Blowhard achievement in Shadowrun


Gust 5 enemies to their deaths.

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How to unlock the Blowhard achievement

  • iDaProphetiDaProphet410,230
    02 Aug 2007 25 Sep 2008
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    You don't necessarilly have to gust your opponent to their death to get this achievement. As long as the wording comes up that you had forced someone to fall to their death it counts toward the achievement. You can do this just from shooting someone as they fall from a high enough elevation that your shots and the combined impact of the fall kills the opponent. Or on certain maps you can just gust someone off the map.

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    AlonsoFiveThe easiest way to do this is against elves coz they like to use smoke alot

    gust does lots of damage to smoked enimies so as soon as someone goes in smoke gust em
    also when they are standing on a high ledge gust em off they should die.
    also what profit said if it sais ... forced ... to fall to his death this counts towards the achievement
    Posted by AlonsoFive on 23 Mar 09 at 20:13
    MeticulousMighti have to agree with storm. if your a troll or what not and your fighting an elf, they will most likely run for cover when their health is low with smoke. this is the time when you want to gust them and take a huge chunk of their health away hopefully killing them.
    Posted by MeticulousMight on 09 Jun 09 at 17:54
    Aj6627I just wanted to post a note that this was, at least for me, a tad glitchy.

    I got it randomly at the end of a match where I didn't shoot anyone falling, and didn't even buy gust.
    Posted by Aj6627 on 29 Jan 13 at 06:23
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  • Sera Di SiahSera Di Siah1,231,649
    19 Dec 2007 05 Nov 2012 22 Mar 2013
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    Gusting someone to their death might be tricky, Gust itself does barely any damage at all and online you won't really get the chance to gust a player of a high edge and killing them with the fall.

    The best way to get this online or in a boosting lobby is to let the enemy get himself in smoke, and you gust them. When you're doing it legit and damage andother another player enough they will mostly run off in gust and you can insta-kill them while their in smoke. It does a whole lot of damage!

    Same goes as in a boosting lobby, just shoot the enemy a few times, let them get in smoke and gust him to death.

    Achievement unlocks at the end of the match and remember when doing this in a boosting lobby, it will only count if there's 4 players on each team.

    Hope this helps!

    Note: Gusting enemies off the map on the map Maelstrom does also count for this. But the other method is still easier I think.
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    This one, just like the one for strangle, is very easy to boost and wont take much time at all. However, it isnt that hard to get legit. All i did was have gust handy so i could wipe out elves with katanas that just smoke and then run away and hide (like all elves do). Chances are if you have gust handy, and theres an elf on the other team, you can get this in under an hour. You can also get kills for throwing someone off the end of the map, so dont rule that out!
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