Seriously Good At This achievement in BioShock

Seriously Good At This

Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.

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How to unlock the Seriously Good At This achievement

  • wooberheadwooberhead276,816
    24 May 2010 24 May 2010
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    You can still boost this and Brass Balls if you like. Play through on easy (with Vitachambers off if you're also going for Brass Balls)(Brass Balls achievement is included in free DLC). Anyhoo, play on easy, and when you're on the last boss, AS SOON as you press A to take his ADAM the *final/fourth* time, press start and change the difficulty to hard, then press start to exit and watch the ending. Both should pop. You can keep loading the boss save if you screw this up somehow.

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    Laochra85Didn’t work for me. Gutted! ☹️
    Posted by Laochra85 on 07 Jan at 13:25
    PuritanSoulThanks for the tip! Still working as at June 22.
    Posted by PuritanSoul on 10 Jun at 21:54
    FreakierPootieThis method still works you will just need to check and see if the Ultimate Rapture pack is downloaded and if so delete it and it should work.
    Posted by FreakierPootie on 23 Jun at 22:27
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    Seriously Good At This - 40
    Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.


    This achievement is really easy. You can play on the difficulty Easy until the final area where you fight Atlas. This method can be found on easily on the internet. I see there are 2 Guides for it here, but they aren't very detailed so I will write one in my own words. You can also get "Brass Balls" but you have to have the DLC. Make sure you read the IMPORTANT section (If going for "Brass Balls") and do the following:

    1. Start a game on Easy, and play through (you can go for any achievements you want while you do) until you get to the very end of Proving Grounds (The second last area). You will be a Big Daddy and you will be with a Little Sister. When she climbs in the hole and give you her weapon to steal ADAM, you are at the end of the game.

    Note: Do not switch the difficulty at any other time in the story, because it may affect you not getting the achievement. Read the comments below for more information.

    2. This is only if you are going for "Brass Balls". Press Start and go to Options. At the very bottom disable Vita-Chambers (it would be wise to disable them in the very beginning of the game; read the IMPORTANT section for more information).

    3. Go into the Elevator and you will Ascend. You will then be in a new area "Fontaine". This is where the Boss is. Fight him normally, draining his ADAM. You have to drain his ADAM four times.

    3. When you go to click "A" to drain his last bar of ADAM (the 4th time) after you click "A", wait half a second and then click Start. Go to Options and turn the difficulty to Hard.

    4. Now this is VERY important. When you turn it to hard, click START! Do not click B to return. Make sure you click Start.

    5. After a few seconds you will go into a cut scene. At one point in the Cut-scene you should get the achievement. If you are going for Brass Balls that achievement should unlock too.

    6. Wait for the whole cut scene to finish. If you don't have the achievement, load your game up from the last auto save and repeat steps 1-5. You will be coming out of the Elevator.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you do the following because if you don't you MAY not get the achievement "Brass Balls".

    1. Don't Die in the game. This should be easy on Easy. Unless you disabled Vita-Chambers from the very beginning, you should be able to die and still get the achievement. But to be safe, try not to die.

    2. Make sure you have the DLC and you are connected to xbox live (you need the update).

    3. Make sure you Disable Vita-Chambers before going up the elevator. (Even the smartest people make mistakes)

    4. Make sure you change the difficulty to "Hard" when you are Draining his last ADAM bar.

    5. Make sure you press the START button after changing the difficulty. Do NOT press "B".

    Credit goes to many people throughout the internet who have confirmed this, friends, and myself as well!

    Enjoy the easy achievements!
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    sinembarg0wow, thank you for the detail about pressing start to confirm the difficulty! It's been a decade since I played the 360 version (and since I tried this trick), I just loaded up my fontaine save and was able to do this. Bonus, I apparently hadn't used any vita chambers either, so I got that too!
    Posted by sinembarg0 on 01 Feb 19 at 18:51
    Dahlia VibesThank you! Still works. 4/1/19.
    Posted by Dahlia Vibes on 01 Apr 19 at 18:52
    LichQueeenStill works Jan 2022! Thx
    Posted by LichQueeen on 22 Jan at 03:45
  • QuarantaneQuarantane139,131
    27 Mar 2009 23 Jul 2009 30 Sep 2010
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    Although some consider this to be hard it is actually an easy achievement considering you do have infinite lives. The only difficult part is the final boss as you will not respawn.

    The reason this achievement is easier than it sounds is because of the vita-chambers. As long as you have vita-chambers turned on you will come back to life close to where you died. The only place you will not respawn is while fighting the final boss, which will prove to be a challenging fight.

    I suggest starting the game on hard and playing through. If you feel you're up to it I would also suggest going for as many achievements as possible, on my playthrough I got 49 of 51 achievements, not including historian or Brass Balls.

    So start it up on hard, and don't be afraid to die. Infinite lives makes a seemingly hard achievement all that much easier.

    Although like I said, the final boss is quite a challenge as you will not revive, so here are some tips:

    1) Make sure to have as much ammo and eve/health items as you can carry.

    2) Don't hesitate to heal. If you have to die, at least go out fighting with no more medkits knowing you gave it your all.

    3) Use the crossbow. It does massive damage and is very accurate (reload time is a bit long, but the damage is worth it.)

    4) Learn the boss's patterns. Once you do you will be able to defend against them.


    5) Do NOT wait to drain his adam, he will come back down and start attacking again meaning you have to run through the sequence again. (I made this mistake and learned this first hand)


    6) Use the Electric gel on the first 2 sequences as it will make short work of the boss in these sections.
    Tip courtesy of ballininthe803
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    ballininthe803contrary to what you say about the final boss being hard, hes actually not if you load up on electric gel and ammo for the grenade launcher. you can get rid of him in no time for the first two go arounds by using electric gel easily. then the 3rd time is a bit harder but youll have 9 health packs and all your other ammo.
    Posted by ballininthe803 on 29 Sep 10 at 00:43
    Solario32So is this one glitched? Or did people make mistakes?
    Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 19:31
    Quarantane@Solario32 You must start the game at the very beginning on hard, and play through without ever changing it, even accidentally in order to get this
    Posted by Quarantane on 28 Sep 11 at 00:35
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