Defeated the Grand Enemy achievement in Two Worlds

Defeated the Grand Enemy

Defeat the Grand Enemy in the main storyline.

Defeated the Grand Enemy+0.4
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How to unlock the Defeated the Grand Enemy achievement

  • JacobEnosJacobEnos76,910
    14 Jul 2010 29 Sep 2010
    23 2 1
    When you're going for this achievement, be sure to make the right choices in the final cut scene. If you side with the bad guys, you fight five paladins who are NOT the Grand Enemy. If you want to see all of the cut scenes available, I suggest saving immediately after you defeat the mini-boss (who is not mini at all, and probably harder than the true Grand Enemy). Fighting the GE, all you need is something with a reasonable enchantment, and patience. Swing, swing, jump back. Swing, swing, jump back. Keep that up, and you'll walk away without a scratch.


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    toilet bleachI can validate the swing swing jump back swing swing jump back
    Posted by toilet bleach on 22 May 17 at 10:51
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  • new0005new0005129,459
    01 Feb 2009 15 Feb 2009
    17 5 9
    I think i have a better solution. Use the set trap skill and use a trap that freezes him in place and continually smack the crap out of him. I though it was impossible then i tried to do it this way and it took me about 3 minutes, but i was level 26
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    Mondo TitanSummon Spells! I just summoned a bunch of different creatures and watched them beat him and the guy at the gate up.
    Posted by Mondo Titan on 30 Jun 10 at 17:28
    evilknight23I posion darted him from a rock lol
    Posted by evilknight23 on 30 Jul 10 at 02:44
    FERnanD02009I used the spear of destiny...killed him in one or two hits
    Posted by FERnanD02009 on 27 Jan 11 at 15:59
  • Dr EldarionDr Eldarion190,132
    20 Aug 2010 20 Aug 2010
    9 1 0
    This wasn't too hard, but you need to remember a few things in order to decrease the difficulty:

    1) POTIONS! You probably have a ton of these things lying around, or at least components to make them. Just drink any potions that you have, and your stats will end up insanely high.

    2) Your weapons can be leveled-up. Combine a bunch of the same weapon to create a much, much more powerful one.

    3) Use a shield spell.

    4) Don't be afraid to use all your health potions. It is the last fight in the game, after all.
  • ScottMacFreedomScottMacFreedom403,788
    12 Jul 2009 12 Jul 2009
    9 2 0
    When I beat the last boss and miniboss before him I was lvl 50.
    I beat the miniboss in 45 seconds.
    Set an advanced hold trap, that will stop him for 30 seconds...... Move away and set about 15 Unleashed hell bomb (dunno exact name) traps in the same location. so just keep setting them without moving......
    put them inbetween you and the miniboss and let him come to you.... DONE!

    As for the final boss, I found traps to be useless. if you use magic. Use concentrait and your best spell.... for me, Lightning storm took half his health in one bolt.
    Your a melee person, and hopefully by the end of the game you realize some enemy's take no physical damage... So I am assuming you have a weapon with a large amount of elemental damage attached to it.... so attack him with that.
    It is very strong...... But also when I fought him, I had on early game armour just to make the battle look pretty cool.
    Also I played on easy, so that may be why you guys think he is tough to beat. Cause your on tougher difficulty.....
  • I am MindslaveI am Mindslave605,985 605,985 GamerScore
    16 May 2012 10 Jun 2012 10 Jun 2012
    6 0 0
    First of all: SAVE YOUR GAME AFTER FIGHTING THE DEMON. After fighting the demon and then talking to the grand enemy, make sure NOT to ally with him otherwise you will not fight him

    What I did for this achievement was put the game on Easy and just explored the map(didnt get all of it, but uncovered a lot of it) so that I could be properly levelled(I wasnt quite sure how hard the game was) and so that I could find the location 'Ashos' and then I followed this link:

    Once I was at that point I just got all of the other miscellaneous achievements minus some location achievements and level 50 and ended up at level 37 when I was at the boss.

    Some Tips:
    if you must fight a mob of powerful enemies like "Giant Trachidis" with melee(I only used melee) then I would try to lure them near a respawn point, and then if they killed me I would just spawn right next to them. I do recommend fighting "Giant Trachidis" though, because each one drops and egg that raises vitality permanently.

    I also recommend maxing out air magic(if you are a melee user) and then finding the "Strength of God" spell. I cant tell you where it is because you can randomly find it on a vendor or in a chest(I found it in a chest). The spell will increase your damage by an INSANE amount, which along with the weapon from ashos, will just tear through most enemies.

    Do not be afraid to use your mana or health potions in a tight spot. If you are far away from a spawn point, then go ahead and just spam your potions. I ended up using my health potions all up and I was fine later. I just found more and kept going.

    For the Demon(before the grand enemy): lead him to the spawn point and just fight it out. If he actually kills you you will just spawn right next to him and continue your fight.

    Overall the gameplay was much easier that I thought it would be. Just level up as best you can, and you dont have to use the weapon/spell I recommended, It is just what I used. You can use the weapons or spells that work best for your style of gameplay. I would say being level 30+ should easily get you through the story(level 30 is not too hard to get). If you really just want this achievement and dont care about anything else, you could get by with 20+ just some enemies will be harder, but enemies dont get their health back, so keep that in mind if you are worried about being killed.

    Good luck, and I hope someone was helped by this solution.
  • SludgeworthSludgeworth494,119
    15 Aug 2011 20 Aug 2011 20 Aug 2011
    6 0 0
    There are a lot of solutions here that are valid, but most utilize traps, magic, or something else I didn't invest many points in as a melee heavy character. So, as a melee character, here are some tips to defeat the final boss:

    1) Have rank 10 in Knockdown. This guy is susceptible to it, and at max rank he'll spend at least half of the fight on the ground.

    2) Imbue your weapon with a lightning based enhancer. Lighting enhancement has a change to cause stuns. This, combined with knockdown, neutralizes the boss' ability to attack you for most of the fight.

    3) As stated in another solution, this is the last fight and you can't do anything afterwards, so don't be afraid to spam out your health potions if necessary. There's no use in saving them at this point. Granted you shouldn't need a ton given 1 and 2, but it's good to have options.

    Those 3 things make the final boss a complete joke as a melee character. The sub-boss before him is another story, however. Even at level 50 with over 8k hp he was still killing me in a single hit. It is a slow process, but you really just need to run in, get a swing (maybe two, but don't get greedy), and then jump back. Repeat this process until he dies and you should be set for the final battle.

    And don't forget to pick the option to actually fight the Grand Enemy in the final dialogue, or you could miss this achievement entirely!
  • KryptCeeper969KryptCeeper969372,933
    27 Apr 2010 28 Oct 2011
    5 2 1
    this is probably cheating but oh well. i found this out on accident, if you have a ranged weapon/spell and you stand in front of the door RIGHT before the cutscene you will be able to shoot him...he will be standing on the balcony (if i remember right) just shoot him until he dies. this skips the ENTIRE cut scene and last fight. and kicks you straight to the main menu popping the achievement
  • TOLCH96TOLCH96104,121
    15 Jul 2010 13 Oct 2010
    6 4 0
    the achievement isnt as hard as it sounds, once you kill the demon thing outside, you then go in a building and speack with the grand enemy. make sure u choose to help your sister because if you select the wrong option you have to start the whole game again.when you do this level try and be a high level i think that i was level 35 when i got this achievement. when you go into fight him dont worry about dying because there is a spawn point outside where you regain your health, just keep running in the building and hitting him until he dies and the achievement pops up
  • fishinyamouthfishinyamouth81,547
    14 Mar 2011 14 Mar 2011
    4 4 0
    An important note: You can do this at ANY LEVEL! If you are level -30 this will be insanely hard though, (as i found out). You can hit him 3-4 times then parry, then hit him 3-4 times and parry, rinse and repeat until he is dead. I did this at level 26 and in my opinion the demon at the door was harder to kill than the final boss itself using this tactic.
  • Rej72380Rej7238055,784
    09 Aug 2011 09 Aug 2011
    2 3 0
    The way I defeated the Grand Enemy, I stockpiled on Mana Potions and then set the hotkey for the Fire Field spell. From there, I cast it on him twice, use a few Mana potions and repeat the process until he is dead.

    Note that this tactic was done with a character at experience Level 53.
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