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Brass Balls achievement in BioShock

Brass Balls

Brass Balls0
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How to unlock the Brass Balls achievement

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    You DO NOT need to play on hard to get this achievement.

    Watch the youtube video for more info on getting this achievement in one playthrough, on easy difficulty!

    This is a glitch you can preform to get this achievement in less then 5 minute. You have to play to the end on easy difficulty of course.

    HOW TO

    1. Load the save "fountaine"

    2.use the flamethrower with electric gel. It will be easy and much faster to kill him!

    3. Once you go to drain the last container of adam, hit cn_A to drain.

    4. Change the difficulty to Hard


    6. The achievement will pop when one of the "little sisters" give you the key to the city.

    CONGRATS! you now have 1100!

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    logicslayerThis still works. Used a game save I had from 2009. Thank you!
    Posted by logicslayer on 27 Sep 21 at 17:55
    SniggleworthThis still works as of 11/16/2021
    Posted by Sniggleworth on 16 Nov 21 at 18:44
    Utica GreensJust like a lot of other people, I also had issues with getting this achievement to pop. I was playing the disc version on backwards compatibility with the Series X using a new save that’s I made for this run. I had to reload the checkpoint and do the final boss battle five times before it finally unlocked.

    Be sure to: press the menu button to save the hard difficulty sett
    Posted by Utica Greens on 20 Feb at 20:25
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    Brass Balls is actually a pretty easy achievement to get. To make things really easy, just be sure to save when you can. Actually, make that "save every 15 minutes." The game isn't super impossible on Hard, but the last thing I'm sure anyone would want to do is re-do 3 hours of gameplay. Also, save at certain points you know that might be tough. You can also use Vita-Chambers as a visual reminder to save. See a Vita-Chamber? Save.
    So, saving is essential. Next is trying to set up Jack to be a powerhouse. First and foremost, your primary weapon is going to be the Wrench. The wrench is a great weapon because 1) It requires no ammo and 2) Plenty of good tonics linked to it. The other weapons will still be used, but only against Big Daddies and bosses.
    You're going to want a minimum of 4 Combat Tonic Slots, 4 Physical Combat slots, and 3 Plasmid Slots. For the Combat Slots, I recommend having Armored Shell 1 & 2 (higher defense) and Wrench Jockey 1 & 2 (higher wrench damage). Note: The tonics stack, so make sure to have both equipped.
    Physical Tonics will be Bloodlust (heals for every wrench hit), Natural Camoflauge (stop moving, turn invisible), and Sportsboost 1 & 2 (move faster, fast wrench swings). Now, with these tonics you can be a wrench swinging, killing machine. The camoflauge is for when you get spotted by cameras. Stay still, and the bots will just fly around you but they will never attack if you don't move.
    Engineering Tonics are unnecessary. You will need 3 Plasmid slots for Electrobolt, Incinerate, and Telekinesis (all of those are free). Upgrade the plasmids when you can, but you don't need any of the other ones. These three will get you through the game just fine.
    For the Little Sisters, you can choose to save them (so you can get Armored Shell 2) or you can harvest them all (more ADAM right away). The game can be completed either way, but I chose to harvest them. You'll end up with extra ADAM either way, which you can use for other Tonic slots (if you feel they are necessary). Although I shouldn't have to say it: be sure to upgrade your health and EVE.
    Upgrade all of your weapons and be sure to make ammo. The shotgun will be your friend early on, since the Electric Buck ammo is murder for Big Baddies (be sure to aim at the head, and time your shots. As soon as they aren't stunned, blast them again). The trip wires will also help against the Bouncers (lead them through a small corridor and watch them kill themselves). Electric Gel for the Chemical Thrower is highly recommended and should be used often towards the end of the game (against the Big Daddies, of course).
    Atlas shouldn't give you too much trouble. Use the chemical thrower and the rocket launcher (Incinerate + Heat Seekers) and he should go down without much trouble (if he does, make sure you save beforehand).
    Just stay focused and stick to the core build I mentioned and everything should be fine.
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    Posted on 08 Dec 14 at 22:11
    Mr FORTY SEVENFor some dumber, an unwritten could be obvious but Could you tell me exactly where in this guide it exactly and specifically tells "Do THIS to unlock the cheevo?"
    Posted by Mr FORTY SEVEN on 14 Dec 14 at 22:47
    Achievement guides are not required to repeat the achievement descriptions pal.
    Posted on 15 Dec 14 at 07:24
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    For anyone who is glitched on this achievement, i did some research and found it is due to updating/downloading across multiple consoles. Since I go through 360s like i go through beer - i was unable to get this achievement until doing the following. Originally, this was from a 2k forum, posted by a 2k employee. I would follow what HybridPK wrote, but if you do not get the achievement at the end (or during play notice there is no option for disable vitachambers) - do the below and you should be fine.

    - Delete the DLC
    - Cleare the harddisks cache (go to memory/hard drive/hit Y for options, the X, X, LB, RB, X, X)
    - Rebooted the 360
    - Use/Create an Xbox Live account that has not downloaded the DLC or the updates yet.
    - Download the DLC
    - Started game and downloaded title update
    - Started new game (hard)
    - Welcome screen for new tonics will pop, checked to ensure "Disable Vita Chambers" option was in effect (last on options menu)
    - quit to the title screen, signed out and logged in with my normal Xbox live account
    - Loaded save game (hard)
    -Checked for "Disable Vita Chambers" option
    - Got Brass Balls (had a save file right before the final fight that met no death criteria)
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    Cernunnos295So so so so so so so happy I saw this!!did exactly as described and bleep blop! clapdanceheadspinlaugh
    Posted by Cernunnos295 on 14 Nov 15 at 22:11
    Conky UKGreat solution. Still working in April 2016 clap
    Posted by Conky UK on 11 Apr 16 at 10:15
    SPARTAN FITZYthis was the only way i could get mine to work so its still working on the 1/09/2016 thanks
    Posted by SPARTAN FITZY on 01 Sep 16 at 14:40
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