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Accumulate 1000 total kills.

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How to unlock the Hardcore achievement

  • WolfVelocityWolfVelocity442,445
    03 Feb 2009 03 Feb 2009 11 Apr 2017
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    ***UPDATED 04/11/2017***

    *Scroll to update at bottom of solution for those who own both a 360 and a Xbox One.

    /// Super Easy Hardcore Kills With Just Two People ///

    Did this last night and it worked like a charm!! A friend of mine told me about this and thought I would post it for all.

    Set up a player match with you and a friend.
    The person going for the kills becomes an engineer.
    Build a dispenser first then use the money out of it to build a sentry right beside it. Make sure you upgrade the sentry by hitting it with your wrench to its max.

    The other player becomes a spy and needs to disguise himself so the sentry does not kill him.

    Go up to the sentry and place a zapper on it - The Engineer hits it with his wrench and it will count as a kill. Rinse and Repeat. If you are close enough to the dispenser you will regenerate money also so you will never lose health on your gun or Engineer.

    The kills will not count in your stats until the Engineer is killed by the spy. Me and a buddy of mine got about 1800 kills in about 1 hour and 45 mins and we had some "goof off" time in there.

    ***Update 04/11/2017*** ***Update 04/11/2017*** ***Update 04/11/2017***

    ***JSYK - You will need the DIGITAL version of the game to single-boost with a 360 and a ONE. Thank you Rickr304 for the info!***

    Now that the game is backwards compatible you can get this achievement by yourself if you are fortunate to have a 360 and an XBOX One.

    Once set up, rubber band RT on the engineer and use a sapper every few seconds on the other account.

    Use your live account on the 360 and another one on the one as you can share gold on that !!!

    Thanks to Calex dEUS for bringing this to our attention in the comments below.

    Good Luck!!

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    Gilbert PrimeFor the two rubber band solution, placing sappers does not negate the spy's disguise so remember to activate that before approaching the sentry gun. I kept forgetting about the 360 range of fire.
    Posted by Gilbert Prime on 06 Sep 20 at 21:41
    Mack StardustMy friend and I were befuddled at why we couldn’t select Spy for some reason. Had to go into options and change the spy limit to unlimited. Kinda bizarre.
    Posted by Mack Stardust on 01 Jan 21 at 23:37
    IceFrogger1313This still works perfectly as of 3/15/2022.
    Posted by IceFrogger1313 on 15 Mar at 23:06
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  • I8ITackyticsI8II8ITackyticsI8I766,483
    19 Feb 2011 21 Feb 2011 06 Feb 2012
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    There is an easier way than these other solutions, and will stop you accidentally being killed or messing around with disguising yourself due to the sentry turret. This was my idea and worked a treat in a gaming session a couple of days ago. Start up a game as normal, and then one person selects a spy and one person selects an engineer. The engineer sets up a dispenser unit. ONCE THE UNIT IS BUILT the spy can put up to 4 sappers on the dispenser in a row while the engineer whacks them off with his wrench. Make sure you do not do this early as otherwise the dispensers health will still be low and you run the risk of breaking it and then having to kill the engineer so he will have enough materials again. After this, the health gets too low and you have to wait one second (literally). After this, the health will be full and free for another four sappers. For each sapper smashed, the engineer will get one kill. These kills are then counted ONLY when the engineer is killed. This method literally gets you just shy of 30 kills a minute if you do it right. (I timed it exactly). If the dispenser is accidentally broken, set another up and try again. The engineer can also hold or rubber band the right trigger to hit the dispenser with his wrench. The spy takes a bit more careful timing. For each hit made to the dispenser itself without a sapper, the engineer will increase materials in case of mistakes.

    EDIT 05/02/2012: To secure the shortest time taken to get this achievement, (particularly if you are worried about making the mistake of destroying the dispenser early or the engineer running out of materials - this happened to me about 3 times total whilst aiming for this achievement, so it does happen!) instead of killing the engineer to get him more materials, you can use this method near the engineers spawn point so he can run in there and replenish his materials, therefore avoiding long respawn times (for mistakes) or just cutting down on steps taken to return to the boosting destination. (credit to Quarantane for this helpful tip/warning/alternative).

    HOWEVER - you must remember to kill the engineer every so often because (as a reminder) THE DISPENSER KILLS WILL NOT COUNT UNTIL THE ENGINEER IS KILLED. This meant that any mistakes that I made were almost welcome, as it was another chance to secure my kills. If the game time runs out and the engineer has not been killed at the end, he will lose all kills since he last was.

    Happy boosting!
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    xQu33nEmblaWorked like a charm. I used 58 minutes for the 1000 kills. I also did it with only me and a second account, so it's easy to do it by yourself.
    Posted by xQu33nEmbla on 30 Sep 12 at 14:33
    PrimeBigTimeI actually like this solution better. My buddy and I got 950 kills each in 1hr 15m. Positive vote from me!
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 02 Oct 13 at 04:27
    keke7302Can confirm this still works in 2020... Very easy to do.
    Posted by keke7302 on 23 Apr 20 at 10:04
  • TheBrumster89TheBrumster89117,484
    05 Dec 2011 06 Dec 2011 13 Jun 2012
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    Edit: 08 Dec 20011 - I posted my video guide at the end of all this text.
    Plenty of credit to FacelessEnd for helping me perfect this method and create the video guide for all of you.

    FacelessEnd and I were attempting WolfVelocity's method, which I know works very well, but in setting up a private and a ranked match we were unable to spawn as spies. We tried this two different days and no luck. After that, we tried sageon's method, and although it does work, it is a bit on the slow side. While we were plugging away with sageon's method for our second boosting session, I developed a method that is faster than sageon's method and nearly as fast as WolfVelocity's (a good substitute if you can't spawn as spies).
    1. Play on 2Fort
    2. Both play as Engineers
    3. Each players build Teleporter Entrances across the room from their base's garage door spawn room (NOT near the doorway, as explained later) and then run across to the other side and build a Teleporter Exit beside the other players Teleporter Entrance.
    4. One player (Player Y) will stand near the garage door of the other team. The player (Player X) who is at their home base will build a sentry gun (which is then immediately destroyed by Player Y) and then Player X will run into their spawn room to the lockers, refill money (automatic) and run out the door to quickly build another sentry (to be destroyed by Player Y).
    5. Once both players get in the rhythm of things, Player X will be able to run backwards to the lockers, saving time for refills, and Player Y will be able to use 1 pistol shot on each sentry gun as it is being created. I recommend building sentry turrets, because when you bring up the building plans it is the first on the list, and easiest to select with minimal button presses.
    Note: *This is why I say build Teleporters!*
    The achievement won't pop (i.e kills don't register) until the player who is doing the destruction gets killed. Every 10 minutes or so Player X should kill Player Y so that he can check on his achievement progress. The Teleporters quickly get you back into the action.

    FacelessEnd and I were both able to get 180 to 200 "kills" every interval of approximately 10 minutes once we got into the rhythm (which doesn't take very long despite how complicated this sounds). We destroyed turrets until we ran out of pistol ammo and then died as our method to keep the best tally possible.
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    QuarantaneWhile I did this simply by playing the game and getting kills naturally this looks like a pretty quick way to do this for those that don't enjoy

    Watched this, and saw you got 10 kills in about 40 seconds. For the sake of making this easy we'll say 10 kills per minute meaning you could get the achievement in 100 minutes, or an hour an a half. Give or take spawn times and teleport times. For those that would like to know exactly. And that would be if starting from scratch, obviously it would take less time if you have some kills already.

    Thumbs up.
    Posted by Quarantane on 05 Feb 12 at 22:57
    I8ITackyticsI8IThe achievement would pop after 67 minutes or an hour and 7 minutes if it was 1 kill every 4 seconds. Seems like a great alternative if you can't obtain a spy. Nice one.
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 05 Feb 12 at 23:58
    I8ITackyticsI8ISpawn times would bump it up a maximum of about 5 minutes I'd say, but probably not even that.
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 06 Feb 12 at 00:00
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