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Human Player

Play as a Human for one hundred games.

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How to unlock the Human Player achievement

  • Phantom XBLPhantom XBL192,542
    31 May 2012 30 Jun 2012
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    Lot's to read here, but well worth it. Expect to get 100 games played in 90 minutes or less with this method.

    This is the official server quit method for ALL 4 Shadowrun "Play as this Character" achievements. This method will ALSO work for "100 Wins", for "Well-Rounded" and "Well-Traveled". (See below).

    First things first, to do server quits you need a minimum of 8 players. 4 on RNA, 4 on Lineage. You can have more than 4v4 and the teams CAN be unbalanced, but you NEED 4 on each team minimum.

    There are two keys roles in making an effective server quit session go down.

    One person will be the "Server", this person is chosen by the game and is usually the person with the best connectivity to all other players. The other person is the "Party Leader".

    Here's how it works:

    Start the game with 8 players, 4 on each team (you can have more, and you can have unbalanced teams after the minimum 4v4 has been achieved). Once you (the host) have launched the game a countdown will begin, at which time the game will pop up with a box in the lower mid section of your screen informing you of who the server is. This is the person that will need to quit out.
    Once the server quitter has left the match, a screen will appear informing you that they have left and the game is choosing a new person to be host. You will be stuck on the in-game menu for 15 seconds or so and then it will take you back to the lobby. IMPORTANT: Once you are back in the lobby, hit SETUP, then select a MAP, and then a GAMETYPE. This will bring everyone back into the lobby as well (except for the server quitter, they need to join) and it will also ready up the entire party! Once the server quitter rejoins, they will need to ready up and then you can launch the game again! Sometimes after you have hit SETUP and selected the MAP and GAMETYPE it will still show everyone as invisible, if this happens simply REPEAT the method of choosing a MAP and GAMETYPE a second time, this will always bring them back. Once is usually enough but sometimes you need to do it twice.

    NOTE: To keep the method going fast as possible, the party leader and server quitter should be on each others friends list (in case of online privacy enabled) and in the same party, the party leader should also make the game options set to OPEN, NOT Invite Only. This will allow the server quitter to join faster via the guide menu by simply going to the party tab and selecting Join in Progress.

    As soon as the game starts up you can quit out. You DO NOT have to wait for the announcer to say "Game on", once you have quit out the game will take you back to the main menu. From here you will need to open your guide button on your controller and go to your friends list/party tab. Find the person who is the party leader, or anyone in the party, select their gamertag and hit "Join Session in Progress". This will put you back into the lobby for the next quit out. Once you have joined the lobby you will need to select "Ready". You are the only player that will need to select ready. Once you have done so the host should launch the game again.

    NOTE: 9 times out of 10 the server will remain the same person, however sometimes it will change it to another random party member. You will know when it has done this once the normal person who server quits has left and the game continues to run. If this happens, simply have the party leader bring the lobby back to the lobby and start fresh.


    Q: Does the person quitting out, (the server quitter) get any credit?
    A: YES, even the person quitting out will get the achievements!

    Q: How do I get 100 wins with this method?
    A: Simply choose any map with the game type EXTRACTION and make sure you are on the team RNA! Every time the server quits with you on RNA in the gametype Extraction, you are gaining 1 win!

    Q: Can I get "Well-Rounded" with this method?
    A: YES. Even though the achievement CLEARLY says you need to play a public match, you CAN do this in private. Simply choose each of the four characters per match. This can also be done while server quits are going on.

    Q: Can I get "Well-Traveled" with this method?
    A: YES. The only thing you need to remember for Well-Traveled is that you NEED to be on the winning team for it to register, this too can be done in private matches, even though it CLEARLY says public. The winning team for Extraction will always be RNA, and the winning team for Attrition is always Lineage. While doing server quits, if this achievement is needed, simply have the party leader cycle through every map on every gametype. This should net the achievement for anyone who does not yet have it!

    Further questions can be sent to me via PM.

    Thanks all, and enjoy!
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  • Scoochi2Scoochi2327,974
    31 Jul 2010 06 Mar 2011
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    NOTE: 1 game is a full match of between 6 and 11 rounds (first team to 6 wins).

    Just keep playing as a Human to eventually unlock this achievement, so long as each game has at least 4 players on each side. If you leave the game early it won't count as a game so just stick with it.
    However if the server leaves (usually the player with the best connection) then that game will end and it WILL count.

    There is no way of finding from the game how many games you've played, so you'll have to either count it or do a bit of guesswork.

    The best way to boost is to find at least 4 people for each team and keep starting games. At the start it will say who is the server. The server then quits the game (after just a few seconds) and everyone gets +1 to their games played. Then just re-invite that person to the lobby and repeat. Far faster than playing 100 actual games.
    If nobody saw who the server happens to be, you can find out when you try to quit. It will normally say something along the lines of "Do you really want to quit?" but if you are the server it will tell you it will end the game for everyone. Everyone needs to try to quit but only accept if they really are the server.
  • Glycerin GhostGlycerin Ghost152,980
    18 Oct 2009 23 Sep 2009 29 Sep 2009
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    Simply play 100 ONLINE games as a Human.
    Humans start out with $2,500 to spend. Enough for a sniper rifle. Also, don't forget that humans have no essence penalty when using tech.

    Some side notes I pulled from that are must read, provided by Smokez.

    All the achievements will unlock at the end of the match. If you quit early, disconnect, or are booted out of a match, nothing you did during that match will count. If the server (not you) leaves, and you see the "The Server has disconnected" screen, your stats will count, and you will credited with a win regardless of the score. Remember, teamkills will not count in an way towards any achievement. All totals will only count when the match has at least four human (as in non-CPU, not the Shadowrun race) players on each side.

    In order to boost:
    1) Start up a private party and invite at least 7 other people.
    2) Bring the party into a Private Match.
    3) Arrange the teams, and make sure all players have marked themselves 'ready'.
    Make sure all players know exactly what they need to do, and start the match.
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