The One Free Bullet achievement in The Orange Box

The One Free Bullet

Beat Episode One firing exactly one bullet. Grenade, crowbar, rocket, and Gravgun kills are okay!

The One Free Bullet0
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How to unlock the The One Free Bullet achievement

  • a laundrymana laundryman161,375
    26 Oct 2007 23 Jul 2008
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    The only bullet you have to use is a lock when you crawl out of a vent.

    Other than that, using grenades, rockets, the crowbar, and the grav gun are the only things you can kill with.

    The grav gun is great for quickly grabbing something and chucking it at an enemy.

    You can play on easy if you need to. Other than that, this is a really easy one. You can do it in one sitting.

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    russolini77I used flares with the gravity gun and got the cheevo. I also used the gravity gun to hurl weapons. I used hopper mines (both setting on ground and tossing at enemies) and still got it. I didn't try using grenades. One tip though, it says you can use rockets and energy balls, but those are required to finish the game. But in some places, the rockets come in REALLY handy and don't prevent you getting the cheevo, assuming you can find an endless supply (helping refugees to the train at the end of the game).
    I just ran around with the gravity gun equipped all the time and once I picked up the crowbar it was a lot easier, otherwise you had to wait for Alyx to clear out the baddies or keep hucking objects at them. Good thing she never seems to die.
    I did NOT use the fixed/mounted machine guns. I don't think I saw any actual "turrets" as in the things that bleep and squeal at you until you knock them over, but maybe someone meant the fixed/mounted machine guns when they said turrets.
    Posted by russolini77 on 22 Nov 14 at 09:04
    iamdefonotanerdRemember, it HAS to be from Chapter 1, which was my mistake. I started from Chapter 2 as I accidentally missed the "Contain the citadel core without killing any stalkers" achievement, and then decided to only use the Gravity Gun for the remainder of the game, and nothing unlocked except a measly 10G which I traded for a valuable 40G
    Posted by iamdefonotanerd on 09 Feb 15 at 17:04
    Ducc FeetI misread "episode 1" for "episode 2"...
    Posted by Ducc Feet on 30 Jun 18 at 05:27
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  • Mister SergeantMister Sergeant73,917
    09 May 2009 21 Jul 2009 25 Oct 2009
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    The one bullet must be fired during the level "Lowlife". The room where you get the shotgun and the 9mm is entered through the A/C vents and can only be exited by SHOOTING the lock on the door. If you miss the lock, then you should stop playing video games.

    After you fire your one shot, proceed through the game whilst only using grenades, rockets, crowbars, and the Gravity gun.

    Grenades are limited so use against large groups of enemies and snipers located in the windows.

    Rockets are mainly useful against gunships but can also be used during the civilian evacuation near the end as there are plenty available in both scenarios.

    Apart from using the crowbar in confined spaces, your best bet is the Gravity Gun since it essentially has unlimited ammo and kills most enemies in one hit from anything.

    If you do feel the need to cheat (even though this achievement is already very easy without them), use the above Invincibility cheat to get in close with the crowbar and use the Ammo Spawn cheat (Y, B, A, X, RB, Y, X, A, B, RB) to restore your rockets and grenades.
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    LegitamateTitWhen I read this in my head it was in Charlie Kelly's voice...
    Posted by LegitamateTit on 19 Nov 12 at 04:43
    HerrKätzchenThat made me laugh :D
    Posted by HerrKätzchen on 21 Jul 13 at 11:51
    smplguyI as well laughed with Toboloco. I felt superior to anyone that couldn't manage shooting the lock.

    Then I played the entire thing thru myself only shooting that one lock ... yet, no achievement. After some research I learned that using the shotgun on the lock nulls the achievement as well.

    My problem was that I only had the shotgun at that point because I'd avoided picking up any guns to make it easier not to make a mistake.

    Ugh. Just a warning for others.
    Posted by smplguy on 20 Oct 14 at 19:59
    02 Oct 2010 02 Mar 2010
    33 1 1
    The only thing i would like to add to what has already been said above is that you MUST PLAY FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME.

    you won't get a gun till chapter three, but you still must play through the first two chapters.

    i tried skipping to chapter three, i beat the game with only one bullet, and it didn't pop. i had to start all over.
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    Danny DreamsOhhhh this must be why i didnt get the achievement. I completely forgot. Damn. I started from the beginning but at chapter 3 i loaded chapter 2 to get the 'Pacifist' achievement and continued from there.
    Posted by Danny Dreams on 25 Jul 10 at 16:16
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