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Save your allies with the Tree of Life.

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How to unlock the Healer achievement

  • Tatakai no KamiTatakai no Kami411,886
    21 Feb 2010 24 Feb 2010 12 Mar 2010
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    This is really just to clarify a few things.

    Two of the other solutions are almost correct and third has one piece of information that is partially correct. This achievement is gained from healing enough damage in 1 round (not one match as one solution says) of a 6-11 round game. The amount of health healed is equivalent to 5 whole life bars or 50 health blocks. Team Killing Damage doesn't count. Bleeding out you're own team doesn't count. And it can be across multiple players on your team. (not one like another solution says).

    The ratio is important. 5.0 ratio means 5 full health bars healed to get this achievement the ratio for healing has to jump by 5 points in a round. It's the total points you heal each round. Not an average and has nothing to do with whether or not anyone else casts healing. The amount other people heal during a round does not affect your ratio in any way.

    Say at the beginning of round 2 your current ratio is 2.3 this means in round 1 you healed 2.3 life bars worth of health or 23 blocks. at the end of round 2 your ratio needs to reach 7.3 or even 7.4 just to be sure.

    I finally got this achievement by dropping 3 trees on a bleeder in the last minute of a game, and I don't think I was the only one to cast tree.

    I hope that clears up any confusion

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    Tatakai no KamiGood to know. thanks
    Posted by Tatakai no Kami on 05 May 10 at 15:08
    Mobius EvalonMy group received a healing ratio of 1.1 to 1.8 in one round and still got this achievement. 5.0 was impossible to accumulate in one match, much less a single round.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 01 Jun 13 at 20:35
    Aj6627Are you guys sure that this isn't another "career cheevo" like the smoke one?

    I just got it at the end of a match where I had 1.8 healing for the entire match.

    Either it's glitchy, it's a career cheevo, or the game took pity on me.
    Posted by Aj6627 on 21 Jun 13 at 18:24
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  • Celes KilmerCeles Kilmer1,610,801
    09 Dec 2014 09 Dec 2014 09 Dec 2014
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    There is a much simpler way to get the healer achievement that only takes 1 round per person. We just did this in a 4v4 match (Myself, Lumberjay85, Eos Creon, WhiteneggXI, Cynicgods, Jimmy Noe, and 2 2nd accounts).

    We had the person going for the achievement on Lineage, buy tree of life, and everyone on Lineage used a Human. Someone from RNA came over and did 3 headshots with a pistol in all 4 players on Lineage. Drop a tree of life (only 1 person!) and everyone fully heals. Now repeat the process for a 2nd set of headshots and tree of life to heal.

    After everyone has fully healed twice, RNA kills everyone on Lineage (the team with the player going for healer) to end the round. The player going for the achievement had a 1.0 healing ratio in the score board. While the 2nd round was loading, we did a server quit, and the achievement unlocked.

    The damage must be dealt by the opposing team, team damage does not work (we attempted that first).

    This was confirmed by someone who has used Tree of Life many times over many sessions, and someone who has never used it and was new to the game. It is *NOT* an achievement received by some amount of lifetime healing, and it is not tied directly to the ratio of healing listed in the scoreboard.

    Follow the above steps, and you to can be the proud owner of this achievement in just a few minutes!
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    Eos CreonVery true, as for I am "the one that never used the tree of life", and only 3rd time ever playing the game. I unlocked the achievement with the above solution. Awesome guide! toast
    Posted by Eos Creon on 09 Dec 14 at 04:59
    Jimmy NoeI can confirm this, it was done in 2mins each. Wish we worked this out earlier instead of playing whole matches.
    Posted by Jimmy Noe on 09 Dec 14 at 05:40
    Lumberjay85Since we determined the max ratio per round is 1.0, I think the achievemetn may be based on an unknown ratio based over the entire match. Since we quit after the first round, there was only a maximum possible 1.0 (or maybe 2.0 because the second round had technically begun). In porportion to the amonut of possible healing points for that game, since there was only one round, the player had a very high percentage.
    Posted by Lumberjay85 on 09 Dec 14 at 16:24
  • iDaProphetiDaProphet410,230
    17 Aug 2007 25 Sep 2008
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    This one can be a little tricky. You have to heal 5 whole life bars of your teammates with the tree of life in one match. Easiest way is to throw a tree beside someone who is bleeding out and guard that person so noone will come up and kill them. Keep popping out trees as needed and you'll get it.
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