3 for the Price of 1 achievement in Shadowrun

3 for the Price of 1

Kill three enemies with one grenade.

3 for the Price of 10
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How to unlock the 3 for the Price of 1 achievement

  • iDaProphetiDaProphet410,230
    17 Aug 2007 14 Sep 2008
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    easiest way to get this is to kill an enemy that has at least two resurrections and then hope the two that are rezd bleed out otherwise you'll have to get lucky and find a few in a corner somewhere and kill them with one grenade

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  • Phantomzero17Phantomzero1784,877
    22 Dec 2010 09 Apr 2012
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    Although you could include some of you xbox live friends if you test it out first and you don't lag out.

    First off you will need to create user accounts on your PC. You do this by going to the control panel and finding the user accounts section.

    (The Next two steps can be done in either order)

    Once you have 10 user accounts (9 new ones and your own) you will need to log into each one seperately and activate Shadowrun on each user account.

    Next go to 10minutemail.com (or a mix of hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc) and create 9 new xbox live accounts on xbox.com.

    Now you can log back in with your account or one of the boosting ones on each account so that you can change the video settings. Set everything to low and put it in smallest size in windowed mode.

    Once you have all 9 accounts made and the correct settings for each one you need to choose 1 for each new user account. Then set the login to auto for each of the "bots" to save you time later.

    Add all 9 of the bots to your friendslist or add 8 or the bots to one and add just that one using that one bot to send invites to all of the bots when you start putting the lobby together.

    Now that you have that all in order its time to boost.

    Make sure that you are also set to the lowest settings, or if you think you can handle it go ahead and bump up a little bit.

    1) Host a private lobby of extraction on Lobby.

    2) Invite all of your bots

    3) Log in as each bot to join the game.

    *NOTE* This is where many people screw up. Do not, do not, do not use CRTL+ALT+DELETE to switch between user accounts. Instead hit the Windows Key (Its right next to the Alt key on most keyboards) and the Windows start menu will pop up on the side. Now click on an empty area of your desktop. Then hit the windows key again and select switch user. Do this for each of the accounts as you sign in and next to switch. The reason being that when you do it the other way the game stops in its tracks. And while the bots usually stay in you will experience much more lag and they take longer to kill on occassions. That and they are much, much, much more prone to lagging out. For some odd reason when you do the click on the Desktop method the game runs just as smoothly as if the player was still there.

    4) Set 4 players up on the RNA side (Including yourself) and 6 on the Lineage side.

    5) Make sure everything is set to your liking. With bots set up to certain races if need be for you to work on other achievements.

    6) Start the game.

    7) Do not do anything, even move.

    8) Your not playing a Local game with bots your still playing on Xbox Live. Everything you do has to be sent out and then re-recieved by your computer for each and every user account. The first few kills or minutes can and will lag. Although on a few occassions during non-peak hours I ran silky smooth from the get-go.

    9) Buy whatever you want that you can afford. Avoid explosives or even using your grenades the first time. And do not jump off of anything.

    10) Run over to the Lineage Spawn and kill all 6 of your bots. I just used my pistol.

    11) Next round do the same thing only shoot them all 3 times in the body (not the head or they'll die) to weaken them.

    12) Then chuck a grenade into the group and you should get three or 4 of them.

    13) Finish out the match getting kills with whatever else you might need to get kills with or whatever weapon pleases you.

    Thats it. You can use this method with a few alterations to earn many of the achievements. I used it for 3 for the price of one, Summoner, Master Theif, Master Blaster, Godlike, and That's one Frustrated Sniper. Can be used for God Like, Heavy Smoker, Special Delivery whatever. Although I wish I would've thought of this sooner.
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