Chewnicorn Healing achievement in Viva Piñata

Chewnicorn Healing

Player has healed a Piñata with the Chewnicorn's power

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How to unlock the Chewnicorn Healing achievement

  • JokerHDJokerHD192,057
    19 Feb 2009 18 Feb 2009 15 Aug 2011
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    Appear Requirements: Get the Horstachio master romancer award
    Visit Requirements: Have a gem tree in the garden
    Resident Requirements: Eat 15 gems, have a fully grown gem tree in the garden

    Once you have a Chewnicorn, when a pinata is sick direct your Chewnicorn to the sick pinata, the Chewnicorn should heal it and Achievement Unlocked.

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    IQwzYou can also make a pinata sick by whacking it with the spade. It might take one or two shots!
    Posted by IQwz on 11 Aug 10 at 01:50
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  • JayourJayour1,111,785
    07 Apr 2008 21 Dec 2010
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    Chewnicorn is one of the harder piñatas to obtain, using this method it'll help speed up the long process but a lot of it is down to waiting for one to turn up and when it does hoping it eats some gems!

    Appear requirements;
    To make a Chewnicorn appear you'll need to have obtained the "Horstachio Master Romancer Award", to get this you'll need to successfully breed your Horstachios 5 times so that you have 7 of them in your garden, alternatively if you have the chocolate coins to spare you can pay Gretchen Fetchem to catch a Horstachio for you, repeat this process until you have 7 of them in your garden and you'll still receive the "Horstachio Master Romancer Award", for more information on how to attract a Horstachio to you garden see here;

    Visit requirements;
    Once you've attracted the Chewnicorn to come close to your garden the next step is to make it want to visit your garden, to do this you need to have a gem tree in your garden, now while the trees maturity doesn't matter for this stage you should grow it to full maturity as you'll need to for the next step.

    Resident requirements;
    To make a Chewnicorn want to become a resident of your garden you'll need to have a gem tree which is grown to full maturity, this is easier then it sounds, while growing the gem tree keep it watered, hopefully by the time you're going for this achievement you'll have access to the watering can which you only need to use once to keep a plant well watered through it's entire growth, you'll also want to visit Ivor Bargain and purchase his special fertilizer, use this on the tree as it grows, doing this will make the tree grow to it's full maturity. The Chewnicown will also need to eat 15 gems from the gem tree, there's no fast way of making him eat these gems, he'll just eat them as he pleases.

    Alternatively if you have a friend who already has a Chewnicorn they can send one to you over Xbox LIVE which will save you having to get one yourself, unfortunately not everyone can get hold of one so easy and if you can't use the above method, it might take some time but you will get one eventually.

    Now, once you have a Chewnicorn the rest of the achievement is easy, you need to make use of the Chewnicorns special ability of healing fellow piñatas, to make a piñata sick by letting it eat sour candy, sour candies are dropped by Ruffians and the sour piñatas, you can also feed a weed to a piñata to make it sick.

    Once a piñata is sick select the Chewnicorn by pressing "A" on it and direct it to the sick piñata, the Chewnicorn will then approach it and heal it which will unlock the achievement!

    An example of a Chewnicorn healing a sick piñata can be seen in the video below.

    * Credit to AnInsaneGuy for the video
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    Kingdom heartwow thanks, was looking for a fast way to get a chewnicorn..thumps up
    Posted by Kingdom heart on 17 Jan 11 at 09:16
    chalon9you can also hit the pinata with a shovel to get it sick
    Posted by chalon9 on 30 Jan 11 at 22:53
    Octobot SuperGrowing a tree to full maturity doesn't mean that you must use fertilizer on it, but I guess it can't hurt.

    "The Chewnicown will also need to eat 15 gems from the gem tree" This isn't necessarily true. You can actually purchase Gems from Ivor in case there aren't currently enough Gems on the ground for the Chewnicorn to eat. I had to do this. Also, if the Chewnicorn begins to wander away from the gems, you can pick them up and place them in front of it to perhaps coax it into eating them. I got one to eat around 10 during a single visit this way.
    Posted by Octobot Super on 04 Feb 12 at 12:34
  • SeMi KiDSeMi KiD282,255
    10 Jun 2018 10 Jun 2018 13 Jun 2018
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    If you are having trouble getting the chewnicorn to eat all 15 gems in one go: He would come back the next day and it resets the count and that happened to me maybe 15-20 times!!!!

    Here's what worked for me:

    I destroyed some fully grown gem trees, and regrew another full one. Dont think that matters though... this time i think the chewnicorn came at an earlier time than all the previous have... but what also helped is i spammed the igors store bought gems wherever he walked and had previous one lying around. To where i couldn't buy anymore because i hit the stores/space limit. Whenever he/she got close to the edge i spammed more and came back closer to the middle. Not sure if that matters either.

    I'd say the spamming of gems wherever the chewnicorn walked around or what direction the chewnicorn was going helped. That is the big point to take away here. Also I had a feeling it would work when it showed up the earliest it ever had, don't know why it happened, but it did, that could be an indicator that it's going to work.
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