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    07 Mar 2009 04 Mar 2009
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    I do not take credit for this but here are the 8 different evolved species:

    • Candary: Have your Sparrowmint eat a buttercup flower and it will change into a Candary.
    • Juicy Goose: Have your Quackberry eat a Gooseberry and it will evolve into a Juicy Goose.
    • Lackatoad: Direct your Lickatoad to eat a Nightshade fruit and then quickly equip your shovel and tap it on the head. It will become a Lackatoad. You want to do this before it becomes poisoned.
    • Redhott: Select a Taffly and direct it to a torch. Once it flies through and catches fire equip your Water Can and wait for it to land. As soon as the Taffly lands pour water on it to put the fire out. The Taffly will then become a Redhott.
    • Salamango: Have your Newtgat eat a Chili and it will change into a Salamango.
    • Zumbug: Direct your Horstachio to eat both a Blackberry and a Daisy flower and it will become a Zumbug.
    • Twingersnap: Romance two Syrupants. Watch the egg that follows and right before it hatches, you will see it make three large bounces. On the third bounce, hit it with your shovel. A twingersnap will hatch. Don't confuse the hop-hop-hop with the normal bouncing of the egg.
    • Fourheads: Same as above but you have to romance two Twingersnaps.
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    HoffmanFor Twingersnap and Fourheads, you can smack the egg on any of the large bounces and it will hatch properly. If you hit it before the bounces, it will break.
    Posted by Hoffman on 27 Jun 09 at 10:51
    Joel301if you receive it from another player then it still counts
    Posted by Joel301 on 23 Sep 09 at 19:04
    TheOtherBarberthanks for the list! i was missing the Zumbug.
    Posted by TheOtherBarber on 28 Sep 09 at 04:19
    deutschZuidFor those having trouble getting Quackberry to visit (probably because the corn plant has a VERY short growth time). Plant four corn seeds close together in a square. This will stunt their growth and make all four plants stay there forever (almost). Make sure you water them though or they will eventually wither and die.
    Posted by deutschZuid on 07 Jun 10 at 08:53
    vl Realistic lvif anyone can please send me a Quackberry i would appreciate it ive tried getting him for the past 2 days and no luck whats so ever(deutschZuid) ive tried that and it still didnt work
    Posted by vl Realistic lv on 08 Mar 12 at 03:29
    TheOnlyMattoHey any chance you can mention that the twingersnap egg hops a bunch before the 3 big bounces. Pretty easy to mess that up by hitting it on the third bounce... like I might have.... +1 from me ty
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 27 Jun 19 at 23:59
    kiomxman, that Quackberry! This was my last achievement other than the 50 hour one, but finally got it. The "putting corns together" method did not work for me, I think game does not recognize as having a plant until it's fully grown. Problem is that once you're too advanced, you have so many things in your garden, you qualify for too many pinatas... so I started a new garden, just put enough water for quackberry, one piece of bread, and started planting corn like crazy... within no more than 10 minutes, one finally visited, and ate the bread immediately :)
    Posted by kiomx on 06 Feb at 02:02
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