Neighborhood Watch achievement in The Orange Box

Neighborhood Watch

Save all buildings outside the missile silo from destruction.

Neighborhood Watch0
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How to unlock the Neighborhood Watch achievement

  • ClubStewClubStew249,456
    20 Jan 2008 14 Sep 2008 17 Feb 2014
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    You have to be quick and get to the Striders when they first appear. From

    "Strider 1: From Cranes, slow walking.
    Strider 2: From Sawmill, fast walking and will destroy the Sawmill if you
    aren't quick.
    Strider 3: From Water Tower, slow walking.
    Strider 4: Cranes, slow walking.
    Strider 5: Sawmill, slow walking.
    Strider 6: Water Tower, Slow walking.
    Strider 7: Cranes, fast walking, heads to building to south of Cranes.
    Strider 8: Water Tower, fast walking, heads to the building to south of the
    Water Tower.
    Short Break, stock up on supplies.
    Strider 9: Cranes, slow walking.
    Strider 10: Sawmill, slow walking.
    Strider 11: Water Tower, slow walking.
    Strider 12: Sawmill, slow walking.
    Strider 13: Cranes, slow walking."

    The following playlist was helpful for me to get this achievements:

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    IKSUThis YouTube video was helpful:

    I used easy difficulty and it was shorten than in this video.
    Posted by IKSU on 24 Apr 21 at 10:59
    Axwell DThanks this list helped me soo much :)
    Posted by Axwell D on 05 Jan at 17:42
    MelodicVirus118Video was extremelly helpful, made this way easier than it seems. Thanks! toast
    Posted by MelodicVirus118 on 07 Jan at 00:39
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  • The Planet PeteThe Planet Pete86,955
    28 Aug 2012 02 Sep 2012 03 Jan 2018
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    I just got the achievement and wanted to add some additional notes. This was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

    I used a combination ClubStew’s references and what MxOxRxRxIxS said about the “don’t look, won’t destroy” glitch. I tried the “walk backwards” technique but gave up when I realized I didn't need it :)

    Where does this happen?

    This is the last part of Chapter 6 “Our Mutual Fiend”.

    Play through the chapter until you’re sent outside to help defend the silo from Striders. Just before you get into the car, look to your left at the map. You have to look around the guard standing in front of it. Notice that the map shows 2 large buildings about half-way down, a Saw Mill near top-center and 2 small buildings at the bottom.
    External image

    What buildings am I trying to save?

    The 3 buildings that need to be saved are the 2 large buildings (one on the West side, South of the Cranes, one on the East side, South of the Water Tower) and the Saw Mill (top center). You do not need to save the 2 small buildings South by the Silo because they are not attacked.

    How many Striders am I fighting?

    There are 3 fast and 10 slow Striders plus 1 to 3 Hunters with each Strider.
    Strider #1-slow from the Cranes
    Strider #2-FAST from Saw Mill (from the East side of the Saw Mill)
    Strider #3-slow from Water Tower
    Strider #4-slow from the Cranes
    Strider #5-slow from the Saw Mill
    Strider #6-slow from the Water Tower
    Strider #7-FAST from the Cranes and heads to the building South of the Cranes
    Strider #8-FAST from the Water Tower and heads to the building South of the Water Tower
    Strider #9-slow from the Cranes
    Strider #10-slow from the Saw Mill
    Strider #11-slow from the Water Tower
    Strider #12-slow from the Saw Mill
    Strider #13-slow from the Cranes

    Which Striders destroy the buildings?

    Only the FAST Striders (#2, #7 and #8) will attack and destroy a building and each only attacks one specific building. The SLOW moving Striders will just work their way South to the silo and will not attack the buildings, so you have more time to deal with them.

    Does the “don’t look, won’t destroy” glitch really work?

    The “don’t look, won’t destroy” rule absolutely works! It’s ok to look at the 3 buildings UNTIL their respective fast Strider comes out. After that, any peek at the building will cause the Strider to open fire when it gets there. Until you look at the building, the Strider just walks up to it and waits.

    What other basics should I remember?

    - Use the Magnusson Devices (MD) on the Striders
    - Use Rockets on the Hunters.

    - Reload the car with a fresh Magnusson Device when ever possible.
    - Always clear out the Hunters before you move on. They destroy the Magnusson Devices while you’re trying to stick the Striders.
    - I used the Invincibility and Reload cheats with the Rocket Launcher.
    Invincibility = LB D-up RB D-up LB LB D-up RB RB D-up
    Ammo Reload = Y B A X RB Y X A B RB
    - Keep an eye on your Rocket Launcher ammo. If you switch weapons with zero rockets, you can't switch back to the Rocket Launcher and reload. If that happens, just restore the last save.

    Should I make changes to my controller settings?

    YES! You must at least clear the Gravity Gun quick-select (RB) because the Ammo Reload code uses RB. Also, remember to stand still while entering the codes. (thanks Epsilon Theta).

    I left the LT, RT and X buttons unchanged and I changed the Sprint command to RS. All the others controls I just cleared (including the Gravity Gun shortcut button). That means that the RB, LB, A, B and Y buttons did nothing when I entered the reload code.

    How often should I save?

    When you get somewhere SAVE. Just before you attack a Strider SAVE. After you kill a Strider SAVE. After you clean-up the Hunters SAVE. If you screw-up and empty the Rocket Launcher and then switch weapons (DOH) you just have to reload the most recent save.

    So, How did you do it?

    OK. Back to the game and the map.
    - Before you drive the car outside of the Silo SAVE - Note the date & time of this save. Never overwrite this one in case you need to restart the whole thing. You don't want to replay the whole chapter just to get back to this point!!! All future SAVEs in my description are implied so I’m not going to call them out. Don’t forget!
    - The video by mactiddy (below) is very helpful to take out the first 2 Striders, but the video stops after #4-slow.
    - Drive to the Saw Mill and take out #1-slow and #2-FAST just like the video does.
    - REMEMBER to refill the Car’s MD before you drive to the next Strider…
    - Drive East then South to chase down #3-slow south of the Water Tower.
    - Drive North then West past the Saw Mill towards #4-slow at the Cranes.
    - Drive East back to the Saw Mill and take out #5-slow.

    Here is where I deviated from the other solutions

    - By now you should have had warnings about #6-slow and #7-FAST.
    - IGNORE the warning about #7-FAST coming in from the cranes. Let him just go to the building and wait. He won’t destroy the building unless you’ve peeked at it since he started walking.
    - From the Saw Mill drive East then South and chase down #6-slow from the Water Tower.
    - Now we’ll go back and get #7-FAST who has been patiently waiting to die at his building South of the Cranes. While driving there, you need to avoid looking at the building. So… from the Water Tower building drive North-East towards the Water Tower, then West past the Saw Mill, to the Cranes then South-West. Drive through the trees and stick to the rocks on the left. Park behind the large boulders before you get to the Crane building. You’ve already been saving often (right?) and this is another good spot to save. You can peek around the rocks and see the Strider just sitting there.

    Can I peek at the building?

    - IMPORTANT Don’t look at the building unless you want to see what happens. In that case, look at the building and note how quickly the Strider destroys it. Then just reload the last save point when you're ready.
    - Use the Rocket Launcher to draw out and kill all the Hunters hanging around. Shoot them while looking away from the building. When done, grab the Magnusson Device from the car, peek around the rock just enough to see the Strider, then aim, shoot and kill. You gotta be fast because he’s going to shoot the building soon after you stick him with the MD.

    Only one Fast Strider left!

    - Don’t bother reloading the car with another Magnusson Device from the building you just saved. Just get in the car and drive FAST South then East to the building South of the Water Tower. You’re going there to kill the #8-FAST Strider. Cut through the trees to save time. Park in front of the Water Tower building. Run inside and get a Magnusson Device and then walk North/East towards the Water Tower. Strider #8-FAST will come from the tower and get to you before his Hunters. Proceed to kill him and then clean up the Hunters.

    WOW It Worked !!!

    - EXCELLENT, the last 5 Striders are easy to kill because they are all slow.
    - Drive over to the Cranes (after refilling Magnusson Device on the car) kill the Hunters with rockets, then MD Strider #9-slow.
    - Back to the Saw Mill for #10-slow
    - Over to the Water Tower for #11-slow
    - Saw Mill for #12-slow
    - Chase down #13-slow who by now is probably half way to the silo.


    And congratulations !!!
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    TanukiVThanks for the map. Took me while to be familiar with the surrounding and realize what is what.

    I did it all on foot though :) Killed all fast stryders with Magnusson balls and the rest stryders and hunters with rockets. I basically killed stryder 1, 2 (fast), 3, 4, 5, ran to kill 7 (fast), 8 (fast), then camped back at base to kill the remaining stryders (6, 9, 10, 11, 12) with Magnusson balls. There are 3 small houses with Magnusson balls at the base
    Posted by TanukiV on 28 Jul 14 at 09:21
    zr122Fantastic guide. I love the layout, the step-by-step instructions, everything. Extremely well done. I hope this gets moved up higher on the solution list. +1
    Posted by zr122 on 03 May 15 at 18:22
    Jacky chaudWhat a guide! Crystal clear and complete! Great work here dude!
    Can I add you don't need to remap any key. Both invicibility and ammo reload work with default settings. For ammo reload be sure to start the sequence with your gravity gun equiped.
    cheers smile
    Posted by Jacky chaud on 04 Mar 19 at 08:30
  • ConsPyreConsPyre43,975
    07 Jul 2010 07 Jul 2010
    56 4 17
    A simpler solution than this exists. If you listen to the developer commentary, they explain how they want the player to experience all of the cool stuff in the game, and therefore no buildings blow up unless the player can witness the destruction. Basically, save frequently, and use angles of sight to your advantage.
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    AnemonemanBy this logic, isn't it possible to just stand near the base and the striders will just walk past the buildings towards you?
    Posted by Anemoneman on 12 Mar 14 at 17:22
    AnemonemanI can confirm that this does not seem to work anymore, I just had a few tries and all got destroyed. However, there is a break between the 2nd and 3rd fast strider.
    Take out the 1st strider from the saw mill with the rocket launcher, then the first fast strider with a magnusson. reload the magunssons and continue.
    Take out the 2nd fast strider with a magnusson (drive ahead of it when you kill the regular strider before it) and refill at that building. Then you can take out the 3rd fast strider with a magnusson as well and the rest is very easy with unlimited rockets.
    Posted by Anemoneman on 12 Mar 14 at 17:58
    NicholasDid the exact same thing as Kirkless.
    Had 1 where the strider was already at the building and as soon as I looked in that direction, it would destroy the building. Backed up to it to take out the hunters first, then the strider.
    It should be noted that by doing it this way, if the strider is already poised to take out the building, it won't shoot at you. So if you aren't using the invincibility cheat, you won't need to worry about it.
    Excellent solution.
    Posted by Nicholas#8183 on 17 Jul 14 at 22:54
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