Insane Difficulty Complete achievement in Gun

Insane Difficulty Complete

Complete the game on the Insane difficulty.

Insane Difficulty Complete+0.1
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How to unlock the Insane Difficulty Complete achievement

  • don manolitodon manolito480,600
    10 Oct 2007 09 Sep 2008 20 Jun 2009
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    There are two ways to get this achievement :
    a)you have a lot of time and patience and just complete this game on insane using a lot of cover and skill
    b)you use the cheat which let's you select the final mission, you beat the boss and achievement unlocked.. ok for the cheat you stand between the two rocks at the beginning of the game and hold LT+RT+LB+RB+A until you hear a strange noise. you should be able the select GUN in options. Load the mission Magruder's Mine. Once the mission starts, go back into pause menu, options, Gun and load the last checkpoint of this mission...Once that starts, (this is the important previously missed part) again go into pause menu, options, Gun, and "Toggle Help"...This will now load all the guns and weapons you should have at this point in the game! (This also unlocks the 'all upgrades-achievement') Now just kill Magruder and then insane/hard/normal/easy achievement (whichever you're doing it on) unlocks once you killed him.
    Credits to Dad NorthVT and weeken for contributing to this solution.
    For a video to see where the right spot is go here :

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    Manb3arSquirrelTL;DR - Cheat codes are not against the code of conduct or terms of service. They are not against the spirit of the game either, if the developers left the game like that.
    Posted by Manb3arSquirrel on 20 Jan 18 at 22:44
    BeanpotterI don't know why you got set to GS tracking only, but it wasn't anything to do with this.
    Posted by Beanpotter on 30 Mar 20 at 11:11
    Dead King1007I activated the Toggle Help but didn't get the 'All Upgrades Achievement'.. any tips?
    Posted by Dead King1007 on 22 Jun 21 at 08:42
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  • iM3RKxYOUxiM3RKxYOUx410,219
    07 Jul 2012 07 Jul 2012
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    This is more of an updated solution for the achievement, considering ive just completed the game i thought i would upload the video of me finishing the game on Insane to see if i could help anyone. I would recommend completing the game to 100% before attempting this (it will make it 100% easier because you can carry over your weapons).

    I have created a video of me doing the cheat with instructions which i have linked below, this can be done on every difficulty if need be, it doesnt just work for insane.
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    brent1221I was really worried since I beat this game so long ago, but your guide made it a 5 minute thing. Thanks so much man. If i could have liked it 100 times I would have.
    Posted by brent1221 on 26 Nov 12 at 07:17
    SlavenBOSSi get theese enemies that spawn behind me all the time
    Posted by SlavenBOSS on 02 Aug 14 at 08:39
    TacticalChaos15Enemies spawn behind me and shoot me through the walls. Is there any way around this?
    Posted by TacticalChaos15 on 29 Dec 17 at 07:16
  • F L 4 N D 3 R 5F L 4 N D 3 R 587,623
    20 Aug 2009 20 Aug 2009
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    As well as using the cheats there is a rock to the right where you spawn for the second part of killing margurder, on this rock in the top right hand corner is a V like shpae with a bigger spike on the right, stand behind here and walk backwards untill the reticule goes red, he should not be able to shoot you, but you can shoot him.
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    tajbender@VortigauntBlade: Here's a picture of the exact position:

    Thanks to "don manolito" and "F L 4 N D 3 R 5", this worked like a charm
    Posted by tajbender on 21 Nov 10 at 22:22
    Mo the SurferExcellent tip!! Worked perfectly!!!
    Posted by Mo the Surfer on 15 Feb 12 at 19:55
    Mobius EvalonI couldn't quite find the correct spot, but if you're accurate enough the dude never gets a shot off anyway.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 15 Apr 16 at 16:40
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