth of kills I wasn't even there.. Please Vote positive for this sollution since no one else has a guide like this :) BIG THANKS to ConsiderPHLEBAS for figuring this all out with me and boosting like a mutha so we could both get this LOL :)
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    Homunculus FuryI would suggest re-writing this so it doesn't look like a big wall of text. I can do it for you if you would like. Don't mean to be insulting but it's a bit hard to read.
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 13 Feb 12 at 05:00
    Im the LoraxI'll work on it later today. I'd like to keep the solution mine being it's the only one like it, thanks. Glad it's working for you :)
    Posted by Im the Lorax on 13 Feb 12 at 12:41
    Homunculus FuryLooks great. thanks for putting this out there now i can finally finish the stupid game
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 13 Feb 12 at 19:43
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