Longevity Master achievement in Viva Piñata

Longevity Master

Played the game for 50 hours (real time)

Longevity Master0
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How to unlock the Longevity Master achievement

  • DiddleMyOrificeDiddleMyOrifice125,174
    06 Nov 2010 13 Jan 2010
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    As said before this game requires 50 of play time.
    This is equal to 250 days in game time.
    To do this simply attach a USB charging cable so that the controller doesn't power down. Then you can either:
    1 Go to Costolot and buy something but don't place it.
    2 Hit X and go to the Tower of Sour
    This keeps you from being interrupted by things like a pinata request. Now you can walk away and let the garden handle itself.

    If your worried about your garden being ruined or loosing pinatas you can start a new garden because play time is counted from all gardens together.

    To find you play time go to your journal and find the Player Status tab.
    Every day is 12 minutes

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    SouldantDoes it count if you go idle or not ?
    Posted by Souldant on 11 May 21 at 20:33
    ijiekmotorsSo important to remember this is different on Xbox One and you will have to tape your controller or wrap a usb wire around it to keep the joysticks moving so your whole console doesn't go idle. I wasted ages because I didn't realize this! Good luck everyone.
    EDIT: also, for those on xbox one, please check it's still all working when you can. exit costolots to see if it has frozen or not. i left it running till the achievement should have dinged, only to exit costolot, and it froze, and none of the progress saved. if you can, leave every couple of hours and save, and set it up again. better safe than sorry.
    Posted by ijiekmotors on 15 May 21 at 14:56
    Greedy136I received every award in this game and reached the maximum player level of 108. I used online help for the variants and evolutions, but tried the rest on my own and managed to get everything in a single garden. I really enjoyed the game and it took me 43 hours in-game time (215 days). I expect hardly anybody to receive this achievement in normal play. Now I have to keep me Xbox on for seven hours. That's stupid (but the solution is great).
    Posted by Greedy136 on 27 Nov 21 at 09:14
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  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    83 13 22
    This achievements is for playing 50 hours, real time.

    How to get: Go to costolot, buy anything, then place it but don't buy it (Y). Then, just leave the screen like that, go to work/sleep. :D
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    Holymegaflaretower of sour method doesnt work for me. i was at day 166. 1st day i left it on for 8 hours, 2nd day i left for work i left it on for 6 hours...still at day 166.
    Posted by Holymegaflare on 20 Jun 14 at 20:05
    Holymegaflarenow i feel dumb lol. It keeps count of the days but it only updates when you do something lol.
    Posted by Holymegaflare on 20 Jun 14 at 22:58
    Friggin GreaseWorking 12 hour shifts I unlocked this in like 4 days...
    Posted by Friggin Grease on 23 Oct 15 at 21:06
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    Another way to do this is to go to your tower of sour, then let the game run.
  • Barad 007Barad 007842,644
    23 Jul 2010 13 Sep 2010 13 Sep 2010
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    Yupp as the others said, 50 hours is 250 in game days so quite a lot, I was only at 125 days when I had my 980G on this game so I had more than half of the time left! Quite a bit of time, so I just plugged my play and charge kit it and sat on the tower of sour menu, here there are no interruptions or effect to your garden,

    I personally left my game on to do this around 3-4 hours every night for a week until I got my achievement because I would be awake all night doing random crap on my laptop but of course you can try this method any time you have for this lengthy achievement.

    Good luck!
  • SeMi KiDSeMi KiD282,143
    14 Jun 2018 13 Jun 2018
    16 0 1
    If you are playing on xbox one like me and the play time in the journal isn't going up as ironinfidel47 said....

    Here's what worked for me:
    I did the same as the xbox 360 owners. (costalots shop method, picking a seed and not planting or in my case it worked with placing a fruit some where.)

    What I do to prevent the clock from freezing:

    Tie with a rubberband or hair tie on both of your analog sticks so they are both moving.... Also I plugged in my controller the the top (front single port) usb port closest to the disc drive... Don't know why but i was having problems plugging it in to the rear of the console (2 ports).

    Let it sit and check up on it so it is constantly moving and the clock in the top right is moving. Also the screen is still bright and not graying out (another frozen/paused game/clock indicator).

    This is what worked for me. Hope it works for you as well.
  • IronInvoker47IronInvoker47538,134
    11 Jun 2016 08 Jun 2016
    12 0 0
    This solution pertains to anyone having problems with their game freezing on the One. Hopefully there are few people with this issue.

    So obviously you need to play for 50 hours.

    The problem is, once you finish the other 49 achievements, you definitely shouldn't be at 50 hours. I finished at 19.2 hours. Leaving the game on the garden with a wired controller leaves you subject to Langston asking for a challenge, pausing the time. And for me, playing on the XBox One, the game froze every time I kept it idle on the Tower of Sour. I think the solution for this is to (unfortunately) delete your saves off the cloud and start a new garden to the point where Costalot's store opens. Do not plant any grass or fix up any hard soil you don't have to. Whirlims and Sparrowmints will become residents, and Whirlims will have an egg as part of the tutorial, but after that, there will be no more interruptions, such as Langston's challenges, because you're too low of a level.

    The reason for using this method is that the Tower of Sour method does not autosave. I left my console on for an entire day just to find out it froze sometime between and no time was saved. The only problem is to find a different place to store your saves so you don't deal with Langston's challenges, as you retain your level when making a new garden.
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